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jaegerIt could cause surprises if your system headers changed with your kernel01:00
jaegerso using the same ones that were used to build glibc makes stability sense01:01
rmullI didn't understand the relationship between the headers, the kernel, and glibc, but I did some reading and I think I understand it and where I went wrong01:01
rmullI'm new to systems programming so I had some catching up to do01:01
jaegerI rarely program so I could also be wrong about everything01:03
rmullThanks pedja01:40
pedjaI can't code myself out of paper bag, but I can steal and modify to sort of do what I want from random Github repo like a best of them. Usually :)01:52
pedjaPythonChallenge is fun, thou01:55
pedjaand ipython is pretty cool01:56
pedjaapparently, new scripting language in Excel will be Python01:58
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frinnstwow wrong terminal AND a typo02:55
joacimnice root password02:55
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tsaopKF5 applications updated to 17.12.013:50
tsaopLet me know if something is broken13:50
frinnstone of my harddisks is broken14:46
frinnst(comedy gold!)14:46
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abenzwill all of the bad times pass?16:12
abenzhow can we make things right? :(16:12
abenzbut it werks (tm)16:20
pedjasomeone said that writing ALSA incantation for dmix is rite of passage for Linux users :)16:22
jaegerI'm not sure I've ever gotten dmix to work properly...16:22
pedjabut I think configuring freetype beats that16:22
pedjajaeger, I know I haven't :)16:22
jaegerThat's one reason I switched to pulse16:24
tilmani'm using dmix to make my microphone work both in mumble and in $game16:25
tilmangodfuckingdamnit that was hard to setup :D16:25
jaegerWhat does your working config look like?16:25
tilmanthe worst part is that i don't understand why and how it works16:26
jaegerthat sounds about right for dmix :D16:26
tilmani stripped comments from that paste16:27
tilmanthe pcm.magic one has one that reads:16:27
tilman# Dunno16:27
tilmanso sad ;(16:27
jaegerhaha, I love it16:27
tilmani've been thinking about switching to PA16:27
tilmanmostly because modern firefox doesn't support alsa anymore16:28
tsaopjust build it manually16:28
jaegerI don't even build it anymore, I'm just using the binary releases16:28
tsaopI build it manually, but I'm using the binary for rust16:29
pedjafunnily enough, only application I had issues with when I was using ALSA directly was...Firefox :)16:33
pedjait would just go quiet all of the sudden if I dared to start another app that's also using sound16:35
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pedjaand it would happen randomly. one version works, other doesn't, on first time FF start it works, after restarting nope16:37
tilmanmy sound card has two PCM devices16:37
tilmanbest thing ever16:37
tilmanie you can play two things at the same time without mixing stuff in software16:38
jaegerWhat kind of card is that?16:42
tilmansb live 102416:43
tilmanfrom 200116:43
pedjafeast your eyes on this :)
pedjaits 2017, setting up audio on a desktop shouldn't be black magic, imho16:48
jaegerone would think, heh16:49
pedjathe issue seem to be that some people hear 'Lennart' and go berserk :)16:55
pedjaimho, software should be judged by its technical merits/quality (or lack thereof), as objectively as possible16:58
pedjawhen Linus rips some developer a new one, its nothing personal, and I respect that.17:00
pedjawhen they fail to own up their mistake, then he can get a bit...carried away17:02
pedjabut I hate those people, too, so17:03
pedjayou fucked up, own it. apologize, fix it and move on. why is that so hard to understand.17:05
jaegersome people are completely unwilling to admit mistakes regardless of the consequences or lack thereof17:06
jaegerhad a windows admin at a previous job who deleted an email distribution group from AD one day and caused some automated emails to stop going to users. It was a TINY issue that he could have fixed and moved on but he swore up and down for 3 days that nothing had changed, even after I and another linux admin (both of us not knowing AD particularly well) found the exact event in the logs where he deleted the17:07
jaegergroup with his username, timestamp, etc.17:07
jaegerer, from exchange, not AD. still17:08
pedjaI worked with some of them. Hell, most of my ex-coworkers were like that.17:08
jaegerNobody would have cared at all if he'd just fixed it17:08
jaegerbut lying to everyone about it for 3 days including his boss got him written up17:08
pedjathe fact that organisations with 'own it, fix it, buy the beer for everyone' policy have higher staff retention then others is hardly surprising17:20
pedja'blame game' and 'find the scapegoat, as long as it is not me' makes a toxic work place17:21
pedjait is interesting that I saw that behaviour in people who have vastly different backgrounds (education, social status, etc.)17:27
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john_cephalopodagit blame game17:38
john_cephalopodaAbout that audio configuration: I haven't seen any tool yet, that allows for easy generation of those audio files. Maybe it is time to make one.17:43
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tilmanfamous last words18:53
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pedjaperhaps there is a reason there isn't one19:23
pedjaI am surprised emacs can't do it19:24
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vsteveI can't for the life of me remember the command that updates everything....prt-get...something...19:51
vstevedug through the help page, hand book and wiki and I still can't find it19:52
vsteveI thought it was prt-get -u but apparently not19:52
vstevenevermind I got it19:52
vsteveI thought sysup was an arch thing....19:52
vstevelosing my mind19:52
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frinnstI'm just using the binary releases                                                       leetspet~20:02
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abenzyou keep pasting your root passwords frinnst21:59
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vstevewhat was the trick to letting pkgmk install things that bring in new user accounts (like ntp) ?22:08
vsteveI thought something needed to be changed in pkgmk.conf but I'm not seeing it22:08
jaegerrunning pre- and post-install scripts22:09
jaeger'runscripts yes' in /etc/prt-get.conf (not handled by pkgmk)22:09
abenzand its in prt-get.conf22:09
vsteveahh many thanks22:10
john_cephalopodavsteve: It's "ports -u" to update the port database, and "prt-get sysup" to update all changed packages.22:19
john_cephalopodaTo enable pre- and post-install separately, you can use the "--pre-install" and "--post-install" flags with prt-get.22:20
john_cephalopoda(i.e. not globally for all packages)22:20
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