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crash_wow that was a lot of spam01:35
Romsterseen worse01:37
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timcowchipI took this package down 5 days ago
timcowchipits still published08:43
timcowchipMerry Christmas and Happy New Year08:44
timcowchipis it because I am using timcowchip.git instead of timcow.httpup in /etc/ports?08:52
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dod314▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ DO YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR MAN SATISFIED DURING THE CHRISTMAS BREAK?? EL IS GIVING ANAL SEX TIPS IN ##FEMINISM RIGHT NOW DONT MISS IT omaiqonbc: nogagplz plow vlnx mavrick61 leetspete1 kori pedja rmull admincomplex Stealth darfo frinnst heroux leah2 Lukc pejman s-mutin jue erdic joacim pyl khanku rauz nullspoon teK__ blueness pitillo dlcusa xor29ah dbrooke lyosha[m] irc09:30
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tsaopuh oh09:33
Romsterand take that dod31409:46
tsaopRomster: do you still have problems with libdbusmenu-qt5?09:47
tsaopdependencies should be correct, AFAIK09:47
Romsternope it compiled for me did you see my comment?09:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: youtube-dl: fix footprint09:55
Romsterfluidsynth is missin glib, do you ever test your ports in a clean container tsaop ?09:58
j_vcould timcowchip's trouble with his portdb listing be that he doesn't have an index.html in his repo?10:02
Romsterit's more todo with no REPO file.10:04
Romsterportdb uses a REPO file iirc10:04
Romsterhttpup uses that, portdb uses that. rsync doesn't use it nor doe the git driver10:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] irssi: updated to 1.0.5. Fixes several security issues10:14
j_vthat's strange. i checked his repo and he has a REPO file. admittedly, though, he rarely updates his REPO file. and his commit messages on github could use some specifics.10:15
Romsterif his REPO file is out of date then so will his ports on portdb10:17
j_vyep. makes sense.10:18
frinnsteasier to blame someone else :)10:18
Romsterdoesn't he always10:20
Romsterit's not my fault (forgets to update REPO file)10:21
Romsteri have that set as a post-receive hook in git10:21
Romsterwith gitolite, git push, job done.10:21
Romsterlurn to use the tools10:22
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joacimi pretty much always update the repo file before i commit12:57
joacimi dont know how i remember, since i tend to forget all kinds of other stuff12:57
joacimlike why i went into the city12:57
joacimso i end up just roaming around buying random mundane shit. always remember why i went to the city once i get home and i discover what i was missing12:58
ryuojoacim: i think they invented a high-tech solution to that problem.12:58
ryuojoacim: they call it "writing it down". you should try it some time. :P12:58
joacimI'm part of this luddite sect, and we don't believe in pens or pencils12:59
joacimcharcoal is bad as well12:59
ryuojoacim: oh, so you're a pennite.13:03
joacimfor some reason, it's impossible for me to buy hdmi cables from amazon13:11
joacimtried twice now. been in transit for two months13:11
joacimfirst time it bounced back to amazon13:12
joacimwas about to buy displayport cables without any issues at all =)13:12
joacimdisplayport instead of hdmi, and hdmi instead of displayport13:12
joacimgot the two mixed up...13:12
ryuojoacim: how'd you manage that? they're different shapes entirely. o.O13:29
joacimi need both13:47
joacim"was about to buy" means "I bought"13:49
joacimi guess enough people bought dp cables thinking they'd fit in their usb ports for them to need this picture13:58
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xeirrrAre there anyone will be at 34c3 here?14:21
joacimdont know what that is14:22
xeirrrI like their lectures, ideas and the night view of german cities.14:24
joacimso it's a con? or a get-together?14:27
leah2i'll be there14:29
xeirrrIt's more like a get-together because it's organized by club14:29
xeirrrleah2: great. do they push the schedule for each day? I can't find it for this year14:31
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xeirrrleah2: great. do they push the schedule for each day? I can't find it for this year14:35
xeirrrThanks. I really hope those guys talk more in english, so i can understand what they are saying.14:38
frinnststupid germans insisting on speaking their own stupid language14:38
frinnstinconsiderate bastards!14:39
joacimbrb WW2 flashback14:39
joacimRIP Finnmark14:39
frinnstfinlands sak �r v�r!14:39
frinnstno snow here and +5C14:47
frinnsthad 9C the other day14:47
leah2there are many english talks, and live interpretation14:51
