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jaegerI haven't tried to build it01:09
jaegerwill give it a shot in a container01:09
rmullpedja: webkitgtk is okay, it's webkit-gtk3 that is broken01:30
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xckoI wrote a simple init script for macchanger to change a mac address on startup, any interest on adding it to the port?
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Romsterwebkit-gtk3 and webkit-gtk2 is fixed07:44
Romstercruxbot, is borked again07:44
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frinnstholy shit.. I left firefox running overnight09:04
frinnst~20gb ram + ~8gb swap used09:04 javascripts use 1gb from some fucking ad09:05
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Romsterfirefox 57.0 i take it frinnst ?09:22
frinnst19,991.48 MB -- resident-peak09:22
Romstergeez huge memory leak09:22
abenzis that why we are on esr? or is it a general policy?09:27
frinnstbecause rust is ugly09:28
abenzbut eventually we'll jump ship?09:29
frinnstits buggy and breaks every other release09:29
frinnstyeah ofcourse. esr wont be maintained forever09:29
abenzso hopefully by time we have to jump, rust will be better?09:29
frinnstthats what im hoping :-)09:29
Romstereh i am starting to tame rust09:31
Romsteror so i think09:31
frinnstlatest cargo doesnt work for me at all09:40
Romsterthe one bundled in rust now?09:42
frinnstits bundled now?09:42
frinnstoh cool09:42
frinnstwhere are your ports?09:42
Romsterrosmter/rust romster/firefox-rust09:43
Romsterno cargo anymore it's in with rust09:44
abenzRomster: are you using that as your daily browser?09:45
abenzis it stable?09:45
Romsteras of the past few weeks or so yes09:45
Romsterno crashes yet09:45
frinnsti've used it as my daily driver since the early betas09:45
Romstersave you some time09:47
Romsteroops wrong rust package use the revision=2 one...09:48
frinnst mine is a bit leaner on the deps09:48
abenzRomster: I like to flex my bulldozer's 8 coars from time to time09:48
Romsteri like to separate the deps09:48
frinnstid rather have a big package than 10 small ones09:49
abenzI'm actually only missing the compact theme09:49
frinnstdifferent strokes etc :-)09:49
abenzotherwise FF52 is working just fine09:49
Romster10 small ones that area already on the system09:49
frinnstabenz: you can reduce firefox's screen realestate by a compact gtk theme09:49
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abenzmine looks better than that frinnst09:54
abenzI mean more compact09:54
frinnstyeah but I bet your other gtk stuff takes up a lot of space :-)10:16
frinnstmy gtk2 theme compated it a lot more10:16
joacima compact firefox theme also helps11:02
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nepugiagonna install crux on my laptop now :312:04
nepugiaschould i use efi mode or is there stuff known to not work?12:05
joacimeither uefi or bios should work fine12:07
joacimbiggest difference is the choice in bootloader and its configuration12:08
nepugiacan i only use grub2 for efi?12:08
joacimi guess there are other options, but i use grub2 on my uefi laptop12:09
nepugiaoki, the live usb boots fine and selects the correct efi mode, so ill give it a shot with efi12:10
nepugiahow can i lower the screen backlight? the keys for this do not seem to work (they used to work on a debian on 4.9 kernel(this is in the live iso))12:19
joacimwill have to choose to install the relevant drivers when you compile the kernel i guess12:24
joacim+ bind the keys (use acpi_listen)12:25
nepugiais that not handled by the kernel directly? i would expect it to be .-.12:26
nepugiausing a completely bright screen is rather painfull though, and i have no idea which kernel driver i will need12:26
nepugia(i only know that i need rtl8821ae for the wifi since i had problems with that on a debian system before)12:26
nepugiathe handbook sais i need an 100mib efi system partition which is flagged as bootable12:48
Romsterformatted to fat3212:48
nepugiai have created that, but how do i flag it? does it refer to fdisk 'legacy BIOS bottable flag'?12:48
Romsteryeah just the bootable flag12:49
nepugiaso just that option is sufficient12:49
Romstershould be12:49
nepugiaoki, thanks :)12:49
Romsteruefi will see the boot fat32 partiton and look for the boot loader12:49
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nepugiafor the kernel, how can i compile one that includes most common drivers? apart from the wifi driver i have no idea what drivers i need to include (e.g do i need to modify anything in make menuconfig step?)13:04
Romsterlspci -k13:06
Romsterthen search in menuconfig with /foo13:06
Romsteryou can use the .config off the iso as a starting ground13:07
nepugiai have no idea what the .config file has to do with the menuconfig13:07
joacimmenuconfig edits .config13:10
nepugiaah i see, is there any advantage of comlining a driver into a module or having it buildin?13:16
Romsterwell for root it has to be built in.13:19
Romsteror you won't be able to boot, unless you make a initramfs to load the required modules13:20
