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chinarulezzzI didn't pay attention to that file. Thanx.00:29
nepugiaon this kernel i omly have one backlight controller, but the keys dont control it, do i need to tell the kernel something so that it ues the keys for backlight?00:32
jaegerNo idea there, sorry. Have you tried searching for your specific laptop model and linux backlight support?00:37
nepugiano, not really, it worked in debian :300:38
nepugiabacklight controll works, just not the keys00:38
joacimas in you can control it with software?00:49
joacimthe sales today are pretty bad. more or less the same items that are usually on sale, at the same discount you usually get00:51
joacimsome items arent even discounted, just promoted00:51
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darfonepugia: run xev and see if X is even getting anything02:29
darfomy laptop sends the audio control special keys to xev but not the backlight controls02:30
darfothey are getting sucked up somewhere else that I've never figured out.02:30
darfounlike you, though, may laptop screen is never too bright for me02:31
darfoand now it spends most of it's days connected to a flatscreen LED display02:31
darfoalso I found that runnng udevadm monitor in one window while running a depmod02:35
darfoin another is a good way to find out if a kernel module actually find some hardware and adds a new device for it02:36
nepugiadarfo: this is not about X11, i dont care about any solution that would only work in X, besides i know that the brightness worked om that kernel version, so etiher mu config or my modules are wrong02:38
darfook. depmod plus udevadm may help you find what you need from the kernel.02:41
jaegerwhat model laptop is it?02:55
jaegerIf xev doesn't see anything from the keypresses they aren't sending keyboard events03:09
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Romstersudo make me a sandwich07:07
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frinnst gotta love aussies08:31
frinnstute power!08:31
frinnstthat wheel camber08:35
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: eudev: update to 3.2.511:28
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nepugiaxev needs X11... besides i dont really care if userspace gets those keypresses or not11:54
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jaegerfrinnst: stadium trucks are always fun to watch :) I'm a big fan of the desert hill climb races, too15:10
jaeger for example15:14
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pekka20I've hit the wall trying to compile an app, and I get a message:16:30
pekka20warning: failed to load external entity ""16:30
pekka20cannot parse
pekka20anyone have an idea what is missing / happeing?16:31
pekka20I have both docbook-xml and docbook-xsl16:32
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j_vpekka20: do you have the files /etc/xml/{catalog,docbook-xml}? if yes, then suggest you pastebin them for inspection. i'm no expert on docbook, but have managed to find my way around issues with it in the past18:40
pekka20I've found a solution, a crude hack18:40
j_vthat's better than no solution18:41
pekka20it looks like Pkgfile for docbook-xsl move files to a place the applicaton I've tried to compile does not look18:42
j_vdid you run the post-install's for both docbook-xml and docbook-xsl?18:43
pekka20I have hacked the Makefiles, removing all '--nonet' but this should not be neccesary18:43
pekka20I will try18:44
j_vthat should help18:44
pekka20yea, that did work18:51
pekka20then I just have to formalize this making a Pkgbuild18:51
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tsaopRomster: qtwebkit needs to be rebuilt due to icu update, applying this patch:
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