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frinnstryu0: those things are pretty popular. Very useful for sysadmins01:00
frinnstwell, general it support peoples rather01:00
joacimcouldnt have used something like that where i worked01:02
joacimit would disappear in days01:03
joacimnever to be seen again01:03
joacimlooks really neat tho01:03
jaegerhrmmm, that is neat01:04
joacimbeen wanting a usb drive with a read only switch01:11
joacimthese days they're pretty expensive01:12
joacimcan get some old ones, but i'd be limited to 4-8GB, and USB2.0 speeds01:13
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slackjeffa question. I am forced to compile the kernel in the installation? or already have a precompiled kernel?01:38
jaegerYou could use the one from the installation media along with its initramfs if you wanted to but you'd be better off compiling one as it's rather generic and doesn't have support for everything you might need01:39
jaegerThe installer puts another kernel config into the source tree for you which is a decent place to start01:41
jaegerBy your nick I'm guessing you're a slack user; you could also use a slack kernel if you like01:41
frinnstdoesnt all slack users build their own kernels ?01:43
jaegernot sure, I haven't used it in over a decade at this point01:43
slackjeffi use slackware01:45
slackjeffI'm going to use my kernel that I have in this installation!01:46
slackjeffty jaeger01:46
jaegerI think that should work, barring some unexpected udev/uevent weirdness or something01:47
jaegerfeel free to report01:47
frinnstand unless it's ancient01:51
frinnst Per's current project02:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.3.1212:09
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maraku_is there any particular reason jdk is used instead of openjdk?19:33
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frinnstmaraku: horrible build-time dependencies20:39
pedjathis looks like an interesting alternative
pedjabinaries are not production ready just yet, thou20:46
pedjait's interesting that, despite the fact that OpenJDK is supposed to be *the* reference implementation, majority of apps rely, in some form, on Oracles one20:49
pedjamost of that is anegdata, thou20:50
pedjawhat's the biggest Java app people run these days? Elasticsearch?20:52
jaegerThat's the biggest one I use with any regularity20:55
frinnstresource usage wise, yes :-)20:55
pedjaI presume you're running it under Oracles JRE?21:06
jaegerWe run it with openjdk at work21:06
jaegerFor several years now21:06
pedjathis might be interesting to you
jaegerhrmm, I'll check it out21:14
pedjaapparently, ES developers finally got the attention of IBM JDK team, so the bugs get fixed faster then before :)21:18
jaegerES has some amazing bugs of its own sometimes21:20
jaegerAnd every time it fails it's a new failure mode you haven't seen before21:20
jaegerAlso, every failure mode is a cascade failure21:20
jaegerIn other words, ES is fun (tm) for sysadmins21:20
jaegerIt should be called JS for job security instead21:21
pedjaso, ES admins are wizards, basically21:33
pedjathat's true for any complex software. OpenStack, Kubernetes21:36
pedjabut I'll take figuring out technology over figuring out humans every day of the week :)21:37
pedjano debugger for people, unfortunately21:39
jaegerheh, fair enough21:47
jaegerI spend a lot of time on ES at work... current project is upgrading (rebuilding) the whole cluster from CentOS 6 to 721:47
jaegerCentOS doesn't have an upgrade path so that's why it's rebuilding21:48
jaegergot 5/15 nodes done at the end of last week, hopefully will get the rest done next week21:48
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xckoany experiments with swapping in ubase/sbase into crux?22:25
frinnstnot I22:34
xckonor I. I think I'll try setting up a chroot with them and rebuilding the system, see if everything compiles22:36
xckoI got curious from looking at sinit, seems like it'd be pretty straight forward to swap in - but it has a warning about getty and needing getty from sbase22:40
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SitriI have an AMD video card, which driver do I need for GLX?23:43
joacimdepends on the gpu23:53
joacimxorg-xf86-video-amdgpu if it is fairly recent23:53
Sitri04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Park [Mobility Radeon HD 5430]23:53
joacimxorg-xf86-video-ati maybe. I wouldn't know tho. haven't used anything that old23:54
SitriAlright thanks23:54
frinnstyeah that looks like a chip for the ati driver23:55
abenzindeed it is!23:55
abenzel cheapo but good23:55
abenzI have a similar one23:56

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