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timcowchip can't install libgtop for mate00:26
timcowchipgot texinfo installed00:28
joacimtry restarting the build00:31
joacimi dont remember which package it was, but there is one that likes to fail i think00:31
joacimand i dont have texinfo installed at all00:32
timcowchipok thanks joacim :)00:33
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joacimtimcowchip: did it work?01:17
timcowchipyes thanks :)01:17
timcowchipactually I installed Romster's texinfo so maybe it provided makeinfo usr/bin/makeinfo -> texi2any01:20
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frinnstIP: (IN/India/103-217-152-20.STATIC.Skyline_Infonet_Private_Limited.skylineinfonet\
frinnstnever seen someone use an email address in the ptr record for an ip before08:57
frinnstespecially not a gmail address08:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.3.9009:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.43.810:03
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: dhcpcd: update to 7.0.010:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-1810:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: whois: update to 5.2.2010:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: geeqie: update to 1.410:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-1910:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: newsboat: update to 2.10.212:32
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SiFuhpedja: you watch movies with subtitles?12:44
SiFuhYou should see the movie  Castaway On The Moon (2009)12:44
pedjanon-English ones, yes12:45
SiFuhIt was real good.12:45
workodera_I love korean moves SiFuh :)12:47
workodera_castaway being one of my favorites12:47
SiFuhI also love Korean movies. I had never heard of it. Friend who hates Korean recommended it to me..12:48
SiFuhWeird but,, but hey ;-) it is life.  Great movie12:48
SiFuhI also liked  3 Iron.12:48
SiFuhand anything with Jun Ji Hyun :-)12:49
workodera_Ah i've seen that one i think12:49
workodera_very weird movie about a guy living in someone elses house?12:49
SiFuhfixes everything12:49
SiFuhuses leaflets to find out who it not at home12:50
SiFuhrides a motorbike12:50
workodera_ah right12:50
SiFuhlearns to hide from peripheal vision .12:50
SiFuhMY favorite though is Wind struck12:50
SiFuhand second is my sassy girl12:50
SiFuhi need diapers when watch these haha12:51
workodera_These ones I haven't seen hehe12:51
SiFuhMy Sassy Girl you never saw?12:51
SiFuhIt is like the best most popular Korean romance/headache/drama/comedy ever!12:52
pedjafirst Korean movie I ever saw :)12:52
SiFuhsecond is Windstruck, and it was nicer than the first (My Sassy Girl)12:52
workodera_check out "memories of murder", "failan" and "joint security area", my favs12:52
pedjathanks for the recommendation, SiFuh , I'll check it out12:53
SiFuhyour new year gift pedja ;-)12:54
SiFuhWorkster: I think I have seen Memories of murder before... the other 2 never seen. Will watch all12:55
SiFuhMemories, Memoir ,,, maybe never seen it12:56
workodera_woops, sorry for stealing Workster firt four characters :p12:57
pedja <-- The Man from Nowhere is excellent, imho12:58
pedjaas article says, simple story, but very well done12:59
SiFuhi didnt see it also13:02
SiFuhIt is like Korea just kicked China in the arse13:03
SiFuhEven though China + HK made many good movies, the best movies they ever made in my opinion (IMHO?) were, Legacy of Rage. And, The One Armed Boxer. :-P13:04
frinnstwow, major intel bug on the way it seems13:06
frinnstpatch is said to lower performance by ~30%13:07
frinnsthappy 2018 everyone \o/13:07
SiFuhthanks :-(13:08
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j_vfrinnst: have you looked yet to see which kernels it has been backported to?13:37
frinnstno but I expect it to be patched in all maintained versions13:40
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j_vlooks to me that at least a partial backport is in 4.15-rc6:
joacimi think the only korean movie i can remember seeing is the villainess13:58
joacimi think 95% of what I liked about that movie happened in the first 10 minutes13:58
pedjamy poor little brain hurts, but MIT's OpenCourseWare is still awesome14:19
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timcowchip\o/ I finally am able to send files to my phone with bluetooth 5.4819:38
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timcowchipbluez 4.101 also works with obexd installed19:40
jaeger congrats19:41
timcowchipthanks :)19:41
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joacimhmm. guess i could use the wifi on my x399 taichi19:51
joacimuse the bt feature for my wii u controller19:51
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pedjatilman, have you watched The Expanse S2 yet :) ?20:28
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tilmanpedja: yes, i binge-watched it when i was sick some months ago20:30
tilmanpedja: it hit germany's netflix in september20:30
pedjaTravelers S2 was added to Netflix week or so ago, iirc. The US one, at least20:33
tilmannever heard of it20:33
tilmani guess i should check it out?20:35
pedjaguy who was behind Stargate SG-1 writes and produces(?) that one20:35
tilmandidn't watch that either ;]20:36
pedjagive it a shot, first 3 episodes of s1 are kind of meh, but it picks up after that20:36
pedjatilman, hth ypu missed SG-1? it ran for 10 years :)20:36
tilmani didn't miss it, i just didn't watch it :D20:37
pedjathere is a reboot coming, the prequel to the movie. nothing to do with TV show(s)20:39
pedja10 10min web episodes :)20:40
joacimthought it already started20:41
pedjafeb 1520:46
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joacimfeels like i should wait for the show to get a proper conclusion20:49
joacimbefore i even start watching it20:49
joacimdont want another sgu, firefly, dark matter20:49
joacimprobably a bunch of other ones too that got canceled with or without a bullshit ending20:50
pedjasome shows ended with a BS series finale (Lost, BSG)20:57
pedjahaven't actually watched BSG past the S2, I prefer the original series20:57
pedjaAlias was a mess, but it had Jennifer Garner, and later Mia Maestro in it,  so I didn't really care :)20:59
timcowchipanyone see that racist spam in the irc?21:08
timcowchipnot to change the subject from hollywood hotties21:09
timcowchipI was in the #bluez irc and they had it too21:10
timcowchipdoes that mean I am the common denominator?21:11
timcowchipdid I get owned by the racist spammers?21:11
ryuotimcowchip: did you wake up from a 3 week coma? we were hit by that crap some time ago.21:15
timcowchipI know21:18
timcowchipbut I also saw it in #bluez recently21:18
pedjait's all over21:19
pedjathe freenode21:19
joacimi always knew you were the racist spammer21:19
joacimsince you're an older guy21:19
joacimolder guys are racist21:20
pedjahow old are we talking about? 50? 60? 100?21:20
timcowchipI downloaded Forbrydelsen and watched it in Danish just to see Sofie Gråbøl21:21
pedjalead actress from Borgen was in Westworld21:26
joacim50 at least21:35
joacimfor some reason, the pure base 600 only comes with thumb screws to fasten the motherboard21:52
joacimand doesnt come with enough standoffs for all ATX boards21:53
joacimit's a pretty ok case, but need your own screws and stuff it seems21:53
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jaegerI really like the look of these keycaps, though they will undoubtedly be ridiculously expensive:
joaciminteresting to see iso keys in the base kit22:34
timcowchipError, vboxdrv kernel module isn't loaded22:36
timcowchiprebuild kernel?22:36
timcowchipCONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is not set22:37
timcowchipnvm.........sudo modprobe vboxdrv22:45
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j_vregarding the ports listed at, what are the prerequisites for adopting any these?23:45
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