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dlcusajaeger, Using 616 MiB results in a RAMdisk of 314M with 115k available after running setup and setup-chroot.  Any other tests indicated to ensure the RAMdisk won't run out of space?01:24
jaegerThat's probably plenty, test-wise... the ramdisk doesn't get used for much01:25
dlcusaExcept in rescue--all kinds of stuff might be attempted there.01:26
jaegerI suppose... but there's no way we can guess what all possibilities might be01:27
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j_vfun2: fifth seems pretty good, will give a try... i need to figure out how to setup streaming... doesn't seem to work01:44
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j_vok, got fifth to use mpv.02:24
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j_vseems fine, but there is definitely some brokenness to do with certificates.02:25
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j_vfun2: your comment to FS#1538 has me quite confused. are you saying that qemu-ga can be used without having the rest of qemu installed?02:46
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xcko_submitted ports for the portdb to crux-admin (or whatever the email address is)06:21
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fun2j_v: if you are running your CRUX VM on a Debian/qemu host, you will need only the agent running on CRUX.06:52
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frinnst holy shit09:58
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nepugiahey, i mow have the backlight control file, but i have 2 od them one for radeon and one for ideapad10:45
nepugiathe ideapad doesnt work, but the radeon does10:45
nepugiaand the brightness keys seem to control the idepad one, so how do i now get rid of it?10:46
nepugiathe idepad extras compiled as a module so would it be sufficient to just find the module and rm it?10:47
frinnsti wouldnt bother - in case some other module depends on it10:49
frinnstbetter to just remove it from your kernel config and exclude it in your next kernel10:49
nepugiadoes recompiling the kernel remove obsolete modules?10:49
nepugiaon a related note my wifi no longer work, i did not change any wifi related atuff though10:50
frinnstdo you see the interface still?10:50
frinnsthave you rebooted and not loaded the module?10:50
nepugiait does not appear, i tried reloading tge relevant module but no luck10:50
frinnstwhat does dmesg say?10:51
frinnstdoes the module "attach" itself to any hardware?10:51
frinnstlspci -k is probably useful too - it lists hardware and what module is loaded for it10:52
nepugiathe wireless card is controlled by the correct driver10:52
nepugia(according to lspci )10:52
frinnstbut "ip link" doesnt list it?10:53
nepugiawhat does ip link do?10:53
nepugiai just use ifconfig10:53
nepugiaah, rfkill blocked it10:54
frinnstifconfig is somewhat deprecated - i'd recommend learning the "ip" tool10:54
nepugiahad to rfkill unblock on every reboot on debian10:54
nepugiagues ill put that in the wlan script, that was overidden by the prt get update though10:55
nepugiaand wrote the wrong interface into the file again10:56
frinnsttweak /etc/pkgadd.conf to not overwrite it: UPGRADE         ^etc/rc\.d/wlan$         NO10:56
nepugiai cant write /, the keybiard layout doesnt work correctly :/10:58
nepugiait schould be de and i have set that10:58
frinnstloadkeys sv-latin1 or whatever10:59
frinnstyou can set it in rc.conf10:59
nepugiai did use loadkeys11:00
nepugiakeyboard layout changed to a qwertz one but most other keys are still wrong11:00
frinnstare you in X11? x doesnt use the consoles keymap11:01
nepugiano am in the console11:01
nepugiade latin1 works11:01
nepugiajust de gives me a wierd one11:02
nepugiathat reminds me, the touchpad does not work in X11, i know it works on Freebsd with the mouse input driver (though the freebsd kernel has synaptics support)11:05
frinnsti'd suggest enabling evdev and libinput in the kernel11:06
nepugiacant find libinput in menu config11:10
frinnsti may be missremembering11:13
nepugiai found and enabled evdev for mice (and touchpads below that)11:14
Romsterdoes the pad use xorg-xf86-input-synaptics11:15
nepugiano idea for linux, it worked with xf86-input-mouse on freebss11:15
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Romsterhmm i am reading libinput depreciates eudev (knew that) and synaptics (wasn't aware of that one)11:17
Romsteri'm still using eudev11:17
Romstereudev takes over mouse and keybord11:17
nepugiai thought libinput had to do with wayland, still cant find it in kernel config (this beeing 4.9.6)11:18
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Romsterit's also used by X11:19
