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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 62.0.3202.89 -> 62.0.3202.9401:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.1.504:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.1.504:29
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brian|lfsI am very confused05:47
ryu0brian|lfs: Glad to meet you "very confused" (:05:47
brian|lfsmy kernel boots fine my hardward works but my /boot won't mount which would make my efi not mount05:47
brian|lfsbut I can mount them manually fine05:47
ryu0do you use kernel modules?05:48
brian|lfsI'm starting to wonder if I enabled new security in kernel l4.145 by mistake05:48
brian|lfsnope but will double check05:48
brian|lfswhere do I change my clcok to local on crux05:50
jaegerhwclock --systohc --localtime05:52
brian|lfsok that will fix my time not sure about my boot not mounting on its own05:54
brian|lfsbut mounting manually05:54
brian|lfstried changing my root to UUIDs in grub and grub don't liek that at all on CRUX05:54
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brian|lfswell now I see a real error about /dev/sdb2 it says its in the future06:09
ryu0brian|lfs: well no shit, if your clock is before the timestamps of your files.06:10
brian|lfsya I know but I wasn't even getting that for an error before06:11
brian|lfsso was a bit lost lol06:11
brian|lfsnow it says I'm missing a helper pager or program for moutning /dev/sdb206:14
brian|lfswhich the file system is only ext206:14
brian|lfsand ext2 is in my kernel06:14
brian|lfsI don't feel like rebooting right now but just rebuilt e2fsprogs06:21
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frinnstuh, are there no dd'able images of memtest86+ to write to a usb stick?10:26
frinnstsilly computer refuses too boot the iso when written to usb and no syslinux bootsectors so no way to use isohybrid10:27
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frinnstim too tired to mess with this10:28
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frinnstwonderful, german instructions11:04
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frinnstcan someone translate: if dcf doesnt work within 15 minutes i need to set time manually?11:18
frinnstfucking germans11:21
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frinnstnevermind, i solved it with my mighty german skills11:25
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Romster"my mighty german skills" aka google translate :D12:09
frinnstnah - 2 years of german from age 13 to 14 :-)12:27
Romsterlucky, i barely know any words let alone be able to decipher that12:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: lcms2-32: silent archive change13:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: lcms2: silent archive change by upstream, remove old sources first13:35
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: libpipeline: update to 1.5.013:54
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jaegerfrinnst: you used a ryzen 3 for a short time, right?17:35
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SiFuhpedja: I liked the latest episode of Lethal Weapon was good17:50
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nthwyattwgetpaste doesn't like pasting files that contain urls with POST data19:57
nthwyattwget --spider is failing19:57
nthwyattbut I can't paste the output to the web19:58
nthwyattI think the redirect causes it to go wrong. I can wget the file but I can't --spider.19:58
nthwyattI use wget --spider in a weekly cron script make sure none of the sources for the df repo have gone missing20:03
nthwyattwith the rise of skynet^Wgithub many have moved over time20:04
jaegermaybe use the archive/tag url instead20:50
onoderaany chromium maintainer here?21:00
tilmanfrinnst: it also says "if in doubt, ask a professional" \:D/21:07
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john_cephalopodaHow can I find out dependencies of a library I just packaged? finddeps doesn't output anything for me, but ldd shows me that it depends on qt5, among others.21:36
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jaegerfinddeps uses ldd to do its thing so that's odd21:50
jaegerdoes finddeps work for any ports for you? even one like unzip that should only list glibc21:53
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john_cephalopodajaeger: Yes, lists glibc.22:19
john_cephalopodaWhere does finddeps look to find out, which files were installed?22:20
jaegerIt reads the package db directly22:20
jaegeryou can take a look at it, it's a shell script22:20
john_cephalopodaHmm, maybe it is because I built those somewhere else and moved them to /usr/ports/<folder> later.22:21
nthwyattjaeger: that works but it won't work well with my build system configuration22:24
nthwyattI keep all the sources in one directory so I can share them with other CRUX boxes on my local network22:24
nthwyattThe archive file name is v3.2.1.tar.gz22:25
nthwyattSooner or later I'll have a naming collision22:25
jaegerthat's the point22:25
nthwyattthanks. I'll read that.22:26
jaegernp, might help, might not :)22:26
nthwyattin this case, the wiki second form of url helps, it has the unique name22:30
nthwyattoh drat. that is a different view of the source. the configure script isn't built. must be more of a developer view than a packager view.22:35
nthwyattI'll try the first url form and if there is a collision the .signature will fail22:37
nthwyattnope, it is the same view -- no prebuilt configure script *sigh*22:41
nthwyattmaybe I'll use the second form and just run the autoconf tool in the build22:41
nthwyattin this case autoreconf -i was needed22:48
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timcowchipyo Romster23:08
timcowchipor is it Workster?23:09
timcowchip            The requested URL /distfiles/lxqt.log was not found on this server.23:14
timcowchipI started to update the LXQT repo with signatures, etc. but I can't get lxqt panel to work on an up-to-date Crux install23:16
timcowchipso if you want to take over the LXQT repo..............23:17
timcowchipthe main reason I built lxqt is because I loves me a panel23:18
timcowchipesp a panel with a menu23:18
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