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brian|lfshmm anyideads kernel 4.1400:03
brian|lfsdo we have any new version of GCC int esting00:33
brian|lfsI"m being told sounds like a GCC glitch00:33
j_vanyideads? what's that?00:42
ryu0"any ideas"00:42
brian|lfsnvidia binary on 4.14 kernel don't want to install00:42
j_voh, i use nouveau, so would know about that... pedja reported succes with nvidia proprietary and kernel 4.14 couple days ago00:46
brian|lfsoh ok maybe I goofed up my kernel00:46
j_vsorry, meant to say, so <wouldn't> know about that00:46
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brian|lfsI wsould think nouveau works with the 1080ti but I just get a black screen on boot00:47
pedjabrian|lfs, 387.22 builds and works fine on 4.1400:48
brian|lfscan you examine my kernel config brb got to grab my food
j_vnot surprizing, really, support for newer chipsets takes quite a while to get into nouveau, plus need for newer firmware00:48
pedjaAMD is much saner choice for Linux graphics these days00:50
pedjagiven the amount of work they put in upstreaming almost all of their stack00:50
pedjaI'll kick Nvidia to the curve first chance I get :)00:51
pedjaand it's not about the need to rebuild the driver on every kernel update, that is trivial lately00:53
j_vmy next video card will probably be an amd, but since i don't game much, my kepler based quadro (Quadro K600) is good enough for me. not very sporty, but dependable00:54
pedjaQEMU Virgl 3d acceleration , atm, works only on open source graphics stack00:54
pedjaj_v, Quadro? that's the pro line, right?00:55
j_vyeah, except this is just an entry level one, so not that fancy00:56
pedjagt 640 represent :)00:57
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j_vpedja, basically, that's a pretty good analogy01:01
j_vi need to look into whether my gtx 750ti is supported by nouveau by now and how complicated it is to get the firmware01:03
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j_vnot fully supported, yet01:05
brian|lfsI'm back01:09
brian|lfsany ideas pedja01:10
pedjapasting the actual error would be helpful01:11
brian|lfsjoh ok01:11
jaegerI'm planning to use my 750ti for the HTPC build, should be more than enough for playing 1080p video or the occasional steam streaming01:11
pedjajaeger, how many graphics cards you have lying around :) ?01:12
jaegerNone lying around, technically. It's in use in a mac pro01:12
jaegerbut I plan to move it to the HTPC01:12
brian|lfssorry thought I pasted the log01:12
pedjayou are not using any weird cflags?01:20
brian|lfsno even tried to turn down the amount of jobs to 801:20
brian|lfsonly thing I could think of is new gcc options int he kernel so I jsut disabled thuem rebooting now01:21
pedjawhat new gcc options?01:22
brian|lfsyup gcc plugins01:22
brian|lfsin the kernel01:22
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brian|lfsgood guess did the trick disabling them01:23
pedjapro tip: if you are not sure what kernel config option does, leave it the fsck alone :)01:27
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ryu0p4cman: are you the result of combining pacman with c4? a hardened military veteran? (:06:14
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Romsterit is both timcowchip, and looking at lxqt but i haven't got a lot of time and not sure yet if i wanna take it over or not.08:42
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frinnstjaeger: yeah I ran a ryzen3 when my 7 was being RMA:d08:56
frinnststill have it08:56
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: lcms2-32: actually use the new file hash and not the old file on my local mirror, oops09:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: flash-player-plugin: update to
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pedjaah, the eternal dilemma: pay the bills or buy new keyboard and mouse13:35
ryu0pedja: s/keyboard and mouse/toys/13:36
pedjayeah, pretty much :)13:36
pedjabeing adult is hard13:37
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joacimanything but bills13:59
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pedjausing pass as password manager prevents impulse online purchases :)14:19
pedjaby the time I correctly type gpg passphrase to unlock login info, the impulse is gone14:20
frinnstwhat keyboard and mouse would it have been?14:23
pedjacheap ones, not the stuff you guys use. Logitech K280E/M500 :)14:24
joacimhow about a korean custom?14:33
joacimwant to try out a trackball14:34
joacimstill using my old Logitech G400 here. not hte one model everyone wants, but it is still decent i think14:35
joacimthink i paid about 20 dollars for it on ebay14:36
joacimalways thought their mx510-like mice have been comfortable14:36
pedjaI bought RX-1000 6, 7(?) years ago, it has been pretty nice14:37
pedjabut the micro switches are pretty much done14:38
pedjaaccidental double clicks, that sort of thing14:39
jaegerfrinnst: what did you think of it? I picked a Ryzen 3 1200 for this HTPC build because it just needs to play 1080p video and occasionally stream a steam game14:41
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frinnstnot much difference except when building stuff15:08
frinnstdidnt notice any change when playing games for example15:09
jaegerFair enough. I shouldn't expect anything bad, really, it's just a modern 4c/4t CPU :)15:09
frinnstyep. and it was rock solid and ran quite cool15:10
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SiFuhMarvel's the Punisher was released16:47
ryu0Let me guess. Their first super hero with the power of pun-ishment?16:48
SiFuhno all of them are a pun17:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: openbox: upstream tarball change, updated md5sum and signature19:00
tsaopdid someone build firefox 57.0 with stylo enabled?19:05
tsaopit errors out if I enable it19:05
jaegerNot I... I'm using a binary package because I don't want to bother with the new build deps, heh19:05
tsaopfair enough19:06
tsaopI am just bolting rust installed with rustup on a docker container to build firefox19:06
tsaopso far it has worked well19:06
tsaopbut not for stylo19:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: llvm: updated to avoid appending VCS revision19:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus: updated to 1.12.222:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: updated to 1.40.1422:38
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