Romsterjsut build filesystem parttion type disk controller interface as builtin13:20
Romsteri always keep alsa as a module, as i've had issues with hat built in.13:21
joacimi usually add everything i know my system needs to boot as built in13:21
nepugiaah, do network drivers make more sense as modules then?13:22
Romsteryou can do either13:23
Romsteri tend to make everything else a module13:24
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Romsterthat isn't required to be built in for root to be mounted13:24
nepugiathe system runs in efi framebuffer currently, it doesnt seem to show what driver i need for the apu13:27
nepugiai know that i had to install some firmware package in debian for it to completely work13:27
Romsterkernel is the hardist part to get past, once that is done then the crux management is pretty easy13:27
Romsterthere is opt/linux-firmware13:28
nepugiaconfiguring the kernel in FreeBSD was definetely more relaxing :)13:28
Romsteradd that and it should work when the kernel boots13:28
nepugiaah, so i need to get that post install then13:28
Romstermight be on the iso not sure.13:28
Romsteri know some wifi cards need it13:29
nepugiai installed all stuff the iso offers to install from opt i think13:29
nepugiais the option "Backlight & LCD device support" enough or do i also need to check an option for my specific hardware somewhere?13:31
Romsternot sure on that.13:31
Romsteri have't done installs on laptops13:31
nepugiait's fun you schould try it ;) only took me like 2 months to get it working with debian .-.13:32
nepugiai think this config schould work :313:34
nepugiaand if it doesnt i can always try again13:35
Romstereasy to boot and mount and chroot again and fix kernel and keep trying13:37
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nepugiai did that in virtualbox before too, i had a broken lilo config but lilo didnt care hehe13:42
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nepugiaby the way, why is the command in the handbook 'cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz' and not 'cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz'?14:10
j_vthey are same14:11
j_vsymlink, pretty sure anyways14:11
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nepugiaam finished with the install, but grub does not create anything bootable14:34
nepugiait sais "Could not prepare Boot variable: no space left on device"14:34
nepugiaand then sais that the installation finsihed with no errors14:34
frinnstis /boot on its own partition?14:35
frinnstdo you have free space available?14:35
nepugiasurely i have free space somewhere? but i dont know what grub wants14:35
frinnstdo you have a separate partition/filesystem for /boot ?14:36
frinnstor just one for /14:36
nepugia/boot/efi/ is the fat32 efi system partition, but no boot is not an own partition14:36
frinnstah ok. and you have free space in /boot/efi ?14:37
nepugiathere schould be 100Mib free space14:38
nepugiaapart from grub i havent used that partition at all14:38
frinnstwhat does df say?14:38
frinnstdf -h14:38
nepugia1% of /boot/efi is used14:38
frinnstand can you write to it? "touch /boot/efi/test"14:39
nepugiayes i can, grub also wrote something there that looks like the correct loader14:39
nepugiai think its missing the thingy to tell the efi system where to look though14:40
nepugiae.g debian automatically created a new "Linux" entry for efiboot14:40
frinnstit seems like the uefi nvram might be full. do you have many bootloaders?14:41
nepugiai have no idea what that is, and no... i have only crux now on the system14:42
nepugiai used to have debian which created the Linux entry.. maybe i can just reuse that? (FreeBSD had absolutely no problem using efimode though, without any addiditonal entry there, e.g the normal hdd entry)14:43
frinnstthe internal uefi space might be very limited on your system. You could perhaps try to remove some uefi entries of stuff you dont use in your bios menus14:45
nepugiaas i said before the only non standard entry is that one linux one14:46
frinnsti am very far from an uefi expert so not sure I can help further. im sure someone else here know more.14:47
frinnsti've never come across that error before. the arch thread suggests its nvram related14:47
nepugia>.> linux is frustrating to use :p14:48
frinnstuefi is frustrating. linux is sane :-)14:48
nepugiawell... FreeBSD on efi Just worked14:50
frinnstyeah but you still have that entry, right? you might only be able to fit 1-214:50
frinnst"As here suggested, the problem is the NVRAM. Deleting some boot entries with efibootmgr allowed me to add a new entry for GRUB, but upon reboot my BIOS noticed that there were missing entries, showed me a message and restored the default configuration."14:51
nepugiaas i said freebsd did not even use that entry14:51
nepugiajust the standard one that points to the hardrive14:51
nepugiai dont see why linux cant use that too, why does it need a new entry14:51
frinnstim sure you can make it work somehow. I just don't know how14:52
nepugiaha... "Could not delete variable: No space left on device"14:52
