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joacimjaeger: hope you'll post pictures =)02:31
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timcowchip my os-prober menuentries aren't showing at boot10:11
timcowchipand its all Romster's fault10:12
frinnstfuck that guy!10:21
timcowchiphey frinnst :)10:27
timcowchipgoing to try "GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false"10:28
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timcowchipdidn't do it10:31
timcowchipshould have used grub on Crux10:31
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frinnstwhy so many distributions? Dualbooting that many things looks troublesome10:37
frinnstits all more or less the same anyways. why not run whatever you're interested in in a vm? less reboots that way :)10:38
timcowchipI have some kaos packages that I maintain and my daughter uses void10:39
timcowchipI suppose a vm would work10:40
timcowchipits approaching 3am here, got to sleep soon10:41
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ryuofrinnst: in reference to yesterday, i found this:
frinnstdidnt get a call or email yesterday11:48
frinnstand its been quiet today too. But i've logged on onto a few customer systems and they all have people working11:48
frinnst.. and it rings!11:52
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frinnstnot a customer tho. We house equipment for the local radio club and they need access.. Finally action!11:55
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joacimnow thats interesting. firefox's suggestions show up on another monitor13:06
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frinnst"interesting"? really? :)14:40
frinnstannoying as fuck14:40
joacimI think it is a great feature14:40
joacimbecause now the suggestions dont block the web-page14:41
frinnstwell, depends on what you have on the other screen14:43
frinnstthunderbird notifications does the same thing14:43
joacimnah it's annoying as hell14:43
joacimlike how applications launched from a terminal on monitor 2 launches on monitor 114:44
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joacimdelete two files, create 515:20
joacimi guess i should get a couple of new hard drives instead of a kvm switch15:20
j_vi'm putting together a port of spotify for linux. it's a repackaging of a debian package. is there any interest? as in, should i publish it?16:16
joacimnot something i would have use for16:17
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j_vi recently paid into their premium service for $0.99/month for 3 months. want to give a full run before i decide to pay the full shot of $9.99/month after16:21
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pedjarather ironically, the power went out while I was watching this
tilmanjaeger: nice. keep this in mind:
pedjaanyone switched from vim to neovim yet?16:52
joacimnever heard about it16:53
pedjathe 'new and improved' hotness :)16:54
pedjait has an .io domain, so it must me cool, right?16:55
pedjaplayed a bit with it, looks nice, but I don't see any reason to switch to it16:58
pedjasublimetext3, otoh16:59
pedjasomething in between would be perfect, imho17:00
pedjaI got used to vim's modes, so when I try another editor, it takes a while to adapt17:01
pedjaand st3 is much easier to tweak to behave like a light IDE than vim. then again, that's not what vim is made for, so17:03
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frinnstI love .io projects. It makes it easier to know what to avoid17:19
joacimgot time off during christmas, and i become sick17:33
joacimproper actual flu17:34
joacimca. 36.5-37C, joints ache, head hurts, kinda feels like i need to hurl17:35
joacimwant to cut off my right leg17:35
pedjahaven't had a flu for a while now. migraines are a PITA, thou17:38
joacimlast time i was sick was february maybe17:43
joacimcouple of weeks ago i twisted my ankle17:43
joacimcouldnt go to school for about a week or so17:43
jaegertilman: this isn't any kind of gaming-specific keyboard or anything like that, just an interesting DIY project18:56
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jaegertilman: interesting article, though19:51
joacimnow gamers run out and buy a bunch of wired apple keyboards20:04
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timcowchip\o/ I can boot into crux again22:10
timcowchipits akin to "I got my p.o.s. back on the road"22:11
timcowchipin america, that's a good thing22:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: coreutils: updated to 8.2922:30
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