IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2017-12-02

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frinnstwell he hasnt changed00:03
jaegerindeed :)00:03
jaeger for when he comes back00:05
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timcowchipis it "cups" or "cupsd" in rc.conf?00:17
frinnstls /etc/rc.d/cup*00:17
timcowchipthanks :)00:20
timcowchip mupdf source00:25
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timcowchipdo i need to append something like " localhost localhost" to /etc/host.conf?00:46
timcowchipfor https://localhost/631 to connect in firefox00:47
timcowchipI seem to rember having to edit /ect/cups/cupsd.conf last time I tried printing00:49
timcowchipnvm its in /etc/hosts not /etc/host.conf00:53
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timcowchipoutput from curl -v localhost08:43
timcowchipdo I need to be in some group?08:44
timcowchipnvm even root can't connect08:45
Sitriifconfig lo up08:56
timcowchipifconfig: command not found08:59
timcowchipThe package 'ifconfig' could not be found:09:00
timcowchip is what I got09:04
SitriThe output doesn't matter all that much09:06
SitriTry doing your curl now09:06
timcowchipstill connection refused09:07
SitriTry restarting the httpd09:07
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timcowchipstill connection refused09:14
Sitrinetstat -lntp shows the httpd as listening on port 80?09:23
timcowchip /var/log/cups/access09:27
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timcowchip /var/log/cups/errors09:38
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joacimfrinnst: did flashing to 3203 take ages for you too?15:29
joacimmines been running for about 10 minutes. still not done. not going to cancel this and start again.15:29
frinnsthmm no, no major difference from the other versions15:39
joacimnow i wonder if it locked up15:41
joacimsafe to kill it on the "processing" stage?15:42
joacimwell now i have to. bar hasnt moved for about 5 minutes15:48
tilmando professional SAs consider a hard drive broken as soon as it starts showing bad sectors?15:48
jaegerI wouldn't say broken but definitely on its way out and to be replaced15:50
jaegerIf it's a spinner15:50
tilmanyeah, that's what i was after15:51
tilman"do we replace it ASAP or do we try to have it reallocate the bad sector"15:51
jaegerI definitely lean to the former15:51
tilmanmy hoster just replaced one such disk in less than an hour after i requested a swap15:55
tilmani was wondering whether they'd ask me to keep using it because it probably was "just" one or more bad sectors15:56
jaegerIf they do say that, my response is always "1 bad sector means more bad sectors, it's only a matter of time"15:58
tilmani first noticed a problem because the monthly raid consistency check would hang the box15:59
jaegerthat sucks15:59
tilmanthough the 'long' smartctl test found it as well. gonna take that as a lesson to run that periodically as well16:00
pedjasmartctl test on both of my disks finished without errors. raw value of 'Raw_Read_Error_Rate' on one of them is pretty high, but other than that, nothing alarming, I think16:00
pedjafamous last words16:00
jaegerindeed, hehe16:08
joacimbios recovery takes ages too. might be something wrong with the usb drive. will try it from the dvd this time16:09
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joacimthe one that just look like tiny beans are evil17:17
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timcowchipwhich: no netstat in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)17:24
jaegerI concur; there is no netstat in that path17:26
timcowchipis there a netstat?17:26
jaegerIt's been deprecated by ss17:26
timcowchipso ss -plnt gives me "LISTEN      0      0      * "17:28
timcowchipyet "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost"17:29
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jaegerI don't particularly use cups as I don't own a printer... but I can start the daemon and hit localhost:631 with curl, seems fine17:30
jaeger is what I get17:31
timcowchip is what I get17:32
jaegerwell, I woulnd't expect anything from cups on port 8017:32
jaegerWhat do you get from 631?17:33
timcowchiphow do I specify 631?17:35
jaegercurl http://localhost:63117:36
jaegerseems ok. try it in the browser17:38
timcowchipUnable to connect17:39
jaegeryou did specify the port again, right? http://localhost:63117:40
jaegerDoes firefox work for other sites?17:41
timcowchipwait I had loclhost/631 not localhost:63117:41
jaegerheh, that would do it17:41
timcowchiplocalhost:631 works17:42
timcowchipthanks jaeger17:42
joacimnew memory kit works just fine in the threadripper system, so dont think the recent issues that i had was due to that17:49
tsaopcompiling firefox 57.0.1 in the meanwhile17:49
joacimdecided to clear the cmos while i was up with the ryzen system, forgot to put the battery back in =)17:50
joacimthink im too clumsy to work with computer repairs. always forget mundane stuff like that17:50
jaegeroops, hehe18:00
SiFuhAustralia is dead18:19
SiFuhmoney is gone here, freedom stolen, everyone just a piggy-bank and a criminal18:20
SiFuhI think better to move to CHina or North Korea or Laos18:20
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joacimnew psu and move the board to a different case while i was at it. still takes ages to restore the bios :(19:43
joacimi think the only parts i havent swapped out now is the cpu and graphics card19:43
joacimif i rma this, im going to be pissy if dustin/asus refuse due to a failed bios upgrade. even tho the backup system on the board should restore it19:44
frinnstwhat has happened? I gather the bios update didnt complete.. whats the status now?19:57
frinnstwont boot at all?19:57
joacimwhen i boot, im told to boot with a usb stick containing a bios image20:43
joacimor with the dvd that came with the system in the dvd drive20:44
joacimwhen doing so, the screen stays black. nothing seems to happen20:44
joacimi bios update or recovery shouldnt take much longer than 2-3 minutes afaik20:45
joacimsystem is non-functioning as it is now. since it boots right into the recovery system20:46
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frinnstouch, nasty22:01
joacimbeen running like this for two hours now. periodically it'll flash the dvd read light =)22:02
jaegerThat sounds awful22:02
joacimill try to rma the board tomorrow i think, same for the cpu.22:09
joacimguess i can try different sata cables too, just to be sure =)22:09
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joacimcant fire up the old computer for games either. doign so kills the power apparently =)23:45
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joacimi guess i'll be doing something productive this weekend23:45
frinnstsounds awkward. I'd bet you'll need the motherboard to RMA the cpu23:45
frinnstwhat ryzen cpu did you have, 1700x?23:46
joacimbought them both from dustin, so i guess i can send in both23:46
joacimim guessing they use different service centres for both tho23:46
joacimyeah 1700x23:46
frinnstif you RMA from amd you'll need to provide pictures. I guess you could use mine tho :)23:46
joacimdo you have different ones in case they use image recognition?23:47
joacimi guess i could just crop it =)23:47
joacimif i do it through dustin, i could also end up with my money back, which i dont mind too much, since i already have this threadripper23:48
frinnstyeah i think i took a bunch of pictures23:49
frinnstthey will want images from the bios menus and from inside the case (to eliminate cooling issues)23:49
joacimno idea why this system started acting up so much recently. its been sitting around for a while until i could find a spare case for it after i got the threadripper.23:53
joacimmy only real issue before i switched it out was the annoying segfaults that happened once in a while23:54
frinnstsilly bios screen - it prints the date and time23:58
frinnstluckily it's in the top left corner, you could crop that out23:58
joacimi can just blank it out and draw my own over it =)23:58
joacimill talk to dustin first tho. see what they say about it first23:59
joacimif i can do the performance marginality rma through them, i dont have to fiddle around with screenshots and stuff23:59

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