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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: harfbuzz-32: 1.7.3 -> 1.7.400:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.7.3 -> 1.7.400:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: harfbuzz: 1.7.2 -> 1.7.400:55
Worksterj_v, because i expected frinnst  would of pushed harfbuzz not long after i updated the other two.00:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: krb5: 1.15 -> 1.1601:01
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j_vWorkster: makes sense... just caught my eye.01:06
j_vWorkster: i've queued thoses changes for the openjdk8 port. seems to have no negative effects, though there is a minor size difference in the resultant package which i can't seem to justify.01:09
frinnstoh, you pushed my port? Now i need to fix my git tree01:21
frinnstharfbuzz releases are often a bit shitty. they often roll 2 or 3 releases within days01:26
Romsterwhy do they do that... really annoying when they don't just do it right the first time.01:39
Romsterso it's best to wait a few days on harfbuzz releases frinnst ?01:40
frinnstyeah 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 was released within 2 days01:41
Romsterso i noticed01:41
frinnst1.7.0 and 1.7.1 was released within 1 day01:41
Romstersorry about that01:41
Romsteri'm just trying to not fall behind01:41
Romsterwork and everything and updates if i don't keep on it i'll get to far behind. and i know some stuff is behind still.01:42
frinnstyeah no worries. I usually update harfbuzz by 1) bump it locally and run it. 2) forget about it. 3) push the changes when I update something else01:42
Romsterwell still better than teK__ currently that has no time for bug reports01:43
joacimThis add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 56.0a1). You are using Firefox 52.0.02:02
joacimi guess the s in esr doesn't count for anything02:02
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vsteve_is anyone familiar with cross-compiling kernels?02:46
vsteve_I'm trying to compile for ia64, but i'm not finding much about the process02:46
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vsteve_unrelated, I'd like to have a 'minutely' section of /etc/cron/03:08
vsteve_is there some way to link it up so that it acts like hourly...just from minute to minute instead?03:09
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frinnst* * * * * /usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/minute03:20
vsteve_would that live in /etc/crontab?03:21
frinnstyeah, root's crontab03:21
frinnstuse crontab -e, dont edit the file03:21
vsteve_crontab -e just opens vi to /etc/crontab03:23
vsteve_so my crontab looks nothing like that03:26
vsteve_@monthly  ID=sys.monthly  /usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/monthly03:27
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vsteve_I don't see any of the asterisks anywhere...or the cron time counter thing03:27
frinnst@monthly is a builtin alias03:27
frinnstevery minute is not03:27
vsteve_ok retrying..03:28
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vsteve_there we go, thank you03:30
vsteve_I don't suppose you're also familiar with cross-compilation, are you?03:30
frinnstnot recently03:32
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-server: updated to 1.19.603:34
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vsteve_thanks again, I appreciate the help03:45
vsteve_ia64 nonsense not withstanding :p03:45
vsteve_but my cron works now, so much appreciated03:46
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abenzfirst they said no, but when caught admitted it..05:45
abenzI knew it wasn't "placebo"05:45
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Worksterthis sucks
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workoderagood old /g/ memes09:39
pedja'How do you know if a person is vegan/atheist/Arch user? They will tell you 5sec after you've meet them, and keep droning about it'09:44
pedjathe same goes for health/gym freaks. yes, I know you workout, good for you. Now fuck off, my bear is getting warm and my steak is getting cold.09:48
pedjas/bear/beer. obviously.09:48
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frinnstheh quite accurate for arch tho :-)12:03
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pedjaalmost every thread on r/linux has one or more proud 'I use Arch' posts, no matter the subject :)12:11
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pedjasometimes people trigger them for fun, by comparing Arch to Tumbleweed12:19
pedjahow TW shipped new Gnome before them, or something silly like that12:21
pedjaArch Wiki is a great resource, don't get me wrong, but leet attitude that some of them have is hilarious12:23
frinnstcrux is a lot more "fine, dont use it then"12:24
pedja'it works for us'[tm]12:24
frinnstno basics, no fun12:26
pedjashipping applications as close to upstream as possible? can't get any more basic than that :)12:28
abenzthats the most attractive feature (for me)12:30
pedjaapart from packages and init system, Crux is pretty generic, and I like that.12:32
pedja'generic' in a sense that, once I figure out how something works as intended by upstream, it's a solid base to figuring out how to use it on another distribution12:37
frinnstold meme from the mailinglist12:38
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pedjathat was a fun thread :)12:39
pedja'why not GNU/Linux', too12:39
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pedjapeople seem to  misunderstand what 'experienced Linux users' line on a Crux main page means.12:42
pedjait's a different experience if you used something like Ubuntu vs. Gentoo before12:45
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crash_frinnst: haha nice meme13:09
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joacimpedja: seen people say arch is bloated to trigger these people, due to how arch doesnt split program features up in different packages like some other distributions would do13:24
workoderajoacim, the funny thing is, an arch dev said this13:27
workoderathat arch isn't minimal and that it's not one of the goals13:27
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frinnstCore 1:        +87.0�C15:18
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joacimmines still at 62. with the 27C offset16:07
joacimthat offset is pretty lame i think16:08
frinnstthat was my ivy bridge at work16:08
frinnstryzen cooling off at 26C16:08
joacimi think my sandybridge thinkpad hits 80C at most16:08
