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Worksteroh geez frinnst totally forgot about that rant00:09
joacimseems this distro attract some interesting characters00:39
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darfoj_v: qutebrowser just went through a version change and is is a bit flaky now01:43
darfobut I've been using it since dwb went defunct and like it01:44
darfostill have to have firefox around for some websites01:45
j_vdarfo: yah, it looks to be about what i'm looking for. i'm having a few issues just now getting it to run, but it looks like it's all probably on my end with some conflicting ports for other stuff i have installed02:56
j_vi'm kinda short on time this week, so it might be this weekend before i get a chance to track down exactly what's going wrong for me02:57
j_vthanks for the port. i'm looking forward to using it.02:58
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darfoj_v: one roadblock I hit was that qtwebkit has to be installed so it will build the Python bindings needed. Sad thing is problems don't show up until runtime.03:20
darfo"it" being pyqt that builds the bindings03:20
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darfoso compile order is important03:21
darfohave fun03:21
j_vah, ok... that sounds like a good angle for me to be watching for issues. thanks for the pointers. wish i had time to get into right now.03:22
j_vi'm just about done catching up on normal updates, then have to spend some time on homework for a certification i'm training for, then try to sneek in some sleep. no rest for the wickedly tired i guess.03:26
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frinnstlol wtf - america is crazy09:17
SitriGiven how they treat mental illness...10:14
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frinnstthat made me smile, thanks :-)10:46
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SiFuhfrinnst: I thought it was interesting also. I have seen cross species friendshi in real but never to that extreme.11:59
SiFuhIt is like a grasshopper being friends with an elephant..  Usually it is mammals with mammals.11:59
SiFuhBirds with birds and so on..11:59
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joacimfrinnst: is that even legal?12:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xfsprogs: update to 4.14.013:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nano: update to 2.9.113:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.9.313:50
SiFuhSo I was asked by a customer many weeks before if I will have a beer with them one afternoon. A few weeks later the customer said I can come anytime in the afternoon any day. I decided it would be best I call before showing up. So I asked the company that I work for the number and explained why. The answer I got surprised me  "It is unprofessional to socialize with our customers. You will not socialize with14:28
SiFuhour company and what you do is private. We cannot give you the phone number"14:28
SiFuhBetter I just provide the exact email14:30
SiFuhI am unable to provide you with the contact phone number for XXXXXXXXX. It would not be professional for XXXXXXXXXX to promote socializing with clients outside of the traditional business contract. If you make a private arrangement with a client that must be kept completely separate to XXXXXXXXXXX.14:31
frinnstIm watching blue planet2 right now. lots of awesome inter-species interactions/friendships14:47
frinnstdolphins and false killer whales greeting each other14:48
SiFuhfrinnst: BBC?14:52
SiFuhmovie or series?14:52
SiFuhYeah that is cool man15:11
joacimat 1:30. that sound effect sounds like something they took from doom16:00
joacimi hear so much from doom and dungeon keeper in movies16:00
joacimguessing the stock sound library is still in circulation16:01
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frinnst glorious22:49
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