frinnstyeah but more often than not, the talk you want to watch later is always the one held in german.14:54
joacimi have snow for some reason14:54
joacimprevious years have been really bad, but today i have snow =)14:54
joacim-3 for the whole week too14:54
pedjaanother year, another BalCon I didn't go to14:54
joacimofc. the city tries their hardest to ruin it for me with their damn road salt14:55
xeirrrfrinnst: -16C here and had a snow 2 days ago14:55
joacimi should charge them for my new shoes14:55
frinnstgrit ftw14:55
frinnstmy 2 week vacation is officially over. Need to head in to work to switch tapes in the library D;14:55
joacimi've just started my two week vacation14:56
joacimstarts again the 8th of january14:56
frinnstour 8 tape library is too small and a pain in the arse14:56
xeirrrleah2: Usually I need to wait for 3 months to get english subtitles avaliable on server, then I can enjoy it...14:57
joacimyou can teach yourself german in 3 months14:58
leah2there was live subtitling too14:58
leah2and usually its better to let the german speakers not speak english :D14:58
pedjaI rarely speak english. otoh, I rarely speak Serbian, too15:01
pedjaA friend of mine, born in Germany, has a German accent when he speaks English :)15:03
xeirrrIt's not that bad to hear english from german speakers :)  At least better than idian. I joined gnome asia 2014 in beijing to get the gnupg leature from indian speaker. I was too hard to get the meaning of what he said. I can't hear clearly from what he said...15:04
frinnstI hate speaking english15:07
frinnstdo it too rarely and its just soooo awkward15:07
joacimi find it is a lot easier when face to face with a customer15:07
leah2speaking is okish, listening to english always takes me half a day to get used to it15:07
joacimthan privately, especially when using something like skype or similar15:08
pedjawhen I watch Mock The Week, I need subtitles if stand up comic is from Scotland15:08
pedjaFrankie Boyle I can sort of understand, but Kevin Bridges?15:11
pedjano wonder MTV, when it still was a 'music channel', subtitled Oasis interviews15:12
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timcowchip 3 days ago20:14
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timcowchiphow is asking a question about how or why something isn't working = blaming someone else?20:17
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timcowchipif that is the case, then I guess I am "always" blaming someone else because I am always asking questions about how or why something isn't working for me20:19
joacimalways update the REPO file whenever you make any change to your repo20:21
timcowchipyes I have been doing that20:23
timcowchipdoes not contain a reference to libiconv20:24
joacimtakes a while for the database to update i guess20:25
joacimit does take a while for new repositories to show up20:26
timcowchipI figured it was because of the holidays20:26
timcowchipoops I didn't just blame the holidays, did I?20:27
joacimthe servers are a little slow moving now while digesting their christmas ribs20:28
timcowchipah, good one20:28
timcowchiptsaop I had libdbusmenu-qt5 installed as a dep for lxqt, then qt5 was upgraded. Might be what caused my problem with krunner20:32
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jaegerthe portdb cacher runs once a day, for reference20:58
j_vjaeger: is there a copy of the portdb cacher code i can look at? i'm curious for some stuff i've thought about doing with my vps.21:00
j_vah, silly of my... webtools in gitweb.21:02
jaegerhrmm, that may not be up to date21:05
timcowchipthanks jaeger, it used to run once an hour awhile back21:05
jaegerI thought it was once per day for years. I could be wrong, though21:06
timcowchipit was once a day then tek changed it when he took it over21:08
frinnstNo Datacenter Deployment. The SOFTWARE is not licensed for datacenter deployment, except that blockchain processing in a datacenter is permitted.21:17
frinnstwat.. nvidia driver license21:17
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joacimwhat kind of crazy would sit in a data center and play video games?21:40
frinnstmachine lerning and stuff like that21:41
john_cephalopodaYep, neuronal networks use Nvidia cards a lot.21:42
john_cephalopodaMany CUDA cores. You can do faster neuronal networks with a few nvidia cards than with a whole datacenter of CPUs.21:42
frinnstthey have competition for blockchain computation so thats why they still allow it. monopoly in other areas where they now demand you buy their extra expensive crap21:44
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pedjaspeaking of neural networks,
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pedjathis is scary af, since companies/governments more and more rely on ML in making decisions21:54
