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frinnstpedja: yeah00:18
jaegerpedja: were you the person who brought up Travelers? I think it was someone in here. Season 2 starts next week00:52
pedjamaybe where you live :)00:53
pedjaI highly recommend it, s2 is even better than the first one00:53
jaegerAh, you've already seen it? hehe, ok00:54
pedjaI have 2 episodes left00:54
jaegerWith the net neutrality ruling I'll just be happy when I can do anything at all successfully00:55
jaegerwithout having to pay more for it00:55
pedjafun fact: its one of the top 10 most binged series on Netflix00:55
pedjayeah, what the FCC did sucks00:56
jaegerI enjoyed s100:56
pedjacouple of episodes are truly remarkable00:58
frinnstoh right, forgot about that one00:59
pedjahopefully, Netflix will keep it around for a while01:00
pedjait starts on 26th in US, iirc?01:02
pedjaso that is why there were 2 episodes back to back the last two weeks01:03
pedjait is one of those rare series that I'd like to binge watch, and I like to wait a week for a next episode (or 2). confusing :)01:06
pedjafrinnst, have you watched Happy! yet?01:07
pedjait is insane01:07
pedja1 or 2 episodes are out so far, the rest are in January, or something like that01:09
frinnstnope. i'll wait for the entire season to air01:10
frinnstthanks for the tip tho01:11
pedjavery pleasant surprise from SyFy :)01:12
jaegerI'm still bummed they canned Dark Matter01:13
pedjawasn't profitable enough, whatever the fsck that means01:18
pedjaprobably high production costs, few other series they show are co-production01:19
pedjaKilljoys, I think01:19
joacimi hope someone else picks up dark matter01:22
joacimpretty much the only new show i enjoyed watching recently01:23
pedjaalmost every network is searching for their GoT these days01:23
joacimwhy cant they just settle for smaller cheaper shows, that dont have overblown production costs01:24
pedjathe series based on LOTR should be interesting01:25
pedjaif they have a behemoth series, to pull in subscribers, maybe then01:26
pedjaand with Disney devouring Fox(?), and pulling its stuff from Netflix, it will get interesting01:28
pedjascary thing is that Comcast is lobbying that FCC decision on NN becomes a law01:29
pedjamuch harder to overturn01:29
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pedjawell, damn, no aliens
joacimaliens would explain american politics01:49
timcowchipillegal aliens?01:54
timcowchipor the hiney probing variety01:56
timcowchiptraveling across the galaxy to give humans a colonoscopy01:58
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frinnstright. so I started watching dark matter02:42
frinnstmaybe 3-4 episodes in02:43
frinnstimo it was pretty crap :)02:43
frinnsti take it it gets better?02:43
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jaegerIt's not the best-written show but it's fun03:32
jaegerI just think we need more space shows in general03:32
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john_cephalopodaThere's actually some movie about illegal aliens.04:08
john_cephalopoda"Coneheads", a family of aliens living on earth.04:08
john_cephalopodaThey get in trouble with the immigration office04:08
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Worksterjoacim> that looks like the worst spot for headers. behind the vrm cooler ,_ that 4 pin at the back, near the i/o shield? that might be a SP/DIF input.05:33
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timcowchip yum:)08:01
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joacimThey're probably just headers for LED strips, so they're not important, would still be better off near one of the more exposed edges of the board.09:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.18.016:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: lvm2: update to 2.02.17716:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.14616:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: exim: update to 4.9016:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-1516:02
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jaegerwow, the new Fractal Design Design R6 is really nice17:02
jaegerDefine R6, I meant17:02
frinnstdo you have it?17:03
jaegerNope, just watched a couple review videos17:03
jaegerI've got a Define S currently and I've used the R5 in the past and loved it17:03
frinnstI use define xl at home and r5 at work17:05
frinnstno, might be r417:06
jaegercouple reviews of the R617:06
jaegerThe R4 was also a great case, they've done a good job of making them better with each revision17:06
frinnststill no hdd led?17:07
frinnstI've modified my XL and added a hdd led :)17:07
jaegerThe slot at the top middle is probably the hdd led17:07
jaegerIt is on my Define S, at least17:07
frinnstah, so both power and hdd these days?17:08
jaegeryeah. you can see it through the edges of the power button too but on the front it's pretty obvious17:09
crash_yeah R6 looks really well built17:15
joacimwould love it if they paid more attention to convenience17:52
joacimsata backplanes and drive caddies are great17:53
joacimand proper places for 2.5" drives too, instead of tucked behind the motherboard, since those spots are annoying to run sata power to17:54
