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pekka10what is the difference between packager and maintainer in the Pkgfile?00:17
joacimpackager is the original author00:23
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joacimmaintainer is the current maintainer00:23
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pekka10so, if I make a new Pkgfile for a new app, I will be the packager?00:30
pekka10and if I modify an existing, then I'm the maintainer?00:31
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joacimsimplest to just use maintainer00:38
joacimand drop packager completely00:38
joacimcorrect me if im wrong, but i think the current preference is to just have maintainer in ports00:38
rmulljoacim: That is accurate00:48
pekka10so I should just use Maintainer then00:53
rmullpekka10: Yep00:53
jaegeryes, we're doing away with the packager field00:56
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ryu0Most effective way to filter offensive content:
frinnstj_v: yes06:26
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j_vdarfo: this is the Pkgfile I'm using for qt4: ... it's purely based on xierrr's patch and comments for FS#1543, with added icu dependency to force testing build against icu. works here. i want to do some more testing and research on issue, but thought you might be interested for building xpdf.09:45
frinnstj_v: yeah I saw your email after i pushed the workaround.09:48
j_vfrinnst: that's weird, i never sent anything yet. or maybe my mind is splipping worse than i thought.09:49
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frinnsti get people confused09:50
frinnstdarfo mailed :-)09:50
j_vno problem. happens to me too09:51
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frinnst fucking awesome11:38
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xeirrrfrinnst: Hi, I am rtlanceroad(lee), who reported the bug #1543. When I was going to comment on that, I found it was already been closed. Those changes are all that I used to compile qt4.12:35
frinnstyeah I disabled icu. Let me know if there are any problems12:52
xeirrrGreat1 I would be never worried about icu breaks my qt4 again.13:19
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SiFuhWhat's the website to paste an image?16:00
SiFuhI found it16:01
SiFuhThis is my friends Computer with Linux Mint on it...  He doesn't know much about computers. That sda5 and sda6 were there by default.16:06
SiFuhwhy do those partitions even exist?16:06
SiFuhsda5 has a folder named Recovery and boot.sdi inside and Winre.wim16:08
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SiFuhsda6 has nothing16:08
joacimsda7 is typical for premade computers16:09
SiFuhI was thinking about killing every partition and just giving him Linnux Mint only16:09
SiFuhHe told asked me to clean the Windows OS. I normally would refuse this, but he is a good friend, and I may never see him again. So I agreed16:10
SiFuhbut after looking at the mess, I am thinking it may be best to kill it all and put him on Linux only. I think it is eirth Win 8.1 or 10. It runs very slow. Linux super fast. (Even if it is sucky Ubuntu labelled as Linux Mint)16:11
SiFuhI only found the Linux OS when I pressed boot order, and in the EFI menu it came up with Ubuntu. So I selected it and it booted into Linux Mint. Though that was cool. If boot as normal it is just Windows16:13
frinnstwohoo, got my gotek floppy thingy from china16:15
frinnstcolor doesnt match my amiga 4000 tho :(16:16
SiFuhGotek Floppy Drive Emulator?16:16
SiFuhOh wow that's pretty cool16:17
SiFuhYou should install OpenBSD now ;-)16:17
frinnstfuck no. its to transfer old amiga floppy images easily16:17
SiFuhhaha I guessed16:17
frinnstcopying over a serial line is tiresome16:18
frinnstI've downloaded "158gb of amiga stuff16:18
frinnstwhat takes up space is all the CDs that shipped with magazines during the final year(s)16:19
frinnstthe uk community has a ftp server - i mirrored it :)16:19
frinnstwell, didnt download everything - it was slow and i already got what I needed16:19
SiFuhI wish I had a SAS to USB controller ;-)  I have only a SAS to Express PCI16:19
frinnstGame$ du -sh16:20
SiFuhand the shittiest notebook I have is the one that supports ExpressCards.16:20
SiFuhfrinnst: cool stuff16:20
SiFuhI just play old DOS games using Dosbox16:20
