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abenzsignature mismatch on lcms200:01
frinnstwhat a glorious country00:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qtwebkit: QTBUG-60532 patched for building with new icu01:49
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brian|lfsnew icu hosed plasma04:16
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Worksterbrian|lfs, as in after rebuilding all of affected plasma? or hosed as in some parts wont compile?05:41
Worksteryou did use prt-get update -fr `revdep` right brian|lfs ?05:41
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brian|lfsno I reverted back for now I was in the middle of doing other things05:44
brian|lfsbut now that I have a moement I will update my icu and revdep everything affected05:45
brian|lfsbeen interesting challange to transfer my data from old machine to new machien05:46
brian|lfsits going just rahter slow around 12mb I'm just using rsync05:46
brian|lfsjnot sure if anything else would be better05:46
jaeger12 megabit or megabyte?05:47
jaegerI'll assume you mean bit by the lowercase b. that's pretty slow05:48
brian|lfsso about 100 megabits I guerss same speed as my ISP pretty sad05:48
brian|lfsbut looking around this would be a interesting way to transfer files05:48
brian|lfsTo send a directory, cd to inside the directory whose contents you want to send on the computer doing the sending and do:05:49
brian|lfstar -cz . | nc -q 10 -l -p 4545405:49
brian|lfsOn the computer receiving the contents, cd to where you want the contents to appear and do:05:49
brian|lfsnc -w 10 $REMOTE_HOST 45454 | tar -xz05:49
jaegerAh, if you did mean byte, yeah, that's about 100mbit - so if that's all internal, check that you don't have a 100mbit hop in the way05:49
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jaegeryeah, that works fine as well05:49
jaegeryou can also pipe tar through ssh if you want05:49
brian|lfsi have all gigabit switchs maybe a bad thing having two nics plugged in on ther saame network05:50
jaegerwith that said, rsync is plenty efficient for this type of thing, I'd suspect you have some device that's forcing 100mbit05:50
brian|lfsddcould be the 10gb card05:50
nepugiahello there, i am trying the installation out in virtualbox before doing it on a real system and i became stuck on installing lilo :/ when running lilo i get /boot/vmlinux : No such file or directory (i did copy the file /usr/src/linux-4.9.6/arch/x86/boot/bzImage to there though)05:56
jaegercan you pastebin your lilo.conf and a listing of /boot?06:03
brian|lfshey nepugia you may have to install wgetpaste I've always had issues copyuing and pasting between virtual box and my host06:06
jaegeralternative: <output> | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us06:06
jaegerIf the system has network access06:07
nepugiain /boot there is only and vmlinux06:07
nepugiathe lilo conf is exactly like the sample apart from me replacing both values to fill in with /dev/sda06:07
jaegerIf it's exactly like the sample, it would say 'vmlinuz' rather than 'vmlinux', so check that06:08
nepugiai have a booting system, yay :)06:12
brian|lfsmy system is still rebuilding packages from the update of icu06:14
brian|lfsrust has a bad signature06:49
Romsterif it does you probably need to rm the source and download it again06:59
brian|lfswouldn't it fail mdsum also then?07:06
Romstermd5sum the file and see if it matches the .md5sum or not07:07
brian|lfsthey all match07:10
brian|lfsanyideas my clock seems to be slow I will sync it and it graudally falls behind07:12
brian|lfswondering if its a motherboard issue if I need to run windows for a few days see if the samething happens07:13
Romsterports -u romster07:14
Romsterfixed the signature07:14
Romsteri must of forgot to update it after Pkgfile .footprint changes07:15
brian|lfsits fine07:16
brian|lfsper my clock maybe check the bios see if they shipped my comptuer with the beta version of the bios or soemthing07:17
Romsterusualy it's done by a 32,768Khz crystal on the motherboard and the accuracy of that is parts per a billion off.07:18
Romsterlike 1 second in a years time07:19
Romsterif that07:19
brian|lfsok will I"m getting way off like 20 minutes07:21
Romsterunheard of i have never seen one that bad.07:23
Romsterunless you got ntp setup incorrectly *shrugs*07:23
brian|lfsgot to be a bug I would imagine07:24
brian|lfsnot sure how I would do that I double checked the config file07:24
brian|lfsand default settings looking good07:24
Romsterdo you dual boot to windows or any other OS?07:24
brian|lfsya windows07:25
brian|lfsI haven't had this new system long so probably need to run linux for a few days or long enoguhb to see if the clock stays correct or not07:25
brian|lfswindows I mean07:25
brian|lfsI have this super seseative Corsair keyboard07:25
brian|lfsthats my causing my poor typing07:26
brian|lfsbe bad if i was controlling a nuke07:26
