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j_vinitial mitigation looks to be added in 4.14.11, not so sure about 4.9.74 or 4.4.10901:05
ryuomost obvious exploit vector for consumers would probably be JavaScript.01:06
ryuofunny though. AMD is immune.01:06
j_vmakes me curious whether my vps is running on amd or intel01:10
joacimi think the cheaper azure ones has a chance of landing on some old opterons01:17
ryuoRomster: too late. I already hared that.01:46
john_cephalopodaThis bug will be fun.02:05
john_cephalopodaA defective product.02:07
john_cephalopodaI wonder if I can get my laptop refunded... :รพ02:07
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jaegerI've been considering buying a xiaomi notebook pro if the i7/256GB version goes below $1000 US03:08
ryuojaeger: interesting. what generation of i7?03:11
ryuojaeger: i found this if you're into doing part of the assembly yourself:
jaegercurrent gen03:18
jaegernice, I'll check it out03:18
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jaegerLooks like a decent chassis03:25
jaegerI had a sager (clevo) laptop years ago, it was great03:25
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ryuoawhile back I discovered a neat feature.04:43
ryuosee the part about here documents.04:44
ryuoa lesser known feature is if you quote the name of the document the shell will take its contents literally and not interpret them as shell stuff.04:44
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j_vryuo: cool, didn't know about that. nice way to not have to escape the '$' of parameter expansion within the heredoc05:45
Worksterj_v, you're the one doing the just fun stuff in git right? for pkgmk05:53
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j_vi think you might be confusing me with therealfun: ( i've got a thing called pkgwrap that is a pkgmk wrapper for building in minimal containers06:08
j_vtherealfun has a really cool bit in the oprt package called pp. it's meant to create a new port based on a current one, but with personal changes added/patched-in.06:19
j_vi've been meaning to try it, but haven't had time.06:19
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tilmanfrinnst: as an AMD fanboy, are you happy about how the page table isolation patches are only necessary on intel x86s?07:09
Romsteri have 2 working amd systems too07:27
frinnstofcourse, having a +30% performance hit would be horrible07:35
frinnstbut i'd rather it was amd that had the troubles, would help my life alot07:35
frinnstloooooooooooots of servers running intel07:35
frinnstI dont look forward to tell customers why their apps are running a lot slower07:36
frinnstluckily I dont have to - its not my job :)07:36
tilmani'm really looking forward to the full writeups on the problem07:36
frinnsthaha yeah07:38
tilmanuass, fuckwit07:38
frinnstuass would be my preference07:38
frinnstfuckwit is just a mouthful07:39
ryuoi'm surprised they didn't do one for dingbats.07:39
tilmani want to know if they found a situation where this would work:
tilmanand how07:40
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ryuolet me guess. this all is possible because Intel implemented out of order execution.07:52
ryuoand they happened to have this flaw as part of tha.07:52
tilmanthat appears to be the current guess07:52
tilmanhence why i'm looking forward to the gory details :)07:52
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frinnst lol wtf08:09
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j_vembarassing time to be living in the states08:23
frinnsttrumps tweets :)08:25
j_vyeah, or other recordings/quotes...08:26
j_vthough it is interesting to see various political twits actually speak out agaist him08:29
frinnst :)08:30
frinnst(sorry for bringing up politics - lets just end it here)08:31
j_vsure, but was a good cartoon08:31
frinnst here is something lovely instead08:32
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frinnstRemove the kernel mapping in user mode (PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION) [Y/n/?] (NEW)08:38
j_vnice how the referenced Documentation/x86/pagetable-isolation.txt is missing08:45
frinnstyeah it all seems a bit rushed08:45
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j_vkpti can be disabled on kernel cmdline via 'nopti' param09:06
frinnstyeah, or build a kernel without it. I was expecting it to be "included" in the config. still, depressing09:17
j_vbuilding mine without, all amd here09:17
j_vbut i'm reading more about what i think is the premise behind the patches:
workoderacould anyone please send me the boost pkg.tar ?09:22
workoderathanks J_v09:24
j_vnp, but thank Romster too, it's his repo, his pkg builds09:25
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workoderaman I can't seem to wget this lol09:31
j_vit's the '#' in the file name09:31
workoderai tries \#, in single quotes, double qoutes09:32
j_vthis is what i get when i copy the link from ff:
j_vthat seems to work09:32
j_vexchange the '#' for '%23'09:33
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j_v is a copy of Documentation/x86/pti.txt, from an earlier (Dec 18) patch10:15
j_vfound at:
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fun3j_v, I've wrote pp when I was thinking that maintaining ports is harder than pp'ing. Now, I use it only for selecting ports from specific repos. I guess symlinks will be enough. I will delete pp when I'll have a chance.10:28