frinnstyeah it might use evdev actually11:19
nepugiaill try evdev for now, not that i have much of a choice :p11:19
Romsteris it evdev or eudev i always get confuses11:19
Romsterevdev for x it is...11:20
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nepugiaudev devd evdev eudev, i get confused too :)11:22
pedjaiirc, libinput should replace synaptics eventually, but some devices still work better, or at all, with synaptics and not libinput11:23
pedjalibinput is also less configurable, continuing Wayland/Gnome3 'just the BASICS' theme :)11:24
Romsterforgot mdev :D11:24
nepugiais devd also used in the linux world?11:25
Romsteri haven't seen that mentioned11:26
frinnstit handles /dev population right? udev/eudev is used for that11:26
nepugiai think it responds to kernel events and does stuff in userland, like start webcamd for a specific device11:27
nepugia(webcamd basically beeing linux device drivers running bsd userspace)11:28
pedjaudev/eudev, basically11:28
Romsteri'll be honest i haven't touched bsd at all.11:29
Romsterother than to look through pkgsrc11:30
nepugiaman FreeBSD is just incredibly awesome :) (this beeing my biased opinion)11:30
pedjaany thoughts on TrueOS :) ?11:35
nepugiait sucks :p11:36
nepugiaimo its the ubuntu of bsd11:36
pedjathey track FreeBSD HEAD, iirc, which is...interesting :)11:38
nepugiatracking freebsd current yourself is much better imo11:39
nepugiathey have basically freebsd but changed stuff, like switched init to openrc for some reason and auto updates and such11:40
pedjaso, when is 'The Year of FreeBSD desktop'? :)11:40
nepugiaFor me this year :D11:41
nepugiafor everyone else i doubt many even know bsd xD11:41
dlcusafrinnst, re: your Rifftrax post, I gather MST3K is new to you.  It's got a cult following--think talking in the theater done rightly.11:43
pedjabrave souls, if interested, could check the black hole that is Tv Tropes MST3K section :)11:47
pedjaobligatory warning: ypu *will* get sucked in browsing it and lose the track of time :)11:48
frinnstdlcusa: no its not new to me. its just that that the movie is shocking11:49
dlcusaHowso? That's mid-20th century Americana, maybe Michigan.11:53
pedjait should be this
pedjalowest rated movie on IMDB ever, afaict11:58
pedjasounds like fever dream of a kid on acid11:59
pedjaor 'shrums11:59
frinnstwe are looping it in the office currently11:59
pedjais that even legal? worker protection laws and all that12:00
dlcusaReminds me of a specially-edited track of phone wait music I encountered years ago designed for people your company hates.12:03
pedjasubliminal messages and all?12:04
dlcusaPossibly.  I was enthralled by the song they chose.12:05
frinnsti've set my ringtone for a specific customer to chopins funeral march12:05
pedjathere is the classic 'The Imperial March as the ringtone for mother-in-law'12:06
pedjaor Orbitals 'Satan'12:07
Romsteryou have a phone call, straight from hell hahahahaha12:07
pedjaSatan/Lucifer is often misunderstood :)12:09
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pedjaand used as an excuse for truly horrible things as often as The Imaginary Dude in the Sky12:19
pedjain most of the best horror, the actual monsters are not the most terrifying thing, humans are12:22
dlcusaWow.  Actual music on hold deployments: I've definitely got better stuff to listen to.12:29
Romsterelevator music is just as bad12:30
pedjais there music in Star Trek elevators?12:32
pedjathere was, briefly, in one episode of Orville12:34
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dlcusaThis is one strange Thanksgiving morning.  I just encountered all these song puns:
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pedja is not taken, if anyone cares :)16:03
nepugiais supposed to be dutch?16:04 is not Dutch
pedjaiirc, Per Liden owns and pays for it :)16:10
pedja(the original creator of CRUX)16:12
ryu0and who is that on irc?16:12
pedjapli or pliden, iirc16:13
pedjafrinnst should know, they are/were neighbours, or something like that :)16:16
nepugiai kniw that it is not a dutch domain, but it is popular in the netgerlands because the word nu meens now16:27
frinnstsame in sweden16:33
frinnstpli doesnt use irc afaik these days16:33
frinnstand yeah, he still pays for it with his fat oracle salary :D16:34
frinnsti own - it's expensive as hell tho. registered as a joke and now i depend on it D;16:35 is ~40$ :)16:35
pedjabut that's kind of NSFW16:36, crux.ninja16:38
frinnstsilly guru whois, lits my phone number :(16:39
pedjacity name is broken, I guess because it has one of those funny letters in it?16:50
pedjawhois is too old to be UTF-816:51
pedjatbh, I am a bit surprised that the output of the national domain registry whois server isn't in Cyrillic16:56