brian|lfslaunch it in error or need to launch it type lthe commands in wrong multiple times07:27
brian|lfsI've seen thsi before but I"m not off 5 hours off gradually start at a few secodns then a mintue then after a hour few mintues eventaully 20 minutes07:30
Romsterall i can think of07:30
brian|lfsbut for shits may set windows and CRUX to UTC07:30
Romsterplus windows does have NTP07:30
Romsterwouldn't hurt to do that07:30
brian|lfsif that fixe dit would make me think there is a problem with the command that sets the hardware clock in Linux07:31
brian|lfsmeantime I shall sleep even on 36 cores rust is taking a long time07:32
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Romsterbe sure you got JOBS= set in pkgmk.conf brian|lfs07:39
brian|lfsits set but thanks for asking firefox 57.0 compiling now07:41
Romsterthat was quick07:41
brian|lfsno it was comping for 30 to 45 minutes rust lol07:41
Romsterit takes me more than an hour07:41
Romsteri hope you checked the deptree on firefox-rust07:42
brian|lfsI should of but did trial and error lol07:44
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: pciutils: update to 3.5.6, use sources from kernel.org09:12
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SiFuhpedja: std is disgusting.12:33
SiFuhnot going to watch this series anymore.12:35
SiFuhI gave copies to my friends whom are fans of Star Trek and they also don't want anymore. One said, 'This series will destroy Star Trek'12:36
joacimi only watch dark matter these days12:59
pedjawell, ST:D will be back for Season 2. apparently people seem to like it13:20
pedjaiirc, this is the last season of Dark Matter13:21
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pedja'destroy Star Trek' is a bit...dramatic :)13:24
pedjait's a fucking TV show13:24
pedjaI don't care much about the *SPOILERS* Klingon war, but *SPOILERS* 'stranded away from home' could be interesting13:28
pedjatbh, I would be more upset if this is Travelers's last season, because I actually like that one13:29
SiFuhTravelers is good13:33
SiFuhPunisher is better13:33
pedjaPunisher is Marvel comic, Travelers is SF. apples to oranges13:34
SiFuhTell that to the Preacher13:34
SiFuhand Stranger Things will appear13:35
SiFuhMarvel is SciFi13:36
joacimexecs that allow shows to be canceled should be lashed 500 times13:37
SiFuhjoacim: they should be lashed and forced to continue till a decent ending concludes the series.13:38
SiFuhShame we never got to findo out the end of Kyle XY13:38
pedjaI am looking forward to next episode of Travelers, and I'll eventually, if ever, watch The Punisher. so, by that 'metric', Travelers is 'better' :)13:47
pedjait's subjective13:48
SiFuhWell when you are ready13:48
SiFuhall I can say is, it is great13:49
SiFuhI think Preacher is best series this year13:49
frinnststd is pretty shit, yeah14:08
SiFuhBabylon 5 rains supreme in my opinion14:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] libtiff: updated to 4.0.9. Fixes several security issues16:09
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pedjaACTION is almost, but not quite, drunk21:35
pedjaperfect time to su to root21:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] btrfs-progs: updated to 4.14. Now depends on opt/zstd22:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zstd: new port22:06
frinnstno turning back now!22:09
frinnst[ 8966.424152] BTRFS info (device sdf): setting 16 feature flag22:09
frinnst[ 8966.424154] BTRFS info (device sdf): use zstd compression22:09
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pedjathat's quite a few CVE's23:05
pedjazstd? that's Facebook's compression thingie?23:10
pedjaZFS will get it, too, soon-ish, with the ability to either choose between 19 levels or the fs will automagically decide which is best for a particular dataset23:11
frinnstCVEs for processors.. that's fucked up23:12
frinnstim sure ALL deployed hardware will get patched23:12
pedjaof course :)23:13
pedjavendors will step up and provide the patches, surely?23:17
frinnstsmall dogs are fucking crazy23:17
pedjabig balls, small brains23:22
pedjareminds me of some people I know23:23
pedjaAMDGPU DC was merged into 4.15. sadly, without any comments from Linus23:31
pedjarespect to AMD, they worked their ass off23:33
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xckofootprint mismatch with qt5 in opt, mostly /usr/include/qt5/QtLinuxAccessibilitySupport/<files>23:41
xckois that safe to set globaly? I ignored the footprint and upgraded anyway - just thought I should mention it here23:44
Worksteri would set that ignore new23:44
Worksterthat way missing files error out23:45
Worksternew files= extra soft dependencies optional extras23:45
Workstermissing files is always a bug and an indication of something is wrong23:46
xckoand we rely on signatures for security anyway. okay I'll change that thanks23:47

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