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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 3.0-rc3 -> 3.0-rc404:02
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Luis_PHello, new user asking for help here13:29
Anselmowhat do you need ?13:32
Luis_PI've installed crux wtihout (more or less) problems, but I'm not able to have a running window manager (fluxbox)13:39
Anselmodid you enable all the xorg ports when you ran setup?13:40
Anselmoor are you sure you have all the graphics drivers you need enabled in your kernel?13:40
Luis_PYes, and yes13:42
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Anselmoso is your problem in like.. . . installing fluxbox?13:42
Luis_PI'm missing something like "Beyond linux from scratch"13:44
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Anselmoyou probably want to enable the contrib ports13:45
Luis_PMy problem maybe arises from the fact I've not been able to have an user (me) apart from root13:46
Luis_Pcontrib ports have been enabled13:46
Anselmowell, you should be able to just add a user with useradd and things,13:47
Luis_Pthe order "useradd" gives certanly the new user, but then is not possible to start using it13:49
Anselmodid you specifically set a password for the username ?13:50
Anselmoor, I am quite getting confused where your issues are...13:50
Luis_PYes. If I look at /etc/shadows file, there is the user, but the password is not encripted13:51
Luis_Pnad I think the system is expecting an encripted password13:52
Anselmodid you add a password with #passwd <username>13:52
Anselmoor like, su into being the user and then run passwd13:52
Luis_P"man useradd" brings to me no clue13:53
Anselmowell, usually what I do for that sort of thing13:53
Anselmois run something to the effect of13:54
Anselmouseradd -m <username>13:54
Anselmopasswd <username>13:54
Anselmoand then you can login to the specific user account at a normal login screen or whatever using that password, and you have no need to touch the /etc/shadow file directly13:55
Luis_PSorry, Anselmo I must quit the conversation for a while :-( I hope to meet you later. And thanks for the clue13:55
Anselmooh, I just wish I could be more helpful x-x13:55
frinnstjust ask away, it might take a while for a response but its better to get the question out there even if you're not around for the response. You can read the irc-log here:
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jaegerHrmm... I wonder if the 4.20 BIOS update was the cause of my new ryzen crashes... asrock has removed it from the website18:14
jaegerDowngraded to the previous version and so far no crash on heavy video encoding18:15
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Luis_PAnselmo: are you yet here?18:15
jaegerDid you figure out your user/window manager problem?18:18
joacim420 is known to be a bit flaky18:19
jaegerapparently :)18:20
joacimdid it contain the latest AGESA?18:20
joacimseems like it has been causing issues for a lot of different motherboards18:20
jaegerdoesn't seem like it did18:20
AnselmoI am here but a bit busy18:20
frinnstI tried using non-default ram clocks.. with what the sticks are specified with.. whatever its called18:21
frinnstlocks up immediately18:21
frinnstxdm? xdp?18:21
joacimi think18:21
frinnstthere we go18:21
joacimdont take my word for it18:21
jaegeryeah, xmp18:21
AnselmoI think you should just try to explain all you can about problem, likely many of the people here could try to help you18:21
jaegerwhich is an intel spec, amusingly, so I wonder if ryzen handles it 100% properly18:21
frinnstmy sticks arent listed on the supported list for my mobo18:21
jaegerWith that said, my 3200MHz corsair RAM runs properly at 3066MHz, but reboots the system at 3200MHz18:22
jaegerOn the previous motherboard it ran at 320018:22
joacimbefore my motherboard became a brick, i couldnt boot with anything faster than the stock SPD profile for memory18:22
jaegerNor are mine but corsair vengeance lpx is very compatible18:22
frinnstI can boot, but it locks up in X18:22