pedjamajor ML frameworks depend on CUDA, so Nvidia has them by the balls21:55
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pedjaif you are an optimist, you might think that maybe now Google/Microsoft/Amazon might invest more in OpenCL21:56
pedjayou know, 'the standard'21:57
pedjaspeaking of standards, afaict, major ML players are suspiciously missing from the backers of a new Khronos ML exchange standard21:58
pedjaI wonder why...21:59
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pedjaoh, look, it's 'switch Youtube stream to 240p, otherwise it buffers as crazy' o'clock already22:06
frinnstyeah its slow tonight22:07
frinnstDownload:    664.446 Mbit/s22:07
frinnstUpload:      739.524 Mbit/s22:07
frinnst(sry :D)22:07
joacimthats an entire porn per second22:09
pedjafrinnst, does it help with Windows updates :) ?22:12
frinnstwindows update dont run any faster even with lots of bandwidth (not that I usually do that from home)22:14
frinnstnot sure how it is with windows 10, but win7 would be searching for updates for days after a clean install22:15
pedjaiirc, you have Windows on separate SSD for games?22:16
joacimi think 90% of my time on a new computer is windows updates22:19
pedjamy sister hates Win10, it always wants to update and reboot the laptop when she is in the middle of FB chat with friends :)22:19
pedjaof the people I know, I am the only one running Linux on desktop22:24
pedjaLinux desktop *is* a tough sell to teens and SO22:26
joacimi feel the linux desktop has regressed. it's more complicated now i think, and therefore harder to learn22:30
crash_pedja: same here i'm the only one in my friends,family who runs linux everyone else uses mac's or windows22:30
joacimcard tricks and magic, instead of solitaire22:30
pedjawasn't there a public outcry when MS removed it from W10?22:37
pedjaor was it Minesweeper, can't remember22:38
john_cephalopodaPinball disappeared after... XP.22:39
pedjacrash_, yeah, it's what they know/are comfortable with22:39
john_cephalopodaLinux is often made more complex than it actually is.22:39
frinnstsolitare exists, its add driven or something now22:40
john_cephalopodaWhile Windows hides away all complexity behind colorful pictures, which doesn't make it less complex, only usable.22:40
pedjaMS Store thingie?22:40
pedjafor majority of people OS is irrelevant, it's just a tool22:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.822:42
pedjaor black box on which the application they want/need runs on, rather22:44
pedjahence Apple22:44
onoderaapple's better than windows imo22:45
pedja'all OS suck, some just suck less than others'22:46
john_cephalopodaApple is locked down a lot.22:46
pedjas/OS/software in general/22:46
john_cephalopodaYou can at least install Windows on every device.22:47
john_cephalopodaAnd developing for Windows works.22:47
john_cephalopodaDeveloping for Mac without a Mac is hard.22:47
pedjadeveloping for Windows without Windows is hard. what's your point?22:48
pedjadeveloping for RPi using Windows IoT is insane, imho, but people do it22:53
john_cephalopodapedja: I can easily develop for Windows from Linux.22:54
john_cephalopodaI can also develop for Linux on Windows.22:54
john_cephalopodaJust setting up a toolchain and compiling is enough.22:54
pedjaVisual Studio works on Linux? damn, MS has changed22:55
john_cephalopodagcc works on Linux23:01
john_cephalopodaAnd gcc can cross-compile to Windows binaries.23:02
john_cephalopodaI did it before. It works.23:02
john_cephalopodaOh, misunderstood what you said, pedja.23:03
john_cephalopodaYep, it has been released for Linux some time ago.23:03
joacimi think it was solitaire. you now get the much lacking store version23:10
joacimi think the openttd guys used to publish completely untested os x ports23:11
joacimnobody on their team had macs, just cross compiled and published23:11
john_cephalopodaYeah. I know various game projects that only released mac builds when they had a mac available.23:13
joacimas far as i can tell, apple hasnt ruined os x yet23:15
joacimtho their hardware is sorely lacking23:15
john_cephalopodaAnd expensive.23:16
joacimtheir entry level is priced ok i think, but USD 3000 for a ivy bridge mac pro is just crazy23:17
john_cephalopodaAnd their phones contain hardware that they built without having a patent, because the process in court will ruin the inventor company anyway.23:17
joacima lot of people like to hate on apple tho23:18
joacimwhile still using their google/samsung and microsoft stuff23:18
joacimseen lots of people hate on apple, but cheer on the competition. even when doing stuff all big corporations do23:19
joacimwant an x56 for elite dangerous, but it's never on sale23:29
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