IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2017-11-21

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xckodo run time dependencies belong in the Pkgfile? or just build deps01:03
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xckoI'm gonna go with yes01:46
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abenzjaeger: lcms2 has a signature mismatch02:52
jaegeron my mirror or in general?02:54
abenzprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/lcms202:55
abenz=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:02:55
jaegerOK. Want to make a flyspray ticket or email the maintainer?02:55
abenzohh, I thought mismathces were trivial, ie don't warrant a ticket02:55
jaegerwell, email is fine02:56
j_vfor lcms2 update, need to delete existing source tarball due to silent upstream tarball change02:58
j_vthen redownload02:59
abenzj_v: thanks!03:00
j_vyour welcome03:00
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j_vjaeger: for you site, did you set up redirect to https?03:58
j_vs/for you/for your/03:58
j_vi'm setting up https for my and sites and trying to figure out best practice along with HSTS without using HPKP04:02
jaegerI did, yeah04:03
j_vis there any advice or links you can think of that will mitigate mitm attacks at redirect04:05
j_vi've got the config working fine for both http and https connections and certs all seem to be in order04:06
j_vi've run my sites through a, got 'A' grade so far, but trying to make sure i don't create an attack vector in the process of converting to 100% https04:09
jaegerI'm not any kind of security expert, sorry04:11
jaegerI did run through the qualys tests but that's about it04:11
j_vno problem, just curious, and me neither04:11
j_vi like to do my homework, but it's just so easy to miss something04:12
jaegeryeah, understandable04:12
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j_vi'm contemplating setting my sites up for https only. what is best practice for changing repo url on email to contrib list?04:31
jaegeremail portdb-admin04:49
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jaegercotnrib-admin works but there's also portdb-admin05:39
j_vjaeger, my apology, was only aware of contrib-admin and i thought that perhaps you meant that05:40
brian|lfssad day in history05:54
j_vjaeger: thanks06:11
j_vstrange that the mail to, which must be aliased to frinnst, bounced06:12
jaegerIt didn't bounce, it arrived06:58
jaegeroh, now I see. Never mind, it half-bounced06:59
jaegerThat was my fault, fixed now :)06:59
j_vthanks. i decided against http to https redirects. too many advisories out there advising against it. most likely my site would not attract that kind of attention, but now it's done, is probably for the best.07:03
tilmannoscript for webextensions (ff 57) has been released it seems07:04
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j_vmy favorite ff plugin (VimFx) won't be ported, unfortunately, but atleast uBlock Origin and uMatrix look to be alive and well07:12
tilmanstarting ff 57 makes me grin07:13
tilmanreally nice how much faster it became07:13
j_vi'm still running in slow motion on esr release, will mess around updating it maybe tomorrow... time to see the hype in action07:15
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SiFuhThat is so cool07:35
abenzpretty cool07:51
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frinnstwallmart sells enterprise class hardware?08:56
SiFuhHaha  highlights09:01
SiFuhIT Parts should be replaced and installed by certified and qualified techs. Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufactuer for compatiblity.09:01
frinnst- Internal debug usernames have been removed from the firmware to prevent09:02
frinnst  potential backdoor access.09:02
frinnst  (XB282666)09:02
frinnstwow, expensive09:03
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ryu0frinnst: note that just means the "accidental" backdoors are gone. :P09:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] samba: update to 4.7.310:03
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j_vnew firefox looks like a chromium clone15:22
joacimlooks ok i think15:26
joacimtho the toolbar layout is a bit odd15:26
j_vyeah, it's fine... just think it's odd that they've basically copied chromium's layout in many ways15:27
j_vit is fast tho15:27
joacimlooks like a generic browser to me15:27
