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timcowchipif remove "-march=x86-64 -pipe" from the export CFLAGS= line in /etc/pkgmk.conf, fribidi builds with pkgmk03:49
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SiFuhI received a parcel today, that I never ordered. Seems brushing is still going on in China.05:28
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brian|lfsenough dam updates in 2 or 3 weeks been mejssing with my VR headset05:52
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brian|lfsanyone around tonight06:08
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RomsterSiFuh, meh i work on 240 415 volt stuff and high voltage dc stuff sometimes. but mostly less than 50 volts DC stuff at extremely high amps in some cases. (solar systems), whats worse Australians paper bull crap or Americans trump?07:55
Romstertilman, oh so it was a verify only, eh dunno it should not of hanged but that's what you get with software raid.07:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: xorg-libxcursor-32: 1.1.14 -> 1.1.1508:05
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mpg123-32: 1.25.7 -> 1.25.808:05
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: curl-32: 7.56.1 -> 7.57.008:05
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timcowchipRomster: Trump is very much against government regulations09:18
SiFuhCould be fake news ;-)09:20
timcowchiphard to fake over 800 regulations removed09:21
SiFuhWe will get rid of truck and car licenses. (2 regulations) and we will create a license for everything with wheels. (1 regulation) :-)09:24
SiFuhTrump may have grounds to brag, but his claim cannot be easily verified. There is no reliable metric on which to judge his claim \u2014 or to compare him to previous presidents.09:34
SiFuhWe will have to wait for a full term09:34
timcowchipgotta go recharcge my battery09:40
joacimi fear people and businesses will do evil without regulation09:40
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joacimall for personal gain09:40
SiFuhThey are that is the problem09:42
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: update source on all xorg-* from to www.x.org11:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.62.012:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.62.012:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler: update to 0.62.012:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: maildrop: update to 2.9.312:26
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frinnsti love when web developer dont test their code:  load average: 43.21, 42.18, 39.7114:13
frinnstand I also get an email every minute containing this: failed to open stream: Permission denied in <....>14:15
joacimi love it when websites place that kind of load on client computers =)14:45
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pedjamining cryptocoins using visitors browsers?15:18
joacimjust lame features like infinite scrolling15:18
joacimsome sites are pretty hard to use on my mac15:18
pedjaif the site requires me tweaking uMatrix more than twice, I close it and move on :)15:20
joacimi dont bother even with that15:21
pedjait is interesting to watch just how much are some sites broken with various analytics disabled15:23
pedjaisn't one of the points of Vagrant or Docker to give developers environment as close to production as possible, so they could test their shit^Wwork?15:26
SitriNot everyone uses Docker though15:28
pedjaVagrant is popular, too15:29
SitriApparently it's a bit of a WTF behind the scenes15:29
SiFuhI think we can solve most of the problems with a simple solution.15:40
SiFuhIf you can't write your website entirely in vi then don't bother writing one at all.15:40
joacimcould just point and click it with sharepoint15:50
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SiFuhI remember making a website with Soffice16:01
SiFuhand when I saw the code, I was so ashamed.. I became vi dedicated that day16:01
joacimi think i first used that tool that came with the mozilla suite16:49
pedja'Google want's to put DRM in Linux kernel', says Lunduke. err, I am confused17:15
pedjaah, this is what he is talking about, adding HDCP to Intel driver
joacimfor what purpose17:22
pedjapiracy, probably :)17:30
joacimi can watch pirated content without hdcp, no problem :D17:30
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SiFuhgoogle can fsck itself18:00
ryu0SiFuh: no one else would. i once tried to run fsck on a FS labeled "Google", and it said, i ain't touching that shit.18:01
SiFuhmy hardware is my hardware18:01
SiFuhryu0: hahahaha  thanks for make my day18:01
ryu0SiFuh: so what do you specialize in?18:03
SiFuhI have an android phone. I disabled everything imaginable. Even disable google. Still has google since android IS google. But no advertising so I am happy a little.18:03
ryu0i assume there's something you do, crux isn't exactly something newbies really use.18:03
SiFuhI am just a lonely old precision driver18:04
ryu0SiFuh: oh? you use lineage os?18:05
SiFuhNo, I actually drive a vehicle18:05
ryu0Oh. Right. Probably need App Store stuff.18:05
SiFuhNo, I have 4 wheels on tarmac and a steering wheel, with a stick and peddles18:06
ryu0...  I was talking about Android.18:06
SiFuhWho gives a fsck about android, chuck it on the road, I will gix it ;-)18:07
SiFuhAndroid doesn't need apps, if you use alternatives.18:07
ryu0i use lineage os flavor. no google crap preinstalled.18:08
SiFuhYou just brake the contract if you do... and filter all connections18:08
SiFuhI have a blackview 7000 with a fully raped android system18:08