SiFuhworkodera: watching Joint Security Area now.10:31
SiFuh31 minutes in and it is nice10:31
workoderayeah it's nice rice10:32
workoderaiirc it's by the same director as oldboy10:32
SiFuh31 minutes in and it shows South Korea as the bad guy...  kind of strange10:32
SiFuhI'm a big fan of North Korea (studied it long time) one day would love to go there. Chances are zero10:33
workoderayes same here10:34
workoderaI've seen all the documentaries and all :p10:34
SiFuhDid you see  "A State of Mind (2004)" and "The Happiest People on Earth (2017)" ?  Documentaries10:35
workoderaI have seen a state of mind10:36
workoderait's my favorite nk documentary10:36
workoderaI haven't seen the 2017 one10:36
SiFuhIt was boasted about by Russia Today10:36
SiFuhbut yeah I always laugh at  State of mind when the Electricity goes out... Damn Americans!!!10:37
SiFuhnegative = Americans :-)10:37
SiFuhit is like the biggest insult in DPRK to call someone or something American10:38
workodera I really want to know what song this is10:40
workoderaI've been looking for it for years10:40
SiFuhThat's a North Korean song10:43
SiFuhgoo dluck finding that10:43
workoderahehe yes10:43
SiFuhwe will have to go there10:44
SiFuhand ask them10:44
workoderaI have a few north korean albums though :p10:44
SiFuhbut we should burn it CD10:44
workoderadownloaded ofc, back when was still alive10:44
SiFuhi am envious10:44
workodera - I nice collection10:45
SiFuhDo you remember 38 minutes in the movie they are staring each other accross the border?10:46
workoderathis record label releases all kind of weird albums from obscure places,10:46
SiFuhreminds me of this
workoderathey actually rebuild these blue buildings somewhere10:49
workoderayou can still visit it I think10:49
workoderathe set10:49
SiFuhDid you see the short Documentary about the New Zealands who asked permission to ride motorbikes from the North to the South - Korean penisular?10:52
SiFuhThey said the North was the easiest and once they crossed into the South from the DMZ it was just chaos and beuacracy ?10:53
workoderathat sounds interesting, I haven't heard about it10:55
SiFuhthese jokers10:56
frinnstpro tip: dont unpublish your main datastore nfs export from your esxi hosts11:48
frinnst(IT WASNT ME THIS TIME!)11:48
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SiFuhworkodera: That was a great movie!12:53
workoderaGood :)12:53
SiFuhI am keeping it12:53
workoderaI forgot most of the story, it was a few years ago I watched it, but I remember it being great as well :)12:54
SiFuhcrime story12:56
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SiFuhDPRK and ROK have a group of guards protecting the DMZ office zone and become friends12:57
SiFuhAn incident left many dead, the reports seemed false, and a European/UN (korean) representative arrives to find out the truth12:58
workoderaah right13:01
workoderaI rememberthe ending13:01
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SiFuhMemories of a Murder now13:03
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jaegerfrinnst: oops, yeah, that would be bad (tm) :D15:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: syslinux: adopted17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: startup-notification: adopted17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: p5-xml-parser: adopted17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mtools: adopted17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gl-select: adopted17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dosfstools: adopted, updated to version 4.117:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: desktop-file-utils: adopted, updated to version 0.2317:26
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tsaopthis looks bad18:12
joacim"in the worst case, cause performance to drop by half"18:18
joacimi have a feeling real world results will just seem like margin of error18:18
jaegerIs it finally time to switch to templeos? :P18:40
rmulljaeger: We all appreciate your adoption of those ports - thanks for your efforts18:42
jaegerNo problem. :) I may end up with more over time, we shall see18:43
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joacimi think i read somewhere that the developer wants intel to burn templeos to rom18:52
joacimim sure someone will eventually figure out a way to replace the management engine with templeos18:53
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jaegerhaha, that would be interesting18:54
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tsaopKernel updated to 4.14.11 and CONFIG_PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION=y19:41
tsaoplet's hope it's not too bad19:42
j_vi see now that the amd exclusion patch has finally landed in kernel tip:
joacimis this only for x86 and amd64 architecture too?19:49
joacimor does it hit sparc and others19:50
tsaoparm is also suspected19:50
jaegerARM64, I think19:51
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jaegerAnyone use the overpass font? Just checking it out, not sure what I think of it yet20:03
j_vnot using it, but just took a look at it. has a fairly clean look. my give a try later.20:10
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frinnstjaeger: got a port of it ready?20:38
frinnstnever heard of it before20:38
jaegeruh, sure, sec.20:39
frinnstso, testing out the ubiquiti edgemax 4 router. Managed to up my wan speed by about ~200mbