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frinnstyeah let me know if you need the pics - just give me an email address to send them over to00:00
joacimdont they also show the serial?00:01
joacimhow many domains do you have?00:06
joacimthought you had more than that00:08
frinnstnope, just 3. I did sell one a while ago00:11
joacimthinking about getting another, but i lack imagination00:12
frinnstyou could get a crux-novelty domain :)00:13
frinnstmy guru is a bit expensive tho 250SEK/year or something like that00:14
frinnsttwice the price of .se00:14 is pretty expensive too00:15
frinnstobiousl - religious stuff is there to make money00:15
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joacimit now beeps twice every 5-10 seconds when i try to restore the bios00:41
joacimasus claims that the recovery system beeps twice when it recognises the new bios. but the way it is acting now seems faulty00:42
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timcowchipwhat file tels pkgmk what kind of tarball is recognized?01:16
timcowchipI reckon its recognized01:17
timcowchipbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format01:17
jaegeryou can see the supported types in pkgmk itself, look in the unpack_source function01:18
timcowchipthanks jaeger :)01:18
jaegerwith that said, if pkgmk is trying to run bsdtar on your archive it means that the filename looked like a recognized one01:19
jaegercan you decompress it manually with both tar and bsdtar?01:19
timcowchipsame error01:20
jaegersounds like maybe a bad tarball, then01:20
timcowchipits handbrake01:20
joacimrun file on the file01:21
jaegerwhat does 'file' say about it?01:21
timcowchipHTML document, ASCII text, dih!01:22
jaegeryeah... so bad download, probably01:22
timcowchipthanks again :)01:22
joacimcould run less on the file too, since you know its a html document now01:22
joacimor more if you're that guy01:23
jaegeror cat :)01:23
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timcowchipapparently handbrake needs libass and fribidi01:47
timcowchipfribidi moved to github and builds with a bootstrap script not ./configure make like before01:48
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Romstertilman, a raid consistency/scrub check should of overwrote that bad sector forcing the drive to relocate it. if it hangs on that, something is seriously wrong with that hard disk, and it should of been kicked out of the raid array.02:04
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RomsterSiFuh> Australia is dead<- excuse me? care to elaborate on that.02:06
joacima bit like mad max i suppose02:07
joacimlooks like i might have to explore different versions of the bios02:08
timcowchip new source for fribidi02:28
timcowchipthen append "./bootstrap" before ./configure in Pkgfile02:28
Romsteryes i know i am looking into it02:34
Romsterand it fails to build for me with ./bootstrap02:35
timcowchipthis is what I get >>
timcowchipwith this pkgfile
Romstersame a m getting that and i am poking around why.03:13
Romsterlooks like it needs quoting03:13
Romsterline 523 in config.status 'CFLAGS=-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -Wno-portability'03:26
Romstershould be 'CFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -Wno-portability"'03:26
Romsterbut that file is generated by configure...03:27
timcowchiplooks like its needs a *.diff file03:28
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tilmanRomster: this is a linux softraid, and the check i was talking about is the one implemented in the kernel. apparently it does not overwrite anything, but just compares data read08:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: geeqie: fix build if exiv2 is installed12:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-1312:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpg123: update to 1.25.812:26
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joacimI give up. Sent my thesis to Dustin, they'll get to decide what happens to my motherboard and RAM14:40
joacimif it ends with me having to pay infocare or whatever 650 kr just to reset the BIOS, I'm happy, as I don't want to spend any more time on it.14:40
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SiFuhRomster: Did I say that out loud?16:06
SiFuhOh I did, and I elaborated ;-)16:06
SiFuhRomster: This country just piles on regulations one after the other. Everything becomes illegal and everything requires a form of certification that simply gives us the priveledge and not the right too..16:08
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frinnstWhat kind of regulation?17:40
SiFuhfrinnst: serious question or joke?17:41
frinnstserious, im curious17:41
frinnstI dont follow au politics :-)17:41
SiFuhCan't stand on a roof17:41
SiFuhcan't go into a confined space (including under the the floors or in a ceiling17:42
SiFuhcan't use a chainsaw17:42
SiFuhcan't use a forklift.17:42
SiFuhCan't work on anything more than 12volt DC or or AC17:42
frinnstchainsaws cant be banned17:42
SiFuhin public it can be17:42
joacimcant import falukorv17:43
SiFuhEverything is illegal here  without buying a document of priveledge17:43
joacimdue to porn17:43
SiFuhI drive down the orad and look at the wiring and antennas I installed in the 90's. I can't do that work again. Because I am not qualified in Australia.17:47
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frinnstwell obviously you should be able to do what you want as long as you cant hurt anybody else - including society with medical bills18:37
frinnstbut I dont want a random retard doing my electrics, assembling an elevator or similar (not calling you a retard :))18:37
joacimsometimes i feel like leaving norway and explore other options18:38
joacimthen i realise i have more freedoms here than anywhere else. except i cant go around naked18:38
frinnstheh yeah18:39
frinnstscandinavia is pretty epic18:39
SiFuhthe problem about me hurting others is small18:43
SiFuhthe problem about me hurting myself is larger18:43
SiFuhand the problem about me destroying property is the biggest18:43
SiFuhbut the main reasons are about insurance...  You give them money, and they find many reasons why they should not give back to you18:44
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timcowchipCONFIG_BT is not set that means no bluetooth, right?19:42
timcowchipI made a blueman Pkgfile19:49
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timcowchipI was able to make fribidi with help2man installed23:55

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