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joacimwill have to look at luakit tomorrow. webkitgtk takes too long to build00:57
j_vit is a beast to build, no doubt01:00
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abenzhow bad is it to drink two cups of coffee in succession ?03:18
ryu0abenz: can I have your stuff?03:27
darfoabenz: just don't make any major decisions for a while03:28
darfolike giving a way your stuff :>03:28
abenzis it that bad sigh03:32
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darfonaw, it just depends on the reason. maybe you just need a bigger cup :)03:50
abenztouche :)03:52
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ryu0abenz: it was a joke.08:29
ryu0abenz: suggesting it's so bad that you'd need to worry about your last will & testament right that moment.08:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ruby-doc: update to 2.4.309:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] ruby: update to 2.4.309:20
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pedja'wth of the day' is that this abomination gets 5 star rating13:07
pedjaor am I too old, and 'just don't get it'?13:07
ryu0a PC with a micro fusion reactor?13:10
pedja (recently declassified nuke tests videos)13:26
workoderapedja, I hate these spaciship designs13:32
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joacimstill waiting for case manufacturers to pander to my wants14:24
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SiFuhOr an Original Apple from 197615:35
SiFuhLunch box PC's15:43
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pedjanew The Grand Tour driver
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SiFuhpedja: haven't seen S02E02 yet16:36
SiFuhI watched Top Gear Burma  the other day. I laughed so much, mostly because I know this side of the earth and I understood their qualms16:37
SiFuhpedja: the dude in the white car, is pissing me off. Just do the pit manuver and get him off the road16:46
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crash_i have just watched S02E1 the grand tour20:45
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rmullHow is the linux kernel-headers tarball constructed? Is it simply a copy of the files in the kernel's include/linux dir?23:34
rmullI'm trying to write something using rbtrees and I thought I could use the kernel's rbtree implementation, but there is no /usr/include/linux/rbtree.h on my system. There IS one in the sources for the kernel that I am currently running.23:35
rmullShould I replace my /usr/include/linux headers with the ones from my kernel?23:35
rmullOr is that going to do something like break glibc23:35
rmullI've been running custom kernels for a decade and I never bothered changing in /usr/include/linux before :\23:38
rmullI guess userspace is not actually supposed to use kernel headers?23:56
rmullOkay, that makes sense, use glibc23:57

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