frinnstthe amiga was magical16:20
SiFuhand the only game I really play on Linux is a flight simulator X-Plane 10 and 1116:21
frinnstit wasnt very popular in au?16:21
SiFuhMy first notebook was an Amiga16:21
SiFuhlooked like a portable typewriter with windows 3.116:21
SiFuhYeah Amiga made hardware too16:21
frinnstcommodore you mean?16:21
frinnstthat cant be right16:22
frinnstbut if it is. i hope you still have it around. you'd get a fortune for it :)16:22
SiFuhtrust me, it didn't look like a notebook today16:22
SiFuhit was a massive box with a screen that lift at the front and keyboard underneath16:22
SiFuhI trashed it sorry16:23
SiFuhthe only one I have left is the COmmodore 64 SX16:23
joacimdont think there was a amiga branded laptop or notebook16:23
SiFuhthis is before lapto and notebooks came aout16:23
joacimall just games consoles and desktop computers on various shapes16:23
frinnstim pretty sure it wasnt. unless it was some sort of knockoff using the name only16:23
SiFuhit had a handle on the front16:24
joacimlike the amiga power strips16:24
frinnst ?16:24
frinnstunless commodore used the brandname differently16:24
SiFuhno  my commodore 64 sx looks like that16:25
frinnstamiga was limited to a500(+), 600, 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 and cd32 & cdtv16:25
frinnstthere were some odd models too like 1500 2500 but those were special hardware16:26
jaegerSiFuh: looks like some OEM recovery stuff... .wim files are windows images if someone didn't already answer that16:26
SiFuhIt looked more like the Atari Stacey16:26
SiFuhthanks Jaeger16:26
frinnstif you could find a picture of it i'd love to see what it looks like16:28
SiFuhfrinnst: actually come to think of it, I may have got Amiga from the name of the hard drive.16:29
SiFuhit looked a lot like that16:29
SiFuhI remember the screen being a lot smaller and longer16:30
SiFuhI know the hard disk definately said AMiga16:32
frinnstmust be unrelated to commodore16:33
SiFuhI wired up a dudes home a few years back. Payment was a commodroe 64 sx, a 6 pack of stella artouis and a bunch of bananas16:36
SiFuhfrinnst: Maybe. I put two CV Joints in a 1984 Mitsubish Colt in the 90's. Payment was a bottle of Bundaberg Rum (which I had to share with the owner of the car, and the Amiga Laptop)16:37
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SiFuhI use to repair cars in the 90's and swore blind I'd never touch a computer :-P16:39
frinnstand look at you know16:40
frinnstnerding away with us on freenode16:40
joacimi always thought of you guys as normies16:40
SiFuhit is all strange16:43
SiFuhi remember in 2013 I was bored, and decided to buy a Suzuki GSXR-750 from 1992. Couldn't get one. So I thought screw that, I will build one.  Parts as far as Poland were ordered and 5 months later :-) a beautiful GSXR 75016:44
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jaegerfrinnst, joacim: kinda tempted to build a 60% mechanical keyboard, seems like it could be done for around $100 USD18:44
joacimthey look like fun soldering projects18:45
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SiFuhnot hard, but fun19:13
SiFuhi would too but as the guy said to me in Radio Shack "WHy build it, when you can buy it for...."   (we are talking about an ethernet cable tester)19:13
SiFuhI wanted to make it because I could, but the price for a pre-maid unit was cheap...   Still wish I made it myself.19:14
ryu0pre-maid? a unit hasn't been cleaned by a maid yet?19:34
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jaegerThat's kinda what I was looking at for parts19:37
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timcowchipkind of defeats the purpose of "retro"19:42
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jaegerwoo, time to start rebuilding 14 centos 6 elasticsearch nodes with centos 719:49
joacimthat design is definitely retro19:50
joacimbuying that stuff from banggood seems pretty cheap now. most complete kits are priced too high, but each component with free shipping should be cheap enough. i wont have to pay any taxes19:52
jaegerThe only thing I wonder about is service if I have to return something from the US19:53
jaegerIt's tempting, though, can do the whole thing DIY and save $20-$5019:53
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