joacimand even at the SPD profile, the system would still periodically crash18:22
frinnstI did manage a entire gaming session in win10 with it tho. but that might just have been luck18:23
jaegerWhat, no surprise system updates? :D18:23
Luis_PWell, Anselmo apperently is not here.18:24
AnselmoACTION is here Luis_P 18:24
Anselmojust, off and on and sort of trying to cook x-x18:24
frinnstWhen it locked up in linux, half of the onboard stuff stopped working - usb for example. Couldnt get modesetting to work either, booted in efi-vga thingy18:24
Luis_PMy problem with user has been solved. The clue was the order "passwd"18:24
frinnst(after a reboot with default clocks even)18:24
joacimhavent had a single problem with the threadripper yet18:25
joacimoutside of some software bugs in fedora, but thats not frinnst's fault18:25
Anselmodid that fix all the wm issues too, Luis_P ?18:25
joacimcrackling starts when i open discord in firefox18:26
frinnstjoys of pulseaudio18:26
joacimturns out disabling autospawn for speech-dispatch "solved" that18:26
Luis_PNow I've tried to launch fluxbox trough "startfluxbox"18:26
Luis_PI've had the message: xmodmap: unable to open display ''18:27
joacimtry placing it in your ~/.xinitrc and use startx18:27
frinnstLuis_P: you dont call "startfluxbox" from the terminal. You run that from .xinitrc18:27
frinnstadd "exec /usr/bin/startfluxbox" in your ~/.xinitrc18:28
Luis_PError: Coludn't connect to XServer passin well display - Segmentation fault18:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xterm: updated to 33118:29
frinnstinstall wgetpaste and use "wgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log" and give us the url18:29
joacimenabling high contrast in windows 7 makes a sound that reminds me of commander keen18:33
joacimnot sure if i want to upgrade to windows 10 on the threadripper too. i could do it on my laptops at least18:34
frinnstLuis_P: did you install xorg from the ISO installer?18:34
frinnstit sounds like something is missing. So paste the log for us18:34
Luis_PYes, I did18:34
frinnstodd. I did a fresh install just last week from 3.3 and I use fluxbox everywhere. no problems here18:35
joacima plain install of the xorg meta package should pull in the vesa driver too. so one should have the bare minimum to run a gui18:36
Luis_Pmy xinitrc:
frinnstyeah thats not right18:38
jaegerthat's a .desktop file18:39
frinnstremove everything and put just "exec /usr/bin/startfluxbox" in it18:39
Luis_PI am now in my other SO (Linux, of course: a derivative of Debian) and I cannot try it18:42
Luis_PI'll go out and will try it.18:43
Luis_PI hope you will be here in some minutes18:46
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Luis_PWell I'm here again18:59
Luis_Pand you advice solved my problem :) Thanks a lot!19:00
Luis_Pbut another issue has arised19:01
Luis_PI've tried to install a light browser (i.e., no firefox nor chromium...)19:02
jaegerjoacim, frinnst: working on my keyboard soldering now, should have it done pretty soon :D19:02
joacimlooks so pleasing when others solder19:03
joacimnone of my soldering ends up nice tho19:03
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joacimthe windows 10 upgrade gives me a missing dll error :(19:04
jaegerMy soldering is acceptable, not amazing19:07
jaegeryou'll see the pictures when it's done so you can judge :)19:07
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frinnstLuis_P: no such thing :-)19:08
frinnstsadly there arent many alternatives since a modern webbrowser is more complex than anything else running on your computer19:09
frinnstyou have surf in opt, but thats pretty much it19:09
john_cephalopodaHah, surf.19:10
john_cephalopodaDoes it still use 100% CPU?19:10
frinnstno clue, never used it19:10
john_cephalopodaAlso it uses webkit.19:10
john_cephalopodaYou could use lynx.19:10
frinnstbut its not really "lighter" than anything else - counting all the libraries it needs19:10
john_cephalopodaYou mean surf?19:11
Luis_PTried installing midori, bu I got:
