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joacimblah makes it sound like the script thinks the task is a bit of a chore00:02
jaegerI was paraphrasing, it's actually called :P00:02
jaegerAh, looks like some stuck open file handles were to blame, maybe. crond was still running other jobs00:50
jaegerDoing a manual run now as a test00:50
jaegerand it's already done00:50
timcowchipmine updated00:52
jaegerok, good01:02
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Romstertimcowchip, you broke portsdb with your ports being parsed incorrectly!01:35
joacimfedoras documentation is kinda crappy01:46
joacimannoying how dnf has features that isnt documented by the man page01:46
timcowchipRomster: "incorrectly" or are you just yankin'n me?02:05
Romsteryeah since you blamed me for your grub booting issues from out of no where.02:06
timcowchipah, ok I did that because you said "don't I always" blame somebody else02:07
timcowchipjust living up to the hype02:07
Romsteri scrolled up wondering what has grub got to do with any of the ports i maintain... before realising your /joking/02:08
jaegerWhat happened with grub? I missed that02:09
jaegerI guess I could go read the logs02:09
timcowchipI installed KaOS and it couldn't find crux02:09
timcowchipthey wre giving ma all kinds of 'cut & paste' work-arounds in their IRC02:10
jaegerugh, I'm not a fan of those02:11
timcowchipI finally just re-installed void-linux and let it do booting02:11
jaeger <-- weird and maybe interesting02:13
jaegernot sure I have any use for it, but interesting02:13
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john_cephalopodajoacim: It took me pretty long to find out, that /tmp is mounted by some systemd service, while all other mounts are done with fstab.02:53
john_cephalopodaThe documentation on that was pretty bad.02:53
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pedjawell, there goes my afternoon
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frinnstwtf what is that intro?15:17
frinnstcrazy a guy died from a SWAT-attack15:19
frinnstI wonder what would happen if someone did the same in Sweden.. A lone policeman would probably knock on the door to ask if everything is alright :)15:19
frinnstus police are crazy triggerhappy it seems15:21
joacimi feel more unsafe now compared to when norwegian cops werent armed15:21
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abenzhey all15:34
abenzanyone here using bluetooth (bluez) ?15:34
abenzI'm trying to send some files to my phone and think this might be the most convenient15:34
abenznew years resolutions anyone?15:38
jaegerI haven't tried to use bluetooth file transfer in years but I think bluez and obex might be what you want, yeah15:39
abenzmine: get rid of procrastination!15:39
joacimspend less money maybe15:44
joacimI spend 25% more than my income, and i need to do something about that =)15:45
abenzjaeger: thanks. No GUI in crux right?15:45
abenzjoacim: I think I neeed to do that too!15:45
jaegercould be a gui if someons has ported it, sure15:46
joacimafter i buy an x56 flight stick, a ball mouse, a dp 4k 60hz capable kvm switch, a mini ITX motherboard and a small case, a GTX 1070 to fit inside that small case15:46
joacima bigger mixer so i can hook up more computers would be nice too15:46
joacimand i dont need any of that. i'm happy with my current stuff15:48
joacimmaybe pick up woodworking and make an arcade stick15:48
pedjaabenz, have you tried AirDroid?15:57
pedjaor ftp :) ?15:59
abenzpedja: thanks for suggestions16:01
abenznot comfortable with "cloud" stuff that have full access to everything man16:01
abenzjoacim: doesn't sound much like saving to me :P16:01
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jaegeryou should also build a DIY keyboard for fun :)16:06
pedjabased on personal experience, new year, same old shit16:10
pedjaor am I getting grumpier as years go by?16:12
jaegerIt can be both, hehe16:12
pedjayou are a wise man, jaeger :)16:12
jaegerand grumpier than I used to be16:13
joacimi have faint memories of smiling16:16
joacimthat was before i started working with support16:16
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pedja <-- this is where the Ex Machina movie was filmed16:28
pedjait's gorgeous, imho16:28
jaegerNice find, I wondered if that was a real place or a stage setup16:30
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joacimi had no idea that was in norway16:31
joacimwould've thought there I'd see marketing for it everywhere, like other norwegian films16:31
pedjathere was a massive thread in r/movies about the easter egg code from the movie, and someone mentioned the hotel16:32
jaegerAh, cool16:32
pedjait quickly escalated into the discussion between 'AI? Bring it on' and 'AI? Run for your lives!' crowd :)16:34
pedjagiven the human nature and history, if (strong) AI ever gets built resembling our way of thinking, we are probably fucked as a species16:36
pedjaand its adorable that people think that they will get a say in the matter16:39
pedjalike current governments/corporations prioritise public interests over their own now16:40
pedjagranted, I can only talk about my government. bunch of greedy bastards16:43
