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pedjaThe Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is one of the most boring movies I ever watched (and I watched all Sharknado movies)01:15
frinnstall superhero movies are equally crap01:16
frinnstexcept for deadpool01:16
frinnstdeadpool is awesome01:16
pedjait has a couple of moments, looks cool, but the 'awesome mix tape' is fucking annoying01:16
pedjaWonderWoman is good01:17
frinnstww was crap01:17
frinnstwtf were you watching? :)01:17
joacimi like it because kurt russel is in it01:18
joacimkurt russel is cool01:18
joacimshame he was the villain tho01:18
pedjaI liked WW, even thou it has some cringe worthy moments01:18
joacimis it possible to make your shedded beard not look like pubes on the keyboard?01:19
frinnstcompressed air01:20
pedjawhat does 'gaten' mean?01:20
joacimnorwegian for "the street"01:20
frinnstgatan in swedish01:20
pedjaso, 'gaten Ragnarok' means what?01:21
joacimthe street named ragnarok01:21
joacimor are you talking about gåten?01:21
pedjayes, that one01:22
joacimgåten means riddle01:22
joacimor the riddle rather01:22
pedjathat makes more sense as a movie title :)01:22
joacimcant have a norwegian movie without this guy01:24
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jaegerMan, DVD authoring quality (upstream, not personal) is so amazingly varied02:38
jaegerI have to use linux and windows both plus several different tools across them to properly convert all my DVDs to digital form02:38
jaegermegui (mencoder), makemkv, mkvtoolnix, ffmpeg, ogmtools, etc.02:39
jaegerOn rare occasions the entire job can be done properly with megui or ffmpeg... but more often than not a mix of the above is needed02:39
timcowchipmakemkv decodes the best IMHO, but doesn't compress02:44
timcowchipI usaully use makemkv then handbrake the result02:45
jaegerI'm currently using makemkv to extract and ffmpeg to compress/convert02:46
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jaegermegui itself is actually a mess of tools02:50
jaegermencoder, eac3to, x264, bunch of other stuff as well02:50
jaegerI've mostly got shit figured out but ffmpeg seems utterly incapable of including a subtitle stream without making it as enabled by default02:54
jaegereven though the docs tell you how to disable this, it doesn't work on any ffmpeg install I've tried02:54
jaegerSo I have to mkvpropedit after the encode just to flip that flag02:54
jaegerhaha, what:
frinnstbuybuybuy :)03:15
frinnstTigerDirect Business is not responsible for typographical or photographic errors. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.03:15
frinnstif you're lucky they might honour it03:16
jaegerI'm sure they won't/didn't, that would be ridiculous03:16
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marakuthere's a md5 mismatch for opt/bluez on the file bluetooth.h?id=cf52a40302d0d20ccca22a7a1f53e46ef8abfca807:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tor: -> Closes FS#154710:05
abenzfrinnst: perhaps you won't have to work on firefox 57 afterall:10:18
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.2.6 -> 17.2.710:33
joacimgetting someone fired seems excessive10:41
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Romsteri don't even watcj or know a single thing about "mr robot" why do i need this?10:47
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abenzRomster: exactly11:02
joacimyou're going to watch it after this11:29
ryu0joacim: sure, right after i buy stock in that farm that raises flying pigs.11:29
joacimcyborg drone pigs11:30
joacimi'll be right on it11:30
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Romsterhonestly I have no incentive to even google it.12:26
RomsterI have more incentive to try other browsers12:27
Romsterj_v, =======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:12:29
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/j_v/openjdk8/openjdk8#8u151-b12-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.12:29
Romsterhmm maybe i need to rm and download that again. it's not part of the ports -u12:32
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-system-cups, --enable-system-fontconfig, --enable-system-gconf, --enable-system-gio, --enable-system-gtk12:33
Romsterpebkac on the files, that's ok but them unrecognized options ^12:33
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pedjathat prototype, fad-compliant, case is awesome18:17
joacimit better have a closed off power supply shroud so i have to remove two case panels just to install a hdd18:29
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joacimwouldnt mind seeing something like later sun ultra workstations18:35
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pedjamech keyboard fans, any thoughts on this ?18:58
pedjathis is cool
pedja4-6lb is what, 2-3kg?19:02
pedjaso many toys :(19:03
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frinnsti recently bought an unicomp keyboard. Dont think i'll ever switch19:13
frinnstunless the sound volume becomes an issue. its loouuuuuuuuuuud19:13
jaegerIt looks alright, though I know nothing about those switches19:16
pedjaon the bright side, frinnst, it's a handy weapon when zombie apocalypse starts19:31
joacimi think it already started when facebook opened up for non-students19:34
pedjait's likely that you won't hear them coming, if you are typing at the time, thou19:36
pedjathat's a 'unleash the nuclear winter on the world' keyboard19:37
joacimtouchscreen tablets is the ultimate survival device then19:38
pedjaclose up in the movie, with epic music, showing pinkie hovering over Enter19:39
pedjanarrated by Christopher Lee19:41
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pedjais picking RAM for Ryzen m/b still an issue?
jaegerI haven't had any particular trouble with the 2 I've tried but that's a tiny sample size21:51
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pedjaI think that by the time Zen+ rolls out, only issue that people have with RAM will be its insane price :)21:58
pedjanot likely to go down significantly any time soon, too21:59
pedjaaccording to Ars aricle, most fabs will upgrade from 2d to 3d nand, because of a great SSD demand22:05
pedjasomeone joked 'I quit my job as a drug dealer, now I deal RAM sticks and graphics cards. much bigger margin.'22:06
joacimi just got a "made for ryzen" kit22:07
joacimworks well enough22:07
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j_vRomster: thanks for the heads up. i'll prune those options. i should grep my logs more thorough22:23
Worksterj_v, i also added a small mod for ccache use22:27
Worksterj_v, sorry i didn't do a diff but it'll be easy to see22:29
Workster../icedtea-$icedtea_version/configure ${PKGMK_OPENJDK8} \22:30
Worksterand the bit just below build()22:30
Worksteri know not everyone uses ccache22:30
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