frinnstyeah, surf19:11
frinnstLuis_P: did you strip anything from the paste? if not thats very odd19:12
john_cephalopodaI think, what a browser has right now is essential complexity.19:12
john_cephalopodaIt is an "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" by now, a giant software package that does everything and anything.19:13
john_cephalopodaIf you want to do everything, you need a lot of code.19:13
Luis_PAs I'm aware, I've not cut anything19:14
pedjawhen the web was simpler, browsers were too.19:15
Luis_PIf not midori, which (more or less light) browser can you recommend19:16
frinnstLuis_P: before the configuring incomplete error you should have seen stuff like:19:16
frinnst+ build19:16
frinnst+ cd midori-0.5.1119:16
Anselmodo you like things with vim keybinds?19:16
frinnstbut its missing from your paste, suggesting other important things are missing too19:16
Luis_Pmybe, but it has not been recorded :(19:16
tsaopuse qutebrowser19:16
tsaophas vim bindings19:17
AnselmoI've used qutebrowser and its nice . . . but weird if you're used somethign just like firefox19:17
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AnselmoI havent ever used chromium,19:17
Anselmoor maybe for like, five minutes19:17
jaeger <-- soldering for judgment :P19:17
jaegerAll the keys work and I didn't burn myself. I'm calling it a win.19:18
frinnstwee, looks neat19:18
Luis_P@ tsaop: chromium is (I think) more complex than firefox19:18
frinnstA- from me :D19:18
tsaoppost an image of the finished keyboard19:18
tsaopLuis_P: in which way exactly?19:18
tsaopusability wise all browsers look more or less the same19:19
jaegerWill do once it's assembled. Gotta reprogram the layout before I put it in its case19:19
jaegerfrinnst: :D19:19
frinnstdid yo have to solder the surface-mounted resistors too?19:19
frinnstand diodes19:19
Anselmoif youre fine with just, limiting yourself to pages that are happy without java and such, lynx is nice :319:21
tsaopor dillo perhaps?19:22
Luis_PI used dillo a lot of time ago. Is it in the repos?19:23
Anselmoyes its in contrib19:23
frinnstAnselmo: I dont see it in contrib19:23
AnselmoI preffer lynx because it fits in tmux and I like they keybinds19:23
Anselmowait, it isnt ?19:23
Luis_PI'll try to install dillo19:23
tsaopand not in the ports19:23
tsaopyou can easily make a port though19:24
joacimjaeger: looks pretty decent to my eyes19:24
jaegerThanks :)19:24
Anselmoha, it appeared in a search I ran19:24
Anselmowas it deleted recently ?19:24
jaegerfrinnst: just the key switches, the rest came pre-soldered19:24
joacimwouldve been a huge pain to solder all those smds19:25
frinnstahh goodie. yeah exactly joacim19:25
joacimi suppose a soldering kit would have nothing but through hole components tho19:25
joacimstill have to replace the usb port on my old keyboard19:25
john_cephalopoda. o O ( Build a keyboard based on a Raspberry Pi )19:26
joacimthe tip on my soldering iron is too big to reach the pins i think19:26
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: could probably be done =)19:26
frinnstI've only done some minor amiga repairs since I bought my soldering kit. I need a project :-)19:27
john_cephalopodajoacim: "Please stand by, keyboard is booting..."19:27
Luis_PThanks for your support, friends. I should go out for the New Year eve!19:27
joacimseen someone pair an RPI with a cheap chinese VGA upscaler to improve the scaling performance and quality19:27
Anselmociao Luis_P19:27
joacimkeyboard runs windows iot19:27
Luis_PAnd a Happy New year for everybody!!19:28
frinnstLuis_P: np hope you enjoy it. its a bit of a tinkering-distro but let us know if you run into any other issues19:28
john_cephalopodaMake keyboard backlight go blue when windows iot crashes19:28
frinnsthappy newyear19:28
john_cephalopodaHappy new year to you, too, Luis_P19:28
Anselmoits 2028 here. . .19:28
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joacimisnt there another basic browser these days?19:29
joacimi think it has origins on riscos19:29
Anselmoa terminal one?19:29
joacimit's gui19:29
frinnstits the browser of choice in the amiga :)19:30
frinnstvery limited tho19:30
joacimis the bounty for firefox from 10 years ago still active?19:31
*** abenz has joined #crux19:31
joacimfor amigaos and morphos i mean19:31
AnselmoACTION hasno idea19:32
frinnstto port firefox to amiga/morph? doubt it19:32
abenzhappy new year all :)19:32
Anselmoheyo abenz19:33
Anselmoand happy new year19:33
abenznew blood in the house? Welcome :)19:33
Anselmooh, haha19:33
AnselmoI have been here before, but not in a while ...  .19:33
abenzMissed frinnst and came back? :P19:34
AnselmoI dont really know, I just,19:35
Anselmodecided it might be interesting to come back again19:35
abenzI see19:35
Anselmobut crux is nice, and irc is nice, so19:36
Anselmocrux on irc must also be nice !19:36
abenzits simple and the community is cozy19:37
joacimmight as well upgrade my t420 too, for resale value19:39
abenzyour nickname always caught my attention because its the longest here makes my client overwrite some part of the time stamp..19:39
joacimmine just cuts off the last few characters of the nick19:41
abenzjoacim: when I heard about zen based thinkpads I was excited19:41
abenzzen core + vega graphics would make an excellent laptop19:41
abenzprice however could be too much for me19:42
jaegerTyping this on the new keyboard, woo... seems to work great so far.19:42
abenzwho am I kidding, it is..19:42
abenzwhat keyboard?19:42
frinnstpics or gtfo!19:42
jaegerOne that I just finished assembling/soldering19:42
jaegerI'm uploading them, imgur is being a baby right now19:42
abenzwild guess, Model M chassis ?19:43
jaegerHrmm, I need a right-angle mini-usb cable for this thing19:43
jaegerNah, cheap 60% parts from, hehe19:43
john_cephalopodaabenz: Welp, it's the longest possible nickname on freenode.19:43
abenzI always fancied one of those:
frinnstACTION is sporting a unicomp19:45
tsaopI bought a TRUST keyboard a few months ago19:45
tsaopnow a few keys have faded19:45
tsaoppreviously I had an Olidata keyboard that I used non-stop since 199919:46
tsaopany advice for a proper keyboard?19:46
frinnst <- perfection19:46
AnselmoACTION likes hhkb 19:46
Anselmopretty small and light, but comfortable and solid and nice layout19:47
Anselmoor, I like they layout at any rate19:47
john_cephalopodatsaop: I wouldn't trust TRUST.19:48
john_cephalopodaTheir stuff isn't really great.19:48
john_cephalopodaAnd their drivers are really weird.19:48
frinnstAnselmo: topre?19:49
frinnstI'd love to test it but very rare and/or expensive19:49
jaeger <-- ok, here are pictures19:49
frinnstand i've spend waaaay too much on keyboards recently19:49
Anselmowell, can sometimes find used ones for sort of cheap . . .19:50
AnselmoI first tried a friends and it was like, really comfortable19:50
Anselmojaeger: pretty cool :319:54
jaegerThanks. :) I'm happy with how it turned out19:54
Anselmotyping on it now ?19:55
joacimi forgot to launch some game benchmark before upgrading. was curious to see if there was a measurable difference19:55
jaegerAnselmo: indeed :)19:55
joacimespecially with dx1219:56
jaegerI'll probably find a nicer looking case for this thing, the plastic white one was all that they had in stock at the time I ordered19:57
jaegercould even mill or 3d print something19:58
jaeger for example19:59
jaegerblack aluminum19:59
john_cephalopodaBrushed aluminum would look cool.20:00
Anselmomine's just plastic20:01
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john_cephalopodaUhrg, massdrop. A festering mess of JS.20:01
john_cephalopodaI can't open that page because it always shows me an introduction slideshow when I click on something.20:03
jaegerYeah, massdrop is bad about trying to force you around when you're not logged in20:04
john_cephalopodaAnd it doesn't work.20:04
jaegerACTION shrugs20:05
john_cephalopodaI can't see the products because that tutorial opens, drops me back at the start screen and starts anew when I click it again.20:05
jaegerWorks fine here as long as that mode=guest_open is present20:05
jaeger(logging in works too, if you have an account)20:05
joacimtheir prices are odd sometimes. i find that it is worth checking other sites before buying anything20:05
joacimsometimes even regular retailers can be cheaper20:06
jaegerIf you don't, don't worry about it... it's just an aluminum case for the 60% keyboards20:06
jaegerYeah, it can be up or down. I've only bought things from there when they were quite a bit cheaper than retailers20:06
jaegerBecause there's also the delivery time aspect of a group buy site20:06
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jaegeryay, the ryzen box finished an encode that was previously killing it20:08
jaegerSo I blame the 4.20 BIOS that they've since removed20:08
joacimthere are some keycaps that i want, but having to wait half a year before they even start sending them out kills it for me20:10
joacimby then i forgot i even wanted the keycaps20:10
frinnstjoacim: what did you say earlier about not buying so much stuff?20:11
jaeger <-- I've got a set of these coming, looking forward to that20:11
frinnstand massdrop is pretty pointless for us non-us folks. 95% of stuff is us ansi only20:11
joacimdont worry. im not buying keycaps =)20:11
joacimfrinnst: and when there are iso and nordic options, they tripple the price20:12
frinnstexactly. a coworker bought caps from a group buy a few years ago. spent x2 the price of the actual keyboard on themn20:12
joacimi usually just get them from wasd. i get what i want, and it takes a few weeks20:12
jaegerMan, that's crazy.20:12
frinnstand the quality was not that impressive imho20:12
joacimquality might not be the greatest, but they're nicer than other very cheap options i think20:13
jaegerI've bought a few sets of keycaps over the years now, most expensive set was $40 and even that made me hesitate for a while, hehe20:13
joacimi dont think theyre worse than the stock keycaps. i just get them for my norwegian layout20:13
joacimor new ones when the old caps are worn20:13
frinnstI bought varmilo pbt for my ducky boards earlier this year. quality was spot on20:14
jaegerI like that set20:15
joacimoh i hate the nordic layout20:15
jaeger(colors, I mean)20:15
joacimwhy dont they make a few extra keys for the few keys that are different between norway, denmark, and sweden?20:15
frinnstyeah it sucks but what can you do?20:16
joacimthe caps looks nice tho20:16
joacimi ordered a norwegian layout from wasd =)20:16
frinnstyeah the quality is excellent20:16
joacimthey even printed super on the super keys for me20:16
frinnst this colourscheme looks a lot better irl. I bought that too20:17
frinnstthe whole family!20:19
jaegerThe middle set is a cheap one from amazon. Quality is just ok20:20
*** SovietPony has joined #crux20:20
jaegerCode fullsize, Code TKL, custom DIY, all with brown switches (cherry/cherry/gateron)20:20
jaegerI don't have any particular interest in going smaller than 60% so this is probably going to keep me happy for a long while :)20:21
joacimthe apple AA batteries might make me look like a fanboy20:21
jaegerI shouldn't be surprised that apple has their own batteries20:22
joacimto complete the sale of their old bt keyboards and mice i think20:22
joacim6 batteries and a charger, so i figured getting one of those was a nice deal20:23
*** Anselmo has quit IRC20:24
jaegerI wonder if there will ever be a keyboard with automatic beard hair rejection20:25
joacimoh i hate that on my laptop20:26
joacimthe loose beard i find on my keyboard looks like pubes20:26
jaegerheh, yeah20:27
jaegerOn a side note I love that I can easily reprogram the layout of the keyboard20:27
jaegerIt uses an ATmMega32U420:27
jaegerer... ATmega32U420:27
joacimalways wondered why keyboard dont contain logic to tell the OS what the default keyboard layout should be20:30
jaegerDon't get greedy now, wouldn't want you to have control over your stuff!20:31
joacimmight have to go back to crux. fedora does something annoying with usb drives that makes writing images to them a chore20:31
joacim3320903680 bytes (3.3 GB, 3.1 GiB) copied, 1.09597 s, 3.0 GB/s20:31
joacimmy usb drive is not that fast20:32
jaegercaching in the way20:32
joacimi tried with bs=4096k conv=fdatasync20:33
joacimtho im not that familiar with dd20:33
jaegerdoes oflag=direct do what you expect?20:33
joacimnot tried20:34
jaegerI think conv=fsync would as well but I'm not sure20:34
joacimi just gave up and moved on to my crux laptop20:34
jaegerI think that's a kernel thing, though, not specific to fedora. I could be wrong about that as well, though20:34
joacim3320903680 bytes (3.3 GB, 3.1 GiB) copied, 206.028 s, 16.1 MB/s20:34
jaegerHrmm... I should make both capslock and fn2 Fn keys so I have one on either side of the keyboard20:35
joacimfedora didnt seem to write anything to the drive. tried forcing sync, and the contents of the drive didnt change at all, no matter how long i let the stick stay inside20:35
jaegerNot like I ever use capslock anyway20:35
jaegerOh, that's weird indeed20:35
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jaeger <-- I like the lower form factor of this case, maybe will ask a friend with a 3d printer to make one :D20:38
jaegerMy eyes! They burn!
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joacimlooks nice enough20:43
joacimeasy to spot a keyboard that glows in the dark =)20:43
jaegerooh, I like this typeface on these keycaps:
joacimi think a woodworking project could be good for me. i mostly just want to make an arcade stick tho20:44
joacimfor shmups20:44
jaegerI've made an arcade stick in the past, that was a fun project. The woodworking part of mine was shit, though20:45
jaegerI could have tried a lot harder on it. :) But mainly wanted to play the games at the time. I guess I could pull it apart and make a better case20:46
joacimseen people make some nice cases for keyboard too out of wood20:46
jaegerYeah, that could look really nice if done well20:47
jaegerdug out my arcade stick to take a picture, heh. It's still pretty sturdy, just ugly20:49
joacimhehe =)20:49
joacimthat certainly looks home made =)20:51
jaegerIt plays great.... just looks like shit20:52
joacimis that a 360 controller?20:52
jaegerIt was, yeah. A cheaper madcatz one20:52
joacimi have a feeling my t420 isnt going to get windows 10 in time. considering how much time i've spent on getting a usb drive ready20:52
jaegerIf you have another windows machine available you could just use the media creation tool, it works well20:53
jaegerOr rufus20:53
joacimyeah. trying with rufus now20:53
joacimdecided to do a slow format of the drive first. to get rid of whatever gpt backup partitions are left behind20:54
jaegerOriginally I had planned to print some arcade cabinet artwork to put under the acrylic top on this arcade stick20:54
jaegerAnd maybe later redo the box so it was nicer20:54
joacimi want to carve it all out of a solid block20:55
joacimbut i think that's going to be effort20:55
jaegerWould look really nice20:55
joacimwould be a lot easier with a router and a drill press tho20:56
jaegeryeah, heh20:56
joacimmight have to keep windows 10 on my desktop. jsut because it's a lot nicer with my usb switch20:59
joacimcompared to Windows 7 that could sit there for 10-15 seconds before it would react after switching to it21:00
jaegerUgh, that would indeed be annoying. I sometimes feel that way with monitor wakeup times21:01
joacimoh nice. the key printed on the bottom of my thinkpad is invalid. i guess someone used it on a different computer21:26
joacimoh its ok. it only seems natural that people browse through ebay looking for photos of serial keys21:31
joacimseen a lot of them while looking for laptops21:31
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pedjafireworks outside woke the cat :)23:00
joacimit's strange. no people outside, but lots of fireworks23:02
joacimexcept for a few drunk students23:03
pedjasame here, except they are drunk high school kids :)23:06
*** Kruppt has joined #crux23:39

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