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timcowchipalso an updated version of libwnck > 3.000:00
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timcowchipERROR: Downloading '' failed.00:55
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frinnstpedja: doesnt seem to run at all05:46
frinnst13 seconds05:47
frinnst40x40 16 seconds05:48
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pedja30x30, with different grid, times are all over the place. from 7 to 40s08:02
pedjamean is somewhere around 25s08:04
pedja40x40 is much worse, 60-9008:06
frinnstnewbie--: hejja v�stervik08:08
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pedjawell, that was unproductive. none of the local shops has *any* 2tb drives, let alone the one I want12:41
joacimI gave up on local shops12:41
joacimthey get confused when I ask for 2.5 -> 3.5" drive adapters (the kind suitable for use in drive caddies) or msata drives12:42
pedjathey offered me a bunch of external drives.'just open it, and take out the's the same thing'12:43
joacimwhen I asked for a drive adapter, they tried to sell me the cheap kind and told me to just run a sata cable, when i asked for an msata drive, they kept trying to sell me an m.2 drive12:43
joacimand void the warranty =)12:43
pedjaand it's probably a 5400rpm drive12:44
pedjaor something like that :)12:44
joacimi think the WD RED drives run at 5900 RPM12:44
joacimtho they just use a marketing term when you ask for the RPM12:45
joacimi think i bought seagate drives the last time simply because they listed specs for their drives12:45
pedjaI am looking for Toshiba ones, either DT01ACA or P300 series12:47
joacimwe had the P300 series at the store i worked in, but nobody wanted to buy them12:48
pedjawhy not?12:48
joacimI think people are just very picky about the hardware they want. How I tend to buy the same WD RED drives over and over, or Samsung SSDs12:49
pedjawell, Samsung SSDs do kick ass, especially the nvme ones12:50
pedjaI have Samsung hard disks, so you can imagine how long ago I bought them :)12:52
pedjashould've just order it online, but nooo, let's socialise a little12:55
joacimhad to replace all of my samsung hdds. one had bad sectors, the other started vibrating a lot12:56
pedjawhich series? if you remember12:56
joacimi dont remember the series of the one that had bad sectors12:57
pedjaI have 2 Spinpoint F3s13:00
pedjaand recently I started to get some S.M.A.R.T warning for one of them on boot, so I am a bit...worried :)13:02
pedjasmartctl checks out, but there are some errors in the dmesg13:03
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: pkgutils: update to 5.40.614:50
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crash_Power_On_Hours 55421 :D17:01
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tilmanpedja: tried the smart self test (smartctl -t long /dev/sdX)?18:40
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frinnstDT01ACA3 are awesome19:31
frinnstcheap & just works (touch wood)19:31
frinnst 9 Power_On_Hours          0x0012   099   099   000    Old_age   Always       -       1285319:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xf86-video-vboxvideo: initial release: 1.0.019:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: nasm: updated to 2.13.0219:51
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pedjatilman, runs now :) ~2.5H until results21:34
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pedjafrinnst, about 80 € here. well, not here, in my town, I'll have to order them online from the capitol :)21:45
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pedjacrash_, 60585 and 64182 power on hours, respectively :) yeah, they are old21:54
frinnstmy WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 are heroic21:57
crash_pedja: how big are they? 250gb?21:58
pedjacrash_, 1Tb each21:58
frinnstI have 4 of those, not a foot wrong since 2011 - WD green's21:58
crash_wd green is not a bad drive, if you disable the parking time21:58
pedjathose are 'NAS drives', right?21:59
frinnstthey felt faster than my current wd reds too21:59
frinnstno, far from it pedja21:59
frinnstthey were the ones you should never put in a nas - or so ppl said21:59
frinnstbut as crash_ said, if you disable parking you'll be fine22:00
pedjaiirc, MBR disk limit is 2Tb?22:00
pedjawell, fsck :)22:01
crash_my wd30ears is still live and well :)22:01
frinnstjust dont store anything important on it :-)22:02
crash_haha true :P22:02
pedjaso, I'll have to figure out partitioning scheme that works on my potatoputer. this should be fun22:04
frinnstyou dont need to use uefi for gpt22:05
frinnstjust boot from a mbr device22:05
pedjaif I replace both disks with 3Tb one, there is no mbr device22:07
frinnstboot from a usb stick or something?22:08
pedjathere is a way, which I'll have to test. small bios_grub partition at the start, then gpt thingie22:10
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frinnstyeah that can work too22:12
crash_pedja: is the 3tb the boot drive?22:13
pedjathat's the plan22:13
jaegerwow, bummer, Linux Journal is over22:14
jaegerassuming that email isn't a scam or something22:15
crash_it's down completly?22:15
jaegerThe email says they will no longer be publishing due to financial issues22:15
jaegerah, yeah, same text as the email, more or less22:19
crash_i thought there was a lot of people that was subscribing to linux journal, but maybe not enough22:20
jaegerI have for many years but it's pretty cheap22:22
jaegerSo I guess there weren't enough, yeah22:22
crash_it's sad i have read a lot of the "free" articles over the years22:23
pedjafun fact: U.S ambassador in Serbia speaks Serbian better than our dear wannabe king22:31
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timcowchipnfs-utils failed to install from crux-3.3-updatediso23:56
timcowchipit also fails to install from opt23:58

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