joacimi remember the 4690 would hit 100C with the stock cooler16:08
pedja yet another Define R6 review16:22
pedjaI am probably too conservative, but that custom loop in the Threadripper system is a
pedjaI know that shit rarely happens with water cooling (or so I've heard), but, tbh, I wouldn't have the balls to put it in a system half the price, never mind this16:26
joacimin my mind, watercooling is reserved for way cheap celeron systems overclocked to perform like top of the line 1000 dollar cpus16:27
joacimsome loops do look nice tho =)16:28
pedjaidk, I prefer 'set it and forget it, clean it 2-3 times a year' air cooling :)16:29
jaegerI'm really tempted to buy an R6 and move my parts to it16:30
jaegerThe veritcal GPU with watercooling would look badass16:30
pedjayou know the drill. if you buy it, we expect a *lots* of pictures :)16:30
jaegerOf course, hehe16:30
jaegerIf I do, I'm going to at least wait to see a few youtubers build in it first16:31
pedjaGamerNexus recommends against vertical GPU. 20+ temp difference, iirc16:31
jaegerIt's likely that my current loop would fit fine since it's in a Define S but I'm not in a rush16:31
jaegerThat was air-cooled, though, I assume16:32
jaegerwhich would make sense, up against the side panel airflow would suffer16:32
jaegerThat wouldn't be a problem for mine16:32
pedjayup, air cooled16:34
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jaegerI'm not a fan of their loop in the kitgurutech review, kinda ugly16:42
jaegerpersonal preference, though16:48
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pedjavertical GPU thingie is extra 40$?17:37
pedjafront IO with USB-C is ~3017:37
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pedjait is a nice case, but not 200 € nice17:42
jaegeryeah... maybe it'll go on sale later17:43
pedjaR5 is ~150 here (imported from .hu)17:43
jaeger$75 to $185 here depending on model and retailer, it's weird17:44
jaeger(for the R5)17:44
pedjamost Fractal cases are between 110-16017:45
pedjaCore and Define are, by far, the most popular17:46
pedja64Gb/3200 RAM 800€...17:48
pedjaand DDR5 is around the corner (2019/2020)17:50
pedjabad news, E6500, you are not retiring just yet17:53
pedjajoacim, paste the lscpu from your TR machine, I am curious :)17:57
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joacimpedja: =)18:22
joacimi think i would just use the vertical slots for serial ports and such =)18:23
joacimalways something around the corner, and if you get a Talos II, you get PCIe 4 =)18:24
pedjathanks, joacim :)18:26
pedja"CPU(s):32" very nice18:27
joacimmost slots ive seen on one motherboard is 4 i think18:28
joacimwith pentium III =)18:28
joacimsockets i mean18:28
pedjaTalos II is Power8?18:28
joacimstill just a preorder tho18:29
pedjaI was surprised to see Power8 installer for Anaconda18:30
joacimstill need to rip out the wifi card from this motherboard18:30
joacimnever been fond of wifi on desktops18:30
pedjaapparently, Google has a lots of Power8 machines18:31
pedjatheir China counterpart, Baidu, bought a shitload of Epyc servers18:32
pedjajoacim, I don't get why they are adding WiFi cards to, what are presumably, desktop machines, either.18:35
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pedjaI would expect something like second 10Gb NIC, or something18:36
pedjamuch more useful, imho18:37
pedjaheh, I never read this one
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jaegerIf I had to guess I'd think wireless would be more useful to the majority of desktop users than 10GbE19:14
jaegerjust from a numbers standpoint19:14
joacimone of the reasons why i got my motherboard. i rather have dual 1Gbps NICs than one 10 Gbps one19:15
joacimand i think it is easier to just use a bridge than onboard wifi on a motherboard =)19:16
joacimmore flexible with what kind of devices i connect19:16
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frinnst10gbit needs to become more accessible. then prices will drop19:20
joacimonce that happens, i can just add in another 10 Gbps NIC19:23
joacimi think the R6 would be more interesting to me if the drive mounts were nicer, and the top was a bit taller so the the air would come out the sides or the back.19:24
joacimnot fond of moduvents. think it would look nicer with a plain steel side panel instead of glass too19:25
jaegerI don't have strong feelings about the moduvents, no complaints there... I do personally really like the TG trend that's currently going on19:29
jaegerAnd I think they did it really well with the R619:29
jaegerI really wanted my Evolv ATX TG to be an awesome case but it's just not great at airflow, unfortunately19:29
jaegerLooks amazing, not great at airflow19:29
joacimi dont think all cases need them tho19:30
jaegerCertainly not, but there are still plenty of cases without them19:31
joacimmore options is great19:31
jaegerEven the R6 can be bought without it19:31
joacimgot the pure base 600 from bequiet here, but that one is a bit lacking on extras19:31
joacimfairly nice besides that19:31
jaegerHave any pics of that build? I've heard good things about that line of cases19:32
joacimnot yet19:32
joacimwaiting for my motherboard still19:32
joacimarrived with the retailer yesterday19:32
joacimdont think the case feet fractal uses looks that nice either, but can replace that with something cheap from ebay19:33
joacimlots of aluminium ones there19:33
jaegeryeah, that would be an easy one19:33
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joacimstill want a case styled more like the thinkstation p700 =)19:36
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jaegerMaybe you could buy a used one from ebay or similar and custom build in it19:52
joacimyeah =)19:56
joacimwould be easier to deal with an old sun ultra 27 or something. i think those just use plain old ATX components19:57
joacimprobably a bit dinged and scratched up by now19:57
onoderajaeger: can you please bump go to 1.9.2?20:06
joacimI like how cajas "remember forever" for passwords doesn't actually mean forever20:09
joacimbut rather until you restart20:09
jaegeronodera: I'll give it a look, sure20:10
onoderathanks :)\20:10
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timcowchipdo signatures account for pkg.tar.gz's?20:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cairo: updated to 1.15.1022:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 1.5.322:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zstd: updated to 1.3.322:39
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