joacimmanaged to bs my way around the SCCM stuff18:06
joacimdone for now at least18:06
crash_joacim: you can move the 2.5" trays and lay them on the top of the PSU bezel it's 2 slots there and screw holes18:14
joacimthat wont help at all, unless the drives are stacked rather than mounted side by side18:14
joacimi find that it is easier to just place 2.5 inch drives in adaptors in 3.5" bays18:15
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crash_they are side by side18:15
joacimwouldnt mind a third party case like this one18:23
joacimthat fit standard ATX and E-ATX stuff18:23
joacimalways wanted one of those ATC cases18:41
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timcowchip-- Packages where update failed19:14
jaegerfrinnst: the taichi board has reinforced pci-e slots, right?19:16
joacimhe has a taichi?19:31
timcowchipexim.h:523:20: fatal error: iconv.h: No such file or directory19:31
timcowchipfilter/texttotext.c:32:19: fatal error: iconv.h: No such file or directory19:32
timcowchipits my own fault19:33
timcowchipI built a package for libiconv. now I can't seem to get rid of it19:33
jaegerI thought he did, was that someone else?19:34
jaegertimcowchip: probably something else that exim depends on is linked to iconv19:35
jaegeryou'll probably have to root it out of everything19:35
joacimi have an x399 taichi. dont know who else has one19:35
joacimand i think he has a prime x370-pro19:35
joacimi forget the order of prime and pro, so i often mix them up19:36
joacim-- Packages updated19:36
joacimtimcowchip: works for me19:36
jaegerOh, I'm just mixing you two up, then, I think19:36
jaegerjoacim: does yours have the reinforced pci-e slots?19:36
joacimi also have a prime x370-pro, the one that got all messed up19:36
jaegerah :)19:36
jaegereasy to get confused, hehe19:36
joacimyeah i think so. i havent looked at them much, but i think they have metal around them19:37
jaegerIs there any GPU sag at all?19:37
joacimyeah all all 16x length slots are reinforced19:37
joacimi havent noticed any sag on mine. tho i have a rx 550 connected atm =)19:37
jaegerIs that a pretty lightweight card?19:38
jaegerAh, ok. Thanks19:38
joacimi did have sag on my prime x370-pro19:38
joacimwith the nitro r9 fury19:38
jaegerimpressively, my mITX ryzen board has a reinforced slot... but my z170 extreme4+ doesn't so the GTX 1080 sags19:38
joacim315mm card, big heavy heatsink a bit thicker than 2 slots19:39
jaegeryeah, those are big19:39
joacimit might just be the case that makes it sag. since there should be slots for the ends of the io cover to go into as well19:39
joacimlooked at the fury cards from sapphire. those are a bit too big for me19:40
joacimthree 8-pin power connectors19:40
joacimand the cooler seems even thicker than my current r9 fury19:40
joacimstill need to make a WinPE stick so i can disable the onboard LEDs19:44
jaegerI should do that as well at some point19:44
frinnstjaeger: not I19:51
jaegeryeah, I was mixing you guys, sorry19:51
frinnstffs im not a fucking norwegian!19:51
joacim"you nordics all look the same to me"19:51
frinnstthis is a major overstep jaeger19:51
jaegeryou both have ryzen/tr shit :P19:52
jaegerhas nothing to do with norway, jackass :P19:52
joacimalso i look a bit sami19:52
frinnstbought a bottle of 16yr old19:52
frinnstthe kid in the cashier asked me for ID19:53
frinnstim 37, buying single malt19:53
frinnstmust think im 19 or something19:53
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ryu0apparently Gemini Lake was unveiled recently.19:56
ryu0if it's anything like Apollo Lake it'll probably have a lot of Linux compatibility issues.20:00
joacimis that september 12.? or december 9.?20:04
frinnstdecember 9 in the real world, ofcourse20:05
joacimit's confusing when people use non-iso date formats20:07
timcowchipcan I remove /usr/sbin/iconvconfig ?20:11
joacimshould be safe unless it's currently part tracked by an installed package20:12
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joacimoh its glibc20:17
joacimprobably shouldnt delete that20:17
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joacim1:17     joacim | oh its glibc20:22
joacim21:17          + | probably shouldnt delete that20:22
joacimfrinnst: went away for a moment and put that video on pause20:22
timcowchipoops too late20:23
joacimwhy do you want to delete that anyways?20:23
timcowchipprt-get update -fr glibc20:23
joacimcould just pkgadd the package if something broke anyways20:23
joacimi think i accidentally removed glib once20:24
joacimfixed that with a pkgadd20:24
joacimlooks like a rug20:29
crash_haha indeed20:32
timcowchipI think /usr/include/iconv.h is also glibc20:37
timcowchipthat means my libiconv package replaces a glibc file20:38
timcowchiplet me pull that thing down right now20:39
joacimcould just run prt-get fsearch20:39
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elderKMoin all!21:10
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j_vit seems odd that harfbuzz-icu is updated to 1.7.3 while harfbuzz remains at 1.7.222:52
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