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timcowchipis there a newer crux.iso than feb 11 2017?00:56
Worksterlinked on the downloads page00:58
timcowchipthanks :)01:01
Worksterrmull, i should have it on and
Worksterformer might be out due to thunderstorms even though i got it on a ups01:01
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rmullWorkster: Thanks - btw, I get a build error on contrib/gst-plugins-bad, log is here:
rmullGuessing the important bit is: can't read /usr/lib/pulseaudio/ No such file or directory01:42
rmullOn my system I have /usr/lib/pulseaudio/libpulsecommon-10.0.la01:42
rmulland not -8.0.la01:42
rmullI have contrib/fluidsynth installed, might be part of the cause01:53
rmullBuild succeeds if I add --disable-fluidsynth to the configure script01:54
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Worksteri don't have that dependency on the depends on, should i just disable fluidsynth?03:09
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Worksterrmull, you sure fluidsynth has been rebuildt after pulsaudio to update it's libtool file to the new pulseaudio?03:11
rmullNo, I'll try that, stand by03:25
rmullWorkster: Okay, that fixed it, thanks for the tip03:28
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Worksterthought so rmull04:57
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timcowchipfirefox pages are blank09:21
timcowchipon a frsh install of Crucks09:24
screw_looseI guess the firefox maintainer must be flacky09:30
screw_looseit won't even display "file:///usr/lib/firefox/browser/chrome/icons/default/default48.png"09:34
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screw_looseguess I'll just remove it, who needs to look at stuff09:38
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screw_loosehow long should it take to build chromium?09:46
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pedjawhen system hard disk SMART read on boot fails, it's time to replace it, right :) ?10:57
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frinnstit was time to replace it a long time ago :-)11:21
frinnstsmart alarms are generally NOT conservative11:22
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pedjaafter 7 years, the both disks more than earned their retirement :)11:44
pedjawhat's the proper way for migration the data of them? rsync?11:46
SitriAnything that works11:49
SitriIf you had rsync'd them entirely before then that's your better option11:50
SitriIf you haven't, may as well just do `cp -a` or the same with tar11:50
pedjait's ~400Gb (system and home)11:56
pedjaand rsync keeps permissions and all that jazz11:57
SitriSo does cp -a11:57
pedjaas for the file system, I guess XFS, JFS is basically unmaintained at this point11:59
pedjaSitri, you are absolutely correct, I forgot about that12:00
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funMost of the time I've used cp -a I've seen OOM killer in action :)12:06
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frinnstdisk space threshold: 182.1% used (-832.3MB free) \o/12:43
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tilmanfrinnst: btrfs?15:36
frinnsthehe no, snmp freaking out during boot15:37
frinnsta ~1gb /boot ext415:37
tilmanso snmpd reported those values even though there _was_ space available?15:38
frinnstyes for a few seconds. it cleared itself quickly15:38
SiFuhStrange I bought a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 to replace my old Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 and everything even the Model numbers are the same but the older one has 2 batteries and the newer one has 1 battery16:20
ryu0The negative reviews of this are hilarious.16:27
ryu0"suddenly your boss likes you even less..."16:27
ryu0Uh, yea. It's a facebook parody in part, and people are quite fickle. So is it just being realistic?16:28
SiFuhSpacebook hahaha16:29
SiFuhinstead of your face you take photos of empty spaces16:29
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timcowchipFailed 2 buffer db=0 dw=0 for 0, 0, 1280, 680 (t=0.557454) [GFX1-]19:16
timcowchipfrom running firefox in a terminal19:17
timcowchipI'd google it, but all I'd get is a blank page19:17
timcowchipchromium is still building19:18
pedjatimcowchip, that looks like a graphics problem. when did it start?19:25
timcowchipI installed crux-3.3-update from 11/28/1719:26
timcowchipfirefox 52 ESR was part of the install19:27
pedjafresh install, no FF preferences changed, latest mesa/whatever graphics driver?19:30
timcowchipas far as I can tell19:31
pedjaare you using mesa or nvidia binary driver?19:32
timcowchipmesa its intel graphics19:32
pedjado you get a blank page for everything, or you could at least open FF preferences?19:34
pedjasome people had issues with hardware acceleration, but I am not sure if it's enabled by default19:35
timcowchippreferences work19:35
pedjacheck the 'Use hardware acceleration when available'19:39
pedjacheck if it is enabled, that is :)19:40
timcowchipit was checked19:42
timcowchipI unchecked it.....still blank19:42
pedjarestart Firefox19:42
timcowchipI did19:44
timcowchipstill blank19:44
pedjado you have any add-ons installed?19:45
pedjaguess not, since it's a fresh install19:46
timcowchip[28009/29797] in chromium build after 10 hours19:51
pedjawell, I am out of ideas, sorry :)19:52
timcowchipthanks pedja :)19:52
timcowchipif chromium does the same, then the problem probably isn't with firefox19:53
frinnstor.. unmount /dev/shm and mount it again20:02
frinnstyou have upgraded glibc so a reboot is a good idea anyways20:04
timcowchipthanks frinnst20:04
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pedjaChrome is 15x faster than FF-58 beta solving :)21:56
pedja1.8 vs 30sec21:56
pedjaon 30x30 grid21:57
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pedjafrinnst, you're using 58, right? mind running that? I am curious if there is any difference22:03
pedjayour rig is almost a decade worth of computer progress ahead of mine, so I would expect a better score for FF22:05
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timcowchip vala-panel on openbox23:57
timcowchipneeds libpeas and gsettings-desktop-schemas from Romsters collection23:59

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