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SiFuhHaha, I went to the dentist for 2 fillings, and the Dentist was telling me the ingredients of the Anesthetic. I said "Don't bother, 'cause you are not going to use it"07:35
korihuh, why07:35
SiFuhI don't need07:35
koriyou can take the pain?07:35
SiFuhvery high pain tolerance07:35
SiFuhyeah. All done. Infact, I felt no pain at all07:36
SiFuhWhich I thought was very interesting07:36
abenzwhat they put for fillings? MERCURY?07:51
korigold, usually07:51
abenzSifuh the gangsta!07:53
SiFuhHaha gold would be cool07:55
SiFuhresin-based composite fillings07:56
SiFuhDental amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and copper.07:57
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frinnstamalgam is banned, no? atleast in sweden08:23
SiFuhI don't know08:26
frinnstwell there you have it08:28
joacima random website on the internet. it must be correct =)08:28
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frinnstyes.. our outsourced pbx is down = calm monday morning08:44
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SiFuhfrinnst: the treaty has not banned the use of dental amalgam, but allows phasing down amalgam use over a time period09:14
SiFuhRegulations subsection..09:15
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frinnstI used to have an amalgam filling but it broke. I think i swallowed half of it09:48
joacimi have that in one of my molars. but that tooth has so many fillings, its not worth replacing10:16
SiFuhfrinnst: I had 2 but now 1. The idiot dentist put 1 in my baby teeth. Hahah10:23
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SiFuhyeah some stupid school thing where you go to dentist at school and they drown you in fluoride and talke about how bad you clean your teeth10:50
frinnstwhen i was in middleschool we got a visit from "flourtanten" - the "flouride lady"10:51
frinnstcame with a tray of small beakers/glasses with flouride in them and you had to swash it around for 1 minute10:52
frinnstevery week iirc10:52
SiFuhFluoride is deadly stuff, I don't understand why they even want it in toothpaste. Sounds like a paid way to sell that which can't be legally disposed of without strict guidelines.10:54
frinnstwell its in your drinking water too10:54
SiFuhseveral forms of filters here to try to get it out of the water.10:56
frinnstdo you use one?10:56
SiFuhMass medicating a population with a dangerous substance.10:56
frinnstand that's why you have a cavity :D10:56
SiFuhWe have some electronic pumping shit thing with some filters and after I run it through some manual water drip..10:57
SiFuhNo the cavity is not from fluoride or lack of it. It was from smoking10:57
SiFuhI quit smoking and spent a long time cleaning the damage10:57
frinnstyeah tobacco causes havoc. my gums are destroyed10:58
SiFuhI smoked tobacco through a pipe.10:58
SiFuhLoved it, but hated the damage. I technically didn't have a cavity either. Just some side rot. So the dentist turned it into a cavity then filled it ;-) apart from that, my teeth are in excellent condition.10:59
SiFuhI don't eat sugar or any kinds of junk food or dairy. Mostly vegetables I eat. Once a month I clean my teeth with Raja's Toothpowder. The rest of the time water and occasionally a stick from a lemon tree I chew like an islamic Miswak.11:01
joacimdont think we ever had a fluortante at my school11:01
joacimdid the fluor and tran routine every morning tho11:02
SiFuhIn Australia she'd probably ahve been called the Fluoride Floozy :-)11:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: stunnel: update to 5.4413:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] lcms2: silent archive change by upstream, remove old sources first13:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unison: update to 2.51.013:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ocaml: update to 4.06.013:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mc: update to 4.8.2013:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: man-pages: update to 4.1413:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hpcups: update to 3.17.1114:04
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deep42thoughtHi, I have issues compiling gtkspell (shown by revdep)16:54
joacimneed the logs to see what's wrong16:55
deep42thoughtsry, was a little slow16:55
deep42thoughtpastebin seems overloaded, right now16:55
deep42thoughtalready rebuilt enchant, but this didn't change anything16:56
deep42thoughtfull log:
joacimI don't have any ideas of what could cause that17:00
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SiFuhSounds like enchant an gtkspell are not compatible17:26
deep42thoughtdid either of both receive an update?17:27
deep42thoughtbecause "it has been working before" :-)17:28
SiFuhDo you have enchant installed?17:28
deep42thoughtit's a dependency of gtkspell17:34
SiFuhwhat version ?17:35
deep42thoughtenchant 2.1.2-117:36
deep42thoughtgtkspell 2.0.16-117:37
SiFuhtry this17:37
SiFuhcat /usr/include/enchant/enchant.h  | grep enchant_dict_add_to_pwl17:37
SiFuhyour version is too new17:38
deep42thoughtso I should recompile an older one, then?17:38
SiFuhenchant 1.6.X was the last version to use enchant_dict_add_to_pwl if I remember correctly.17:39
SiFuhI remember in slackware they did a hack and compiled the 1.6.X and renamed it 2.X.X17:39
SiFuhenchant -v17:40
SiFuh@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Enchant 1.6.0)17:40
SiFuhhah!  3.1.20 as 1.6.017:40
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SiFuhaparrently I partially remembered17:43
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deep42thoughtthanks for your help!17:43
deep42thoughtnow, I finally got a working pidgin (again) :-D17:43
SiFuhHaha pidgin is a bit of a mess17:44
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pedjathis is a cool project
pedjaif running Windows VM at near native speed is your thing :)21:18
RomsterFetching updates Fetching updates from
RomsterUpdating collection LXQT21:32
RomsterUsername for '':21:32
RomsterUpdating collection LXQT21:32
RomsterUsername for '':21:32
Romsterthe heck21:32
Romsteron a ports -u21:32
j_vRomster: looks like he has deleted the repo21:34
j_vI'm guessing he probably did that due (at least in part) to this:
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gtkspell: fix for enchant 2.x21:44
Romsteryeah i see he lost interest in it, but he deleted it -_- time to fork it i guess, i was thinking of trying it out on my laptop21:46
j_vdo you have a mirror of his repo?21:46
Romsteri do21:46
j_vahhh, nice21:46
Romstercomplains much? i am the one building these heavy qt apps for everyone else ot use21:47
Romsterand finally got webkitgtk up to speed21:48
j_vit seems nice, too. built the update yesterday. then rebuilt my private port of surf2... it's pretty snappy after the update21:49
Romsterthat's good, i tried midori but it seems to still crash randomly on stuff21:50
j_vmidori has not really got on board to webkit2, so no surprise there to me21:50
Romstermaybe i need to try surf or another webkit based browser21:50
Romsteryeah no new release in ages, haven't looked if any new commits21:51
j_vIf you try out surf, make sure you get the webkit2 branch... it might be default now, though i'm not sure... really minimal, i warn you21:52
Romsterlike uzbl?21:52
j_veven more so21:52
j_vi'm working on building df's qutebrowser port... have some issues to iron out, but i like the look of that one21:53
j_vqutebrowser seems very similar to dwb, which was good until webkit1 was deprecated21:55
j_vi was working on porting jumanji to webkit2 last winter, but my work hours went nuts when i was just getting it working and had to put it on hold... haven't had time to get back to it, plus i've dropped using girara based stuff for some time21:57
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joacimbeen thinking about testing out lumina22:24
joacimnot sure if i care enough to port it yet. will try it on freebsd first22:24
frinnstRomster: are you surprised? he seemed very flakey22:28
frinnst <- i had that bookmarked for when he applied to contrib22:28
frinnstluckily he never forced the issue22:29
frinnstwho would have thought creating and maintaining an operating system in 2017 would be tough?22:30
pedja'charge an annual fee for community membership'23:11
ryu0pedja: heh. that probably wouldn't work very well.23:27

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