SiFuhI am now interested in lineage18:08
ryu0ah. i bought a galaxy s3 to try it on.18:09
SiFuhI am anti Samsung18:09
SiFuhryu0: I use to teach Crux linux, in Khon Kaen University back in 2002/200318:10
SiFuhfor the engineering department18:10
ryu0What's there to learn from Linux for engineers?18:10
SiFuhand crux was the best distro in those days for teaching hacking18:11
SiFuhsecond best was OpenBSD18:11
ryu0Uh, you mean breaching security? hacking is relative to context.18:11
SiFuhand in the end I just converted all to OpenBSD Unix18:11
SiFuhEnter and steal shit, was what I taught18:12
SiFuhthese days, I am nothing18:13
SiFuhold dude, with no skills18:13
SiFuhpast is past future left me behind18:13
SiFuhAmazing how fast the AI world is developing.18:14
SiFuhAt least I can farm and of course drive ;-)18:14
ryu0automation could result in a manufacturing collapse, oddly enough.18:15
ryu0if there's no one left that can afford your products, then the reason for manufacturing them ceases.18:15
SiFuhone day all of you will trip and that world will leave you behind.. Sure hope you guys can clean bedrooms, drive cars, and empty garbage ;-)18:16
SiFuhI have only found one other thing that is of value...   Chemistry ;-)18:16
ryu0Or old technology that will likely remain relevant for years...18:17
ryu0i'm not convinced any of the current shiny turds will last.18:17
SiFuhYou must have watched Denis Leary boasting about his car in Demolition man18:17
SiFuhryu0: funny that. I can outhack any of the new turds. They don't know shit...18:18
ryu0ah. i was talking about newer toys like Rust.18:18
SiFuhI was talking about new twits.18:18
SiFuhThe new generation are actually less evolved18:18
ryu0i've never done hacking so i don't know anything there.18:19
SiFuhthey wer born in a society that gave18:19
ryu0i only write software that assumes the worst (or tries to)18:19
SiFuhrather than us being born in a society that created18:19
SiFuhyou wrote code?18:19
ryu0I write code.18:19
SiFuhyou seen shit code and fixed it?18:19
SiFuhyou reverese engineered code?18:19
ryu0reverse engineered? no. i have fixed crap code though.18:20
SiFuhok take the first 2, and understand networking you got a start18:20
ryu0i'm also only 30 so far.18:20
SiFuhI don't write code, but I can, and I often read code.. I am the worst coder you know, but I can see you problems if you give me some time to explore18:21
SiFuh30? I am 3918:21
ryu0i primarily have written C or C++.18:21
ryu0Ah, around Romster's age.18:21
ryu0Huh. You talked as if you were 50.18:21
SiFuhI write in C and Shell scripts ;-)18:21
SiFuhhe is younger than me18:22
ryu0Romster could probably run circles around me with server administration.18:23
SiFuhand me ;-)18:23
SiFuhjust a different skill set18:23
ryu0SiFuh: C... how well? i know a lot of esoteric parts of it no one really uses.18:23
ryu0even i wonder why they ever existed.18:24
SiFuhC is simple18:24
SiFuhit does all basic level functioning18:24
ryu0what's this then:18:24
ryu0int x <: 50 :>;18:24
SiFuhthat is a headache18:24
ryu0haha. it's valid C though thanks to digraphs.18:24
ryu0no one really uses it in code that i've read.18:25
ryu0it's a feature that should be dropped from the standard.18:25
SiFuhI have never even seen it18:25
ryu0but you knew about it at least?18:25
ryu0i wouldn't blame people writing new C compilers for omitting it.18:26
SiFuhNo I did not know about it18:27
SiFuhI have actually never seen it18:27
ryu0I knew about it from reading ANSI C back in 2008.18:27
SiFuhand when you showed it to me, it was a headache18:27
ryu0digraphs and trigraphs...18:27
ryu0'auto' keyword18:27
ryu0some things i've never seen in real C code.18:27
ryu0'register', only in older code like X11. not necessary today.18:28
SiFuhOh I see18:28
SiFuhbrb wanna test something18:29
ryu0newer C++ reassigned 'auto' and gave it a new purpose.18:29
ryu0seemed a reasonable tradeoff given how you don't see it used in real C code all that much.18:29
ryu0and it's easy to fix errors with it. just need to omit it.18:29
SiFuhback sorry   don't see18:30
ryu0in C auto is used to declare that a variable has automatic storage, only valid for local function variables.18:30
SiFuhI can only see x=2418:31
ryu0it's the default storage class for those variables so it's redundant.18:31
ryu0SiFuh: don't see what?18:31
SiFuhbut it is ok18:32
ryu0i don't follow but ok.18:32
SiFuhryu0: I was correct18:34
SiFuhheadache is the answer ;-)18:34
ryu0oh. lol18:34
SiFuhI ust pulled a backup drive out with unmounting...18:38
ryu0ACTION cringes.18:39
SiFuhme too18:39
SiFuhnow I have to scan run again ;-)18:39
SiFuhFor me keeping data is important I have data from 2002 on an 8GBx2 tape18:40
SiFuh72 GB tape, LTO5 Tape, 1 TB drive, and 4TB (ext4) drive  backed up in double18:41
SiFuhand the data crosses over between all except the 8GB and 72GB Tape18:41
SiFuh72GB tape has only the important shit... which every other tape and drive has18:42
SiFuhSealed in a pelican grade case with rip-foam and a SAS cable with the LTO5 Drive sealed from the weather18:43
SiFuhyeah, I was trying to get it to work18:51
SiFuhthat diagraph and trigraph18:51
ryu0int x <:50:> = <%%>;18:51
SiFuhanywyas  I have to sleep18:51
ryu0int x [50] = {};18:51
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timcowchipRomster: re: "yeah i see he lost interest in it, but he deleted it -_- time to fork it i guess, i was thinking of trying it out on my laptop" Fork away >>
timcowchipI updated the Pkgfiles to 0.12.0 and lxqt-build-tools to 0.4.0 I think you might need QT5.10 for liblxqt21:14
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