pedjaScotland's experiment with universal basic income is interesting16:48
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joacimsounds like thats moving around the world now16:48
joacimwould like to see how that ends up16:48
joacimseems to me like it would simplify life a lot16:48
joacimwould get rid of unemployment stuff, student loans and benefits, minimum pensions, disability16:49
joacimcould rather16:49
joacimapplying for all of those things is a lot of paperwork16:50
pedjathat's one of the reasons they are trying it16:51
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pedjaand it is fascinating that the UBI trials have almost universal support from all sides of politics16:55
joacimthe people at the unemployment office will have go on UBI tho16:56
joacimi think most of the work they do where i live is giving financial security to people who have lost their jobs. the actual helping with finding a job recruitment agencies do better16:57
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frinnsthow is your keyboard coming along, jaeger? or are you still waiting for components?17:55
jaegerI have all the components and it's assembled. I'm going to try to do the soldering tonight or tomorrow, hopefully17:56
jaegerI'll post pictures17:56
frinnstbuying a unicomp has ruined mx switches for me17:56
jaeger <-- here's one for reference17:57
jaegerI dig it so far. The PCB is easy to program, just have to figure out how I want it to be laid out exactly18:02
jaegercurrently thinking FN1 will be an Fn key and 1-0 plus -, = will be F1-F12 with Fn down18:02
jaegerWASD can be arrow keys just in case18:02
jaegerThe red power key will be tilde normally and ESC with Fn, maybe18:03
jaegerbackspace can be delete with Fn18:03
john_cephalopodajaeger: Oooh, nice.18:03
frinnstunicomp has switched alt-gr and the right super on their default swedish layout for some stupid reason. I wrote to complain and they are sending a new controller and replacement keys. When i replace the controller i'll have a look to see what I can get out of the old one18:03
jaegernice, sounds like good support18:04
frinnstalso: gtk3 doesnt honour xmodmap (because they know best I guess?)18:05
jaegerThe switches I bought are brown "for gateron replacement" according to I don't know if that means they're gateron switches or knockoffs but I'm not too concerned about it18:05
jaegerThe feel is good18:05
frinnstso had to workaround it with setxkbmap. still sucks when Im not in X, booting something else etc18:05
frinnstdoesnt wasd sell cherry swtiches? if you ever want to "upgrade" :)18:06
joacimit's a shame companies run profit-based support18:06
jaegerProbably, yeah. I went with pretty cheap stuff since this is the first time I've built one18:06
frinnst$1.5 each18:07
joacimthat's pretty expensive18:07
frinnstyeah, adds up :)18:07
john_cephalopodaWhat do french people do when they want to play shooter games?18:08
joacimthey have bulk prices tho18:08
jaeger <-- for comparison18:08
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I mean except for that. Surrendering is implied.18:08
jaeger10 for USD 3.6918:08
joacimthey charge at you in reverse18:08
jaegerso you buy 7 packages for this keyboard18:09
john_cephalopodaAZERTY means that WASD would become ZQSD18:09
jaeger~26 USD18:09
joacimim guessing they switch over to UK layout for games18:09
joacimthat or games include mappings for azerty18:10
joacimguessing ubisoft games would =)18:10
frinnstI really crave a beer right now. But I dont want to drink one of my fullers imp. stout ltd. ed. because then I'll have one less left :(18:11
frinnstthe struggle is real18:11
john_cephalopodaGo to the store, buy an other one.18:13
jaegerproblem solved!18:14
joacimcannot buy beer after 1800 in saturdays in norway18:14
joacimon saturdays18:14
john_cephalopodajoacim: Buy an expensive keychain, ask for a free beer as an add-on?18:14
john_cephalopodaOr drink the beer now, get an other one at a gas station tomorrow.18:15
joacimpetrol stations dont have beer in norway18:15
john_cephalopodaOr take a plane to Germany, buy beer there, fly back.18:15
frinnstsystembolaget is only open like 4hrs on saturdays18:15
joacimsounds odd to me that petrol stations would have that =)18:16
john_cephalopodaPetrol stations in cities got everything.18:16
frinnstyou cant buy alcohol in regular shops in sweden18:16
joacimnot even 4.5% beer?18:16
frinnstbeer up to 3.5% is ok tho, but nothing higher18:16
john_cephalopodaIn Germany, you can buy beer, wine and high-percentage stuff in every discounter.18:16
frinnstWe cant have nice things here in sweden. we arent that good controlling alcohol intake :)18:18
john_cephalopodaThere would be protests, if beer would be limited in Germany :รพ18:18
john_cephalopodaBeer and cars are holy here.18:19
joacimevery nordic is born an alcoholic18:24
joacimif we didn't control it like we do, we'd end up like denmark18:24
john_cephalopodaLook at the borders of Germany. They form the shape of a face looking West. Denmark is the strand of hair that stands off after getting up.18:27
joacimsweden and finland also looks like something, when you take away norway18:31
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