frinnstwhat does the output of efibootmgr say?14:54
frinnst another thread with the same error as you got14:55
frinnstwhat hardware are you installing on?14:55
nepugiaamd laptop (well it sais lenove, but basically all hardware is amd)14:56
nepugiaremoving those dump* files seems to silence that grub error .-.14:56
frinnstah, the hardware in the debian thread is also lenovo14:56
nepugiayes... but most lenovo laptops are 100% intel based14:56
nepugiaso mine is rather the exception14:56
nepugianow grub loads correclty14:58
nepugiabut grub doesnt load anything14:58
nepugiagives me a debug prompt .-.14:58
frinnsthave you created a config for it?14:58
j_vls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/dump-*14:58
nepugiawhy schould i? i used the install command14:59
frinnstgrub-mkconfig is somewhat buggy - it wont create a complete config unless you name your kernel in a specific scheme. try using "vmlinuz-4.13.0" or whatever14:59
frinnstgrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg15:00
jaegergrub-install doesn't create a config, only a boot entry in UEFI or an MBR15:00
nepugiai ran as per the handbook grub install and the grub mkconfig command15:00
j_vthis thread describes one way that the efi nvram can get filled up, plus solution:
nepugiai did remove those dump files and it worked with grub... though that the output sais no errors reported when it clearly failed, yay :)15:02
frinnstno, if you can boot grub it didnt fail15:02
frinnstbut you also need a configuration for grub for it to then boot a kernel15:02
nepugiai ment before, it failed to creat its little entry and left with a system where grub doesnt get loaded15:03
nepugiabut it still said no errors :)15:03
frinnstI've not had good luck with grub-mkconfig when my kernel was named "vmlinuz". try using "vmlinuz-4.13.0" or something15:04
frinnstah ok15:04
nepugiagrub mkconfig seems to have created a grub.cfg though15:05
nepugiaas per command15:05
frinnstyeah but it might not contain anything really useful15:05
nepugiaso, move the kernel image from vmlinuz to vmlinuz-4.9.6?15:05
nepugiagrub sais it found the image now15:07
nepugiasystem boots, thanks for the help15:08
nepugiastill cant control the backlight with keys though, and i cant seem to find the file to control it either15:09
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nepugianice working wifi, though maybe i schould actually check how network config in crux is ment to be done :D15:16
nepugiaoh, by the way in freebsd i can add each service as an inividual line in rc.conf as in service_enable="YES", is thsi not possible in crux?15:17
frinnstyou add or remove them from the array in /etc/rc.conf15:18
nepugiabut having them per line is not possible?15:18
frinnstno, not unless you rewrite rc :-)15:19
nepugiado i need to add the wpa_supplicant commandline to the net script then?15:20
pedjause wlan15:20
joacimnever mind15:20
nepugiais there a service equivelant to start a service?15:22
pedjathat reminds me. should something like 'UPGRADE ^etc/rc\.d/wlan$ NO' be added to pkgadd.conf, so the update doesn't overwrite it?15:23
nepugiathe interface name in the script was wrong, but other then that i didnt need to change anything for my setup15:23
pedjanepugia, prt-get info service :)15:23
nepugiathen i have to manually start the wifi to start the wifi? sounds awesome :D15:24
joacimi just use NetworkManager for wifi15:24
nepugiabah, with dhcpcd i never know if it suceeded .-.15:25
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nepugiaoh, crux doesnt install ports to /usr/local :/15:30
joacimyou can mess around with it if you want to, but most packages will install to /usr15:36
nepugiaXorg does not start yay .-.15:40
nepugiahuh, it doesnt compile because libdrm is not the required version? schouldnt it like update packages if they arent new enough then15:42
frinnstrun a prt-get sysup first15:46
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nepugiaanyone have some hints on what i need for backlight controll?17:21
nepugiai dont have any file for this exposed, so im guesin a kernel module is missing somewhere17:22
frinnstyeah, kernel module probably17:23
frinnstwithout knowing what hardware you have its impossible to say17:24
xcko_nepugia: if you have nothing  under /sys/class/backlight then you're probably missing something17:26
nepugiait sais amd mullint [radeon r3 graphics]17:26
nepugia@xcko_ ya, the dir does not exist17:26
frinnsti dont think amd does keyboards :-)17:28
frinnsta model number might be more useful, its a lenovo laptop right?17:28
nepugiawhat does backlight have to do with keyboards?17:29
nepugialenovo ideapad 110-15ACL schould be... though lenovo seems to sell many laptops with the name ideapad 11017:36
j_vi see it... earlier you mentioned backlight and keys for control; that initially had me wondering if you meant keyboard leds17:39
nepugiaah, no i meen the lcd display17:39
nepugiabecause it is trying to burn my eyes out :)17:40
nepugiaeh, gues ill enable all backlight drivers there are17:40
