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joacimhow to fix kerning=?00:01
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frinnstah freetype configuration.. here be dragons00:29
joacimi'm afraid to touch it. the last time I tried, it just g ot worse00:31
joacimand i could never get it back to how it was00:31
jaegerI've never really been able to come up with a really nice freetype config00:42
jaegerI'm sure it's doable but I haven't done the research and spent the time00:42
pedjaI stole mine from some website couple a years ago (fontconfig fonts.conf)01:10
pedjatweaked it a bit, been using it ever since01:11
pedjaif anyone is interested:
joacimlooks like i saved someones before01:31
joacimill have a look at them later when i feel brave01:31
joacimneed to install windows 7-8 on all my computers this week, so i can get a Windows 10 license attached to them01:32
joacimfor resale value01:32
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j_vRomster: one thing i'm trying to grasp with ccache addition to the openjdk8 port - what if ccache is installed but it's usage is not desired in this case? i don't see an environment variable or such to control it's usage. something like: if [ -e '/usr/bin/ccache' ] && [ $PKGMK_CCACHE07:19
j_vif [ -e '/usr/bin/ccache' ] && [ $PKGMK_CCACHE = true ]; then ...07:20
j_vor maybe set the PKGMK_OPENJDK8 var at pkgmk invocation, such that:07:32
j_vif [ -e '/usr/bin/ccache' ] && [ "$PKGMK_OPENJDK8" = "--enable-ccache" ]; then ...07:33
j_vone that seems more interesting to me:07:44
j_vif echo "${PATH}" | grep -q 'ccache'; then ..07:45
frinnstmine is pretty default these days07:51
j_vfrinnst: did you mean you use ccache by default, or something else?07:53
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timcowchiptrying to get akonadi personal information management service started08:37
timcowchipfor to use spam wizard in kmail08:37
tsaopit should start automatically when an application requires it08:44
tsaopcheck with akonadictl08:44
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timcowchipakonadictl --verbose start
timcowchipFailed to remove runtime connection config file08:54
timcowchipdo I need to remove this file?08:54
tsaopIt seems your qt5 build does not have a MySQL driver installed09:02
tsaopcheck under /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/09:02
tsaopif you only have the sqlite3 one, please configure akonadi to use sqlite3 as a database09:03
tsaopcheck the readme of the akonadi port09:03
tsaopor, you can rebuild qt5 with mysql installed09:04
timcowchipah, thanks tsaop :)09:04
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frinnstman what a terrible dream I had last night. My server got owned and I couldnt find out how D;09:21
tsaopdid you check the logs this morning?09:26
frinnstour poor backupserver.. 8 disk-intensive tasks on a 18 disk raid6 array has been running since last night. 100% i/o10:22
frinnstnot a single email or phonecall all morning. i think its safe for me to leave work early..11:07
ryuofrinnst: so you think. when you get home, they'll come flooding in...11:36
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frinnstnot a peep yet13:06
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joacimat my work, i'd have a slwo nice day13:13
joacimthought i had time for everything13:13
joacimthen the last couple of hours i get a shitload of customers13:13
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tilmanmy hoster replaced my broken server within minutes yesterday (public holiday) <313:39
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frinnstcolo physical server? nice13:52
frinnstwhat was wrong with it?15:35
nwegood evening!15:55
nwehow is it witht the ppl in this evening?: )15:55
joacimlost my appetite. i feel way too full from all the food I ate during the past couple of days15:59
frinnstmessing about with work backups15:59
onoderapretty good, working on a crypto currency wallet web interface :)16:05
joacimonly 366GB free on my file server16:06
frinnstdo you have "mellandagsrea" in norway too?16:12
frinnstdustin sweden have some deals on harddrives currently16:13
joacimromjulssalg and nyttårssalg?16:14
frinnstantar det :-)16:14
joacimyeah was looking at the ones dustin has16:14
frinnst6tb ironwolf and wd red's16:14
joacim1800 for 6TB ironwolf drives16:15
joacimtho the regular price for that drive at komplett is about 200016:15
joacimso the price difference isnt huge16:15
joacimand i currently want a nice kvm switch16:15
frinnstdo you need any fancy features?16:16
joacimI could get one 4TB drive and use RAIDZ for my backup system. or add my current two 4TB drives to the array16:17
joacimi wont be able to backup everything then16:17
joacimno not really16:17
joacimi generally get NAS drives for my server tho16:17
frinnstvga/usb switches are common and can be found cheap even in my small town16:17
joacimoh thought you meant harddrives. yeah i would like one that supports displayport, and 4k monitors16:18
joacimseen some cheap ones (150-200 dollars) that support 4k 30 Hz16:19
joacimbut if I got a 4k monitor, I would want to run it at 60 Hz16:19
joacimI already have a very cheap USB switch, but switching that and the input on my monitor is a little annoying =)(16:20
frinnstI use mine for switching between hp microservers16:37
joacimi think the new ones comes with displayport too16:38
joacimi already have an older ATEN model for VGA switching tho16:39
joacimbut no currently used monitors that can handle VGA16:39
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frinnstI use an old 4:3 screen for those16:43
darfoa mouse jumped in the blower of my central heat made it shake like crazy17:43
darfospent all morning tearing it down, cleaning up the mouse, and putting it back.17:43
darfoDon't want my heat fealing at -26C17:44
darfothat came out weird. It sounds like I put the mouse back. crazy english.17:45
joacimmy first thought =)17:46
joacimwas wondering if it was a computer mouse too =)17:47
pedjaso, as kvm switches go, is this too expensive ?17:56
pedjadual monitor model is ~660$17:57
joacimnot too expensive when considering the price of lesser models17:59
joacimand im considering their 400 dollar one for single monitor use17:59
tilmanfrinnst: no, i'm renting a server, and apparently it went tits-up18:00
tilmannwe: how very swenglish of you to ask that way ;D18:01
pedjajoacim, there is a video on their YT channel if you want to see it in action :)18:04
nwetilman: =)18:05
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pedjahm, claws-mail website and git repo are down20:35
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jaegerI've got all the parts for my DIY mechanical keyboard now, started putting it all together but haven't done any soldering yet22:37
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j_vpedja: claws-mail site and repo seem to be back up23:17
pedjaindeed they are :) thanks, j_v23:18
pedjanew claws-mail release? nice23:20
j_vyep, updating my port just now23:25
j_vit'll be pushed in just a few23:25

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