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xeirrricu 60.1 broke qt4 build now...06:29
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timcowchipediting /usr/share/cmake/qt5xdg/qt5xdg-config-version.cmake "set(PACKAGE_VERSION "2.0.0")" to set(PACKAGE_VERSION "3.1.0") and liblxqt builds07:48
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timcowchiptop o' the morning Romster08:11
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frinnstwell, ive done something stupid again09:17
frinnstprobably ruined all cherry keyboards for all time09:19
Romsteri didn't have to do a ugly hack like that timcowchip, adn i got it built, few missing dependencies i've pulled out a few from the old LXQT09:46
Romsterdoesn't look that stupid frinnst09:50
frinnstits stupid because: 1) It wont change my life. 2) I will now require the same keyboard everywhere09:51
frinnstIt is mighty nice to type on tho. The spacing between the keys is perfect09:51
frinnstbit loud. when everything is quitet in my office i measure about 33dB. When typing? 75-8009:52
Romsterbut it's a sleeper keyboard looks like ancent tech but it hides a secret it's actually a good keyboard disguised as a old old one.09:52
Romsteri would of gone for the non-clicky sounding keys09:52
frinnstthis is a model-m replica. buckling springs09:53
frinnstloud as fuck :-)09:53
Romsterbut i do like the tactile feel09:53
frinnst better comparison09:55
joacimi quite like alps, but finding nice keyboards is a bit harder10:05
joacimcould always just get an old apple one10:05
frinnstnever tried apls10:13
joacimi have an alps rotary switch on my amp10:14
SiFuhI use a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 850.10:14
joacimthey dont make it anymore, so i cant find a replacement :(10:14
frinnstI'd love to test topre too10:15
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SiFuh$439!! for a keyboard
frinnstther have been some crazy prices for rare ibm model m's10:28
frinnstWinning bid:10:30
frinnstUS $1,125.0010:30
SiFuhFeel I should not have thrown out my IBM 286 that was working perfectly.10:32
SiFuhI had one of these without the mouse.10:32
frinnstMy amiga 4000 keyboards are pretty nice. they are non-mechanical and a bit mushy but otherwise feel a lot like buckling spring10:35
SiFuhI hated the cables on the mouse and decided to go wireless. I hated the gigabit wireless mouse and keyboard because you had to wake up the mouse first before using it. With the Microsoft Wireled Dekstop 850, I found I prefered it. Nice keyboard and simple mouse. Battery lasts over 6 months.10:38
frinnstsome modern logitech mice the battery lasts for a few years10:38
frinnstI have a logitech mx510 that i bought in 2010. Ive changed the battery once10:39
frinnstm510 its called i think10:39
SiFuhI was suprised I bought the same model again a few weeks back. Everything is the same with the exception the mouse only uses 1 battery instead of 2 ;-)10:39
SiFuhI see, do you have to wake it up if you haven't used it in a while?10:40
SiFuhSome you have to click a button before you can use it.10:41
frinnstnot really10:50
frinnstits pretty instant10:50
SiFuhone mouse to rule them all ;-)10:51
frinnstI use the performance mx at work and mx master at home10:52
SiFuhThe other I didn't like about many of the optical mice is the inability to work on different surfaces. I don't need a mouse pad our anything for this one.10:52
SiFuhToo big for me10:53
frinnstthe logitech mx range works on pretty much anything10:54
SiFuhLooks like half a glider from Stargate10:54
chinarulezzzHello everyone,11:04
chinarulezzzskype needs qt4-3211:04
chinarulezzzbut looks like this package is missing11:04
Romsteri need to drop that skype port, i dropped qt4-32 ages ago due to it not compiling for me after other dependencies got updated. there should be a newer skype port on portdb11:48
frinnstdoes it not run with qt5?11:49
frinnstgranted I dont use many qt apps, but those i do use work with qt5 automagically11:49
SiFuhSkype for Linux works fine.11:52
SiFuhJust static crap though11:52
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SiFuhfrinnst: I like how QT auto adjusts the size from a 4k screen to a standard LCD12:12
SiFuhIf I move VLC from my laptop screen to the monitor it recalculates all sizes and icons and font12:12
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jaegerfrinnst: that blue and slate keycap set is slick14:50
frinnstits a varmilo set14:51
frinnstducky used to offer the same colour scheme14:51
jaeger <-- like that one?14:52
frinnstthe plastic is a bit thin though - which i like14:52
frinnstbut the downside is that leds shine through the blue14:52
frinnstyeah, looks like it14:53
jaeger <-- I ordered a set of these recently14:53
frinnstBut I dont have the windows logo on the super keys14:53
joacimi asked wasd to print super on mine14:54
dbrookeI have Tux on mine
SiFuhbut kind of cool15:09
jaegerterminal ate my n for some reason, meant to say nice15:11
SiFuhOh, I thought you didn't press the key hard enough :-P15:12
jaegerNever had a problem with that on the code15:14
SiFuhold age kicking in15:17
jaegerI'm the same age as you, heh15:21
SiFuhIt doesn't change the fact we are old :-)15:26
pedja22569 ms latency is fun15:34
pedja(not really)15:34
SiFuhMust be serious15:36
SiFuhyou flying drones for the military?15:36
pedjaif I did, would I really talk about it in the public forum :) ?15:37
pedjanah, nothing like that, just some issues with my net connection for the last couple of hours15:40
pedjait happens in the winter. and in the summer. when it's raining. strong winds. full moon.15:41
SiFuhask SNowden15:45
pedjaISP that I use is deploying FTTB across the country, so eventually they'll come to my neck of the woods15:45
SiFuhhaha anyone would assume you were in Australia15:46
SiFuhAustralians and their dumb ideas15:46
SiFuh3rd world country, former soviet, very poor country has superior internet than Australia15:47
SiFuhoh it shits me  that Au can boast shit and put the government on a pedistal. Other Australians whinge and don't understand why.15:48
SiFuhThose who know and have an opinion of value are ignored because the majority wins.15:49
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joacimformer sovjet would make them second world, wouldnt it?16:49
joacimthird world weren't officially on any side during the cold war16:49
joacimall this time, norway have been sending third world aids to sweden17:12
SiFuhjoacim: what is your definition of a 3rd,2nd,first world country?17:38
SiFuhThailand is a first world country and Malaysia is a thrid world country. That is cool17:39
SiFuhconsiderably wrong17:39
SiFuhthis map is based on military allies rather than pottable water and health care17:40
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pedjamtr shows worst RTT is 235 to first hop18:00
pedjafirst ISP hop, that is18:00
SiFuhsnow storm or monosoon?18:01
joacimsince it is a coldwar term, it is used for alliances than development and powerty levels18:09
SiFuhjoacim: you are correct18:11
SiFuhi need to swear at the french18:11
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frinnst3rd world=non allied during ww2?19:01
joacimcold war19:13
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timcowchipRomster: wasn't a hack, just an indication that libqtxdg needed to be upgraded to 3.1.019:23
timcowchipeverything at has been updated and works19:25
timcowchipso fork it don't fork me names, I don't give a fork anymore19:27
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dlcusaSiFuh, you're not old.  I just turned 68 yesterday, and I'm not old, so you certainly cannot be.  Yes, we're not 20 anymore, but we can still tell computers what to do andkeep them safe.21:20
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joacimyou're not old until you have mold21:21
timcowchipgood one21:21
timcowchiphe sees you when you're drinking... heknows when you're shitfaced...21:24
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jaegerdlcusa: happy birthday21:50
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