nepugiaafterwards i can check which one it picked17:40
nepugiaon a related note, i schould enable Direct Rendering Manager?17:41
j_vprobably, i think is only way you will get the amd drivers available17:49
j_vthen probably "AMD GPU", though i don't know how recent the r3 chip is17:51
nepugiai bought it last year, so recent enough maybe :317:53
nepugiaactually this year17:54
j_vi would expect so, but i'm not an amd graphics guru either17:54
j_vgoogling suggest the r3 was launched in 2015, so i'm guessing it's recent enough17:55
j_vlooks like you might need radeon support also or instead: "ATI Radeon"18:01
j_vnot sure18:02
j_vi don't think they conflict, but not sure18:02
j_veither way, will want to make sure you have firmware package installed (/usr/ports/opt/linux-firmware)... not sure if it installed by default during cd installation18:04
nepugiait was linux-firmware right?18:05
nepugiaill check if that is installed apfter the prt-get command is finished18:06
j_vpkginfo -i | grep linux-firmware18:06
nepugiadoes it also include the stuff debian considers non-free?18:06
nepugiasais linux-firmware 20161122 (which i assume is the date of the last update)18:07
j_vyeah, i think it should be plenty new enough for your gpu18:09
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pedjanepugia, this might be handy
pedjatl;dr is: you'll need ideapad_laptop kernel module for rfkill, fan and backlight control18:43
nepugiathanks, i did not have any ideapad specific stuff in the kernel config18:45
pedjafinding what needs to be enabled for some option to show up can be...challenging :)18:48
nepugiaConfiguring the FreeBSD kernel was not as annoying :p18:49
nepugiaill wait till the prt-get update thingy finished and reboot with the new modules18:50
pedja'prt-get sysup'?18:55
pedjadid you use updated iso for install or release?18:56
nepugiai used a 3.3 one18:57
nepugiathat schould be pretty recent i think18:57
pedjafrom here ?18:58
pedjajaeger should really advertise it more, it saves a lot of time :)18:59
nepugianope, i just took one of the official mirrors in the list19:00
pedjawell, if you ever need to install Crux on some other machine, or whatever, use the iso from, it's more up to date19:01
pedjamore recent snapshot, if you will19:02
pedjaand jaeger is one of the core developers, so you can trust the source19:03
nepugiaheh, first i must trust the project :)19:04
joacimhe is also american, so i dont know about that19:08
jaegerI was born in London if that helps19:08
joacimboth a spy for the queen and the nsa19:08
jaegerThat would be too much work, no thanks19:09
joacimone of the mounties maybe19:09
j_vthat's canada19:09
nepugiaamerican from england?19:10
jaegerI've lived in the US since I was 2 so not very British19:10
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dlcusaHmmm...  The Handbook states, "A minimum of 192MB system memory is required to install CRUX from CD-ROM or removable flash drive."  Is this still true?19:53
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jaegerNot sure, it should probably be verified19:59
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dlcusaI guess defining a memory-constrained virtual machine can answer the question.20:04
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nepugiahey, i tried the virtualbox defaults for "Unknown linux x86_64" with the suggested limits just recently20:07
nepugiaand it did not manage to boot in the vm :)20:08
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nepugiai think it was 64mib of ram or something20:08
nepugia(suggested by virtualbox anyway)20:09
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funj_v: do you have your repos on a public git server?21:30
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j_vfun: clone from* and browse at
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fun2j_v: thanks. The http version didn't worked anymore and I've forgot you've said that you won't redirect to https21:56
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j_vno problem22:00
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fun2if someone wants to play with another browser, I've made a port for fifth in my repo. Needs webkitfltk, liburlmatch and a couple from contrib repo.22:02
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j_vi'll get that one building after dinner. thanks for heads up.23:01
dlcusajaeger, expanding rootfs.tar.xz in a 192MiB vm gets No space error--I'll keep testing...23:02
dlcusaAs time permits, of course.23:02
jaegerok, thanks :)23:05
jaegerThe uncompressed rootfs seems to take up 302MB so it's got to be at least that much now, I guess23:07
dlcusaDouble as it won't take more that 50% for the RAMdisk.23:12
jaegerThough that could be adjusted if need be23:17
dlcusaExploding rootfs.tar.xz into a tempdir eats up 307812 KB according to du -sk .23:19
jaegeryep. about 302MB23:21
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j_vfun2: got webkitfltk building now, fifth to build right after... will let you know how it goes23:49

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