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pedjaSource Code Pro can't show that, frinnst :)17:02
frinnstyes it can, but your locale can't17:04
dbrookeit's reassuring to know that frinnst is one of The Good Guys 8-)17:17
pedjabtw, what's the story behind so many Swedish keyboard layouts? I counted 917:17
pedjatwo of them for Russian17:17
tilmanprinting plain text files through cups gets me messed up line feeds; the carriage return is missing17:24
tilmanmeaning the next line will start at the x offset where the previous one ended17:24
tilmananyone know how to fix that?17:25
tilman(without inserting carriage returns in the text file :D)17:25
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jaegertilman: I've only seen that if using the wrong ppd/driver, I think... but I haven't owned a printer in years so I may be misremembering17:31
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tilmanthanks, but i'm pretty sure the ppd is the right one (the manufacturer provides one)17:34
jaegerAh, ok.17:35
frinnstwhat, many swedish keyboard layouts?17:35
frinnsti only know of one. except for dvorak and stuff like that17:36
frinnstnot sure about the russian stuff, maybe they bought keyboards from us in the 70s or something and it stuck :-)17:39
frinnstnever seen a saami layout. maybe joachim knows about that one17:40
tilmanmaybe my printer is just dying17:40
tilmanjust printed a ps page. it printed successfully, but afterwards it printed another page that says:17:40
tilman error name: /timeout17:40
tilmanoffending command: /timeout17:40
tilmanoperand stack:17:40
tilmannever seen that before o_O17:41
frinnstprinters are awesome17:41
tilmanthis one worked flawlessly before17:41
tilmanthis cups doesn't seem to convert PDF to PS when printing17:43
tilmani'm getting printouts of fucking PDF commands17:43
pedja'A PostScript error offending command timeout indicates that a time limit was exceeded.'17:52
pedjabuggy driver?17:53
tilmani think i'll first find out why my printing system cannot figure out how to convert pdf to ps17:55
tilmanmanually running pdftops (from poppler) lets me print things17:55
pedjaso it prints PS, but chokes on PDF?17:58
tilmanactually the timeout crap shows up for (successfully printed) PS, too18:00
tilmani setup the printer anew for the 3rd (4th? 5th?) time, and this time the ppd file i selected has been copied to /etc/cups/ppd18:05
tilman... just printed the same test pdf successfully18:08
tilmanno idea how i screwed up ;\18:09
pedjaso, sacrificing black goat does work :)18:10
pedjaspeaking of PDFs, I am building a pipeline to convert 20+ of them to something actually usable18:15
pedjabecause, as far as the National Weather Service is concerned, PDF is 'machine readable format', so perfect for open data18:17
ryu0pedja: seriously? a CSV file is closer to a "machine readable format".18:22
ryu0PDF was never meant for storing data for processing.18:23
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pedjaryu0, it get worse :) 1/4 of PDFs is of 'scanned image' variety18:34
pedjabut that's a project for another time18:35
pedjait's pretty straightforward, once I figured out the general format of tabula-java output, so I could use sed and awk to slice and dice it18:38
pedjathe 'final' csv still needs a bit of a cleanup, but it's way saner18:40
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ryu0pedja: saner. lol.19:06
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joacimare there any alternatives to gthumb that doesnt suck?20:11
joacimmostly interested in a gallery application that can list and view pictures from pre-existing directories20:13
joacimeven just a small application that can find duplicated pictures is good enough20:13
jaegerNo idea on the gallery thing but fdupes can find duplicate files, at least20:19
jaegerThough not specifically image content20:19
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joacimi'll give that a go20:38
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onoderaRomster / Workster could you please update opus to version 1.2?22:11
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frinnststupid bot22:37
ryu0cruxbot: you deserve better. go on strike!22:43
joacimcruxbot deserves librebooted hardware22:52
ryu0joacim: the US can liberate 'em. can't say there'll be much left of them after though. <.<22:57
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chinarulezzzhi guys.23:38
chinarulezzzwhere I can manage modules autoloading?23:38
chinarulezzzI need to modprobe tun module before open service starts.23:38
jaegerput the modprobe commands you need into /etc/rc.modules23:45

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