frinnst*** Risk Assessment ***16:01
frinnstDetection Error: This system may be vulnerable, please install the Intel(R) MEI/TXEI driver (available from your system manufacturer).16:01
frinnstyeah; i bet asus will release a fix for this motherboard from 201116:01
rmullI think it would be kind of cool to replace a few ports functions just with git16:41
rmullsigning, messages/news, and syncing for exmaple16:41
nepugiais the ports tree in crux comparable to bsd's one?16:42
rmullWe use signify to implement signing, a mailing list for messages/news, and httpup/rsync for syncing16:42
rmullgit would make local ports patch maintenance a no brainer16:43
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chinarulezzzlcms2 needs signature updating.19:20
j_vneed to delete lcms2 tarball then download it again... silent upstream tarball update19:21
chinarulezzzCan I use in pkgmk.conf $version variable in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR to prevent these cases in future?19:24
chinarulezzzhmm.. f*ck) this doesnt solve.19:25
chinarulezzzHow can I automate this? (without manual delete tarball)19:26
j_vwithout always deleting sources, not sure how. i think that was the purpose of noting it in the commit and notification19:27
j_vif you came up with some way of automating it, i for one would be interested in it19:32
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chinarulezzzj_v: what if package manager will check when revision changed and md5sum mismatch then re-download the tarball?20:19
chinarulezzzdo this break anything?20:19
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j_vchinarulezzz: it's interesting idea20:31
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nthwyattchinarulezzz: i'd not want that to be the default behaviour.22:07
nthwyattI keep at least the previous version of all source in case I want to fallback22:08
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nthwyattand because there is no guarantee that the upstream still has the older source22:08
nthwyattso I may not be able to download it months down the road.22:09
Worksternthwyatt, previous sources22:11
j_vseems that current behaviour is least invasive22:12
nthwyattthat's only the hashes. can't compile from that.22:13
nthwyattromster ^22:13
Worksterlook deeper22:14
nthwyattah ha22:14
nthwyattbut I didn't mention my crappy internet (again)22:16
nthwyattI like having a local copy22:16
nthwyatttook me 35 minutes to download the source for qtwebengine22:19
nthwyattACTION green with envy over the amount of disk storage romster must have22:23
frinnstmy distfiles repo is 33GB - not too bad22:39
pedjawith 1/1 gbit net, why do you even bother :) ?22:40
frinnst404s and slow upstream22:40
joacimthey canceled dark matter22:41
joacimwhen it is getting better22:41
pedjait's their highest rated show, and yet it got canceled, because reasons22:43
pedjamy source dir is 11Gb, and 1/3 of that are data files for few games I never play.22:53
pedjatotally_legit_media directory is 340Gb, otoh23:00
pedjaand not all of that is JAV, in case anyone is wondering :)23:01
joacimmy folder of legit stuff my friends game me is about 1.2 TB23:02
joacimmy own stuff that i made myself is in different folders. probably about 3.5 TB23:02
pedjahow much hd space you have, total?23:03
joacim6TB storage space23:03
joacim+ a 6TB backup23:04
joacimbeen putting it off, but going for a 12TB storage array eventually. once I have a couple of extra 4TB drives for backups23:04
joacimbtrfs right now23:06
pedjabrave :)23:06
pedjaeven Windows can use ZFS these days (well, usb stick/external drive, but still)23:08
joacimit can?23:13
pedjanative driver is pre-alpha, but it will get there :)23:14
joacimnot sure if i see a use for it23:14
joacimsince windows have their storage spaces23:15
joacimno idea how well that works tho23:15
joacimit never works for me =)23:15
pedjawhat was that new FS they pushed for a while, ReFS?23:16
joacimyeah i think so23:16
jaegerspeaking of that, got my NAS all upgraded :)23:25
jaegerpool0  29.1T  7.09T  22.0T         -     9%    24%  1.00x  ONLINE  -23:25
joacimnice =)23:26
joacimthats with 4x 8TB drives?23:26
rmullAnyone else getting a webkit-gtk3 build error? call of overloaded 'abs(gdouble)' is ambiguous23:33
pedjarmull, maybe this will help?

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