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SitriIf I don't make an xorg.conf it'll load the radeon driver00:02
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SitriBut if I make a section to tell it to load the ati one it fails.  (I'll post the configs and logs in a sec)00:03
SitriHmm, looks like GLX is still the nvidia version, that's probably an issue00:07
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joacimi usually start without an xorg.conf, and make small edits with files in xorg.conf.d00:59
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j_vfrinnst: about what you said about openjdk build time dependencies, have to taken a look at my current openjdk8 port? ... i've tried to narrow the deps down to something resembling sanity... i think i'm getting closer.01:41
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xckoSitri: do you the right options selected for your card in the kernel?06:15
SitriI don't think so06:17
SitriWhat would I need set?06:17
xckoI would check out the gentoo wiki, generally they have good info on what is needed for a particular chipset/machine. I use an intel card. I'll look around for a bit, see if I find anything06:19
xckoI found this page: which suggested removing a nvidia package so xorg doesn't check for it06:24
xckoI'm not sure what if any parallel there is in CRUX06:25
SitriYeah, I've done `gl-select use xorg` which seems to make GLX load, minecraft crashes on startup still though (didn't when the nvidia card was in and working)06:26
xckosomeone with a similar answer and solution:
SitriI'll get the new error, one sec06:26
Sitriorg.lwjgl.LWJGLException: X Error - disp: 0x7f987c9997d0 serial: 197 error: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) request_code: 153 minor_code: 2406:30
xckono idea about that one. sorry. can you run glxgears? that should verify glx is working06:35
SitriOne sec06:36
SitriWhat package contains that?06:37
xckoI think mesa-demos06:37
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Sitri$ glxgears06:41
SitriX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) \  Major opcode of failed request:  153 (GLX) \  Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext) \  Value in failed request:  0x0 \  Serial number of failed request:  23 \  Current serial number in output stream:  24 \06:41
xckohow about glxinfo/06:42
SitriBasically the same, just the opcode is 24 instead of 3.06:42
SitriI have none of the kernel modules loaded though it seems.06:43
xckoThose don't seem like the same errors others are getting with similar setups. Try reading this: maybe it'll help06:44
xckoI noticed in your xorg log dri didn't seem to be loaded either - might be something to look into as well06:45
SitriAlright, thanks.  I'll poke around06:46
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frinnstj_v: a lot better from last time i saw it. But still pretty horrible :-)12:28
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j_vfrinnst: any ideas on how i can make it better? i'm open to suggestions to make it more palatible13:02
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joacimj_v: cups, alsa, freetype, gtk, xorg13:48
joacimi don't have any of those on my server using oracle jdk13:48
joacimi mostly just use it to host a minecraft server13:48
frinnstyeah and its not really something a packager can do anything about14:32
jaegerwhat kind of minecraft server?14:39
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jaegerI've been kinda thinking about playing again, might set up a DW20 1.12 server for grins14:42
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frinnstACTION has never seen minecraft irl - only pictures and videos :-)14:53
jaegerPersonally, I find minecraft itself a little boring but with mods it's pretty fun14:54
frinnsti still dont understand what the objective is. build during the day, survive during the night?14:56
jaegerSomewhat... it does have bosses, but the building things is the interesting part for me14:57
frinnstbut then there are free-world mods/options etc14:57
jaegerAnd automating tasks14:57
frinnstiirc someone had created a simple cpu in minecraft14:58
frinnstthat was pretty cool. and full-scale enterprise models etc14:58
john_cephalopodaMinetest is nice, too, and free/libre.14:58
jaegeryep :)14:58
SitriMinetest and tiling WMs do not get along D:14:58
john_cephalopodaIt's even more basic than minecraft though, just a framework to create minecraft-like games with.14:58
john_cephalopodaSitri: Huh, works for me.14:59
SitriWhich WM?14:59
Sitriwmii and ratpoison both end up with window creation issues.14:59
john_cephalopodaI've been playing it for ages, I believe xmonad and dwm were able to run it without problems, too.15:00
joacimjaeger: just vanilla. i launch it whenever im in the mood15:14
jaegerfair enough :)15:14
joacima friend of a friend hosts a dw server, but i've never been on it15:14
joacimi just play it whenever i want to build something. either that or some city builder15:15
john_cephalopodaSitri: Just tested again, works perfectly well in i3wm.15:26
SitriATM I can't test it because reasons15:28
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SiFuhSitri: I just tested reasons ;-P works fine,15:59
john_cephalopodaMinetest even runs on the phone.16:01
SitriIt's not so much the abiltiy to run it16:16
SitriBut more that it sends a message to the WM that wmii and ratpoison do not handle well16:17
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j_vjoacim, frinnst: thanks for the input... i will work on improving openjdk ports with your suggestions in mind18:24
j_vi will probably work on providing separate ports for server/client type installs18:29
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jaegerI wonder if windowlab is still around, haven't heard anything about it in years19:13
jaegerLooks like it's been unmaintained for a long time19:14
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j_vok, looks like building openjdk without most of those dependencies would be a worm hole. from what i can see, building a headless version for server is not a problem, and the resultant binaries needed for the server jre install would not depend on the ugly ports. the issue is that those dependencies are still needed at build time. other distros split out the headless jre into a separate package. but they have22:32
j_vbuild-time dependency and run-time dependency granularity. such dependency resolution seems to big a burden for crux to support.22:32
j_vs/to big/too big/22:33
john_cephalopodaj_v: Maybe add pre_install and post_install scripts - pre_install checks which dependencies are already there, post_install removes the dependencies that were added at install.22:38
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: thanks, that is an interesting idea that i will look into it.22:39
j_vmy initial thought, though, is that another idea is to place local copies of those necessary packages into the SRC directory, like i do with the boot-java, and then point the build at those...22:41
john_cephalopodaOh, that would be possible, too.22:42
j_vyeah, and i wouldn't have thought of it, at least not so soon, without your idea22:42
john_cephalopodanp :)22:42
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frinnstj_v: i'd be worried if the patches contained the correct signature :-)23:12
j_vyeah, no doubt. i know it's kinda silly that i keep putting notes like that when i submit patches. but i think we're all still getting used to the signatures. i think it would be easy for me to forget updating the signatures if it were me accepting the patch from someone else.23:16
j_vif you think i should leave those kind of notes out of the FS tasks, i will23:17
frinnstnah no worries, just joking around23:27
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