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j_vtimcowchip: i put in a fix for the claws-mail port when building with networkmanager present01:08
timcowchipj_v: is this it >
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j_vabout the address, no about the config switch02:21
j_vit couldn't find the header because the pkgconfig file for NetworkManager points to a non-existant directory, probably was from older release but not updated02:24
j_vi have no interest in networkmanager, though i don't mind putting the workaround to build claws-mail in it's presence02:25
newbie--happy new year02:30
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xckohappy new year!03:28
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frinnsthaha our security camera at work picks up a lot of awesome stuff15:52
john_cephalopodafrinnst: What did they see in there?15:55
frinnstone of the kids just scared the shit out of his friend :)15:55
frinnst another one in the same theme15:56
abenzI thought you were about to talk about paranormal stuff16:02
frinnstnah, you are more into that than me abenz :-)16:03
john_cephalopodaParanormal activity.16:17
john_cephalopoda"Paranormal activity 17: The workplace of frinnst" - in cinemas this October!16:17
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joacimwhich moron thought it was a good idea to let websites hijack browser shortcuts18:45
john_cephalopodaSomebody at google, mozilla or microsoft, I'd guess.18:46
joacimit's so annoying when websites hijack ctrl+f18:46
joacimor even ctrl+l18:46
joacimi think vimeo used to hijack the latter. ctrl+l would send you to their login page18:47
john_cephalopodaJavaScript can hijack pretty much everything.18:47
joacimpretty stupid how javascript gets to have so much power18:50
joacimpedja: well the kvm switch is sold out now, so now i got no other choice but to save my money18:51
joacimi could get the dual monitor one i guess. i would also need to buy a time machine so i can buy a reasonably priced rx 470 or 570 to make use of it18:58
joacimmy monitors supports daisychaining anyways. so i only need one port18:59
john_cephalopodajoacim: A browser isn't just a website viewer any more.19:04
john_cephalopodaIt's a middleware platform.19:04
joacima malware platform19:04
john_cephalopodaACTION . o O ( Microsoft Windows 10 - the most advanced malware platform up to date! )19:07
john_cephalopodaIt implements middleware functions, independent from OS.19:07
joacimI remember there was noise about early pentium III processors introducing a unique ID you could read through software19:10
ryuojoacim: doesn't DMI have that same capability now?19:13
ryuoand most people don't even know what DMI is.19:13
joacimintel removed it with their tualatin, but that kind of stuff always returns19:13
joacimand when it does, nobody makes noise about it19:13
ryuoDMI is really useful but it's not something i'd want just any software reading.19:14
ryuoafaik on Linux you need root to even read it.19:15
joacimthere's horse armor too. lots of noise. now there are people that wants hats and loot crates19:16
john_cephalopodaCan we have hats and loot crates in Crux?19:32
tilmanand horse armor19:39
jaegerwe have horses?19:39
tilmani'm not sure if joacim's message went to the wrong channel19:40
tilmanor i'm missing context big time :p19:40
joacimim saying that whatever happens that causes some noise among the common folk tend to return later, and when it returns, it is seen as totally ok19:40
joacimor just the way things are now19:40
joacimlike intrusive javascript. im sure there will be a day when you get shamed at the dinner table for using noscript and adblockers =)19:41
pedjajoacim, if you are not that in a hurry, maybe contact them to ask if there will be second batch of kvm switches?19:46
joacimi can wait. might get something to spend my savings on =)19:47
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pedjaspeaking of level1tech,
pedjathat article is kind of old, never got an update19:53
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joacimthe discolouring gives it a nice patina19:55
joacima rustic charm19:55
joacimi think my athlon xp cpus also became discoloured20:22
joacimtho i used to overclock those20:22
frinnstxp1700 overclocked nicely20:37
joacimmy XP2500 didn't :(20:37
frinnsti ran it as a xp2200 iirc20:37
joacimmultiplier locked, was able to up the FSB a bit tho20:37
frinnstit was my last cpu used on windows20:37
joacimbut I wish I had bought an XP-M processor instead. much lower voltage, unlocked multiplier20:38
joacimi think the athlon xp was the last series i used exclusively with windows too20:38
joacimeverything i've bought later have been mostly used with dualbooting20:38
frinnstwindows 2000 was awesome20:39
frinnstmy last windows os20:39
joacimit was. XP was fisher price bs20:39
joacimit's strange seeing people hate on 2k these days. they totally buy into this every other version of windows idea20:39
jaeger2k was fine for me... xp was fine for me as well20:40
jaegervista had some issues but wasn't as horrible as people say20:40
jaeger7, 8, 8.1, and 10 have all been improvements, in my opinion, aside from the "tablet UI" experiment failure of 820:40
joacim8 and 8.1 is just too confusing to me20:41
jaeger(all personal opinion, of course)20:41
joacimand i think enough of 8 and 8.1 is left behind in 10 to make that confusing as well20:41
jaegerI use 10 and used 8.1 the same way I used 7 and xp, pretty much :)20:41
jaegerI completely ignore the store and their tile stuff20:41
jaegerAs long as they don't get in my way I'm not bothered by themn20:42
jaegerI *am* annoyed by windows 10's occasional "interrupt whatever you're doing to talk to you about a fucking update" thing, though20:42
joacimi had that yesterday20:42
jaegerApplications should *never* be allowed to steal your focus. EVER.20:43
joacimand 10 likes to nag about my antivirus which i disabled through group policy20:43
joacimand the firewall20:43
joacimwindows 7 was worse like that i think. their restart for updates reminder would minimize whatever game i was playing20:43
jaegerMight have been, I don't remember for sure... but back in windows 7 you could actually disable automatic updates20:44
joacimyou can in 10 too, for a few weeks at a time20:44
jaegerOnly temporary20:44
joacimnever had any huge issues with Me either. nothing that i hadnt already seen with 95 and 98SE20:49
joacimthese days i tend to use Me on old computers since it supports usb drives20:50
joacimmaking it very convenient to move files to them20:50
jaegerI remember really disliking ME but I can't remember what it was that made me dislike it so much now20:51
jaegertoo long ago20:51
joacimit doesnt have the msdos mode feature i guess20:51
SitriME was where the cracks in 9x's design was showing20:51
joacimbut you can add that yourself with the autoexec.bat20:52
SitriAnd it was showing hard20:52
SitriLove how MS still hasn't fixed the "I'm swapping now, better freeze the entire system" problem20:53
joacimoh. and windows 2000 have the same colours for active and inactive windows for all applications that use common ui interface stuff20:57
joacimunlike 10 =)20:57
SitriIs that why I can never tell which application is active on W10?20:59
joacimi have that issue with some applications. the active colour is very similar to the inactive one for other applications20:59
jaegerI find it easier to tell in 10 since the active window has a distinctly different border color21:01
joacimwith the classic theme you could go all out with neon green and pink21:03
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abenz3rd player would be cool21:37
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joacimwill it support amd64?21:40
abenzit must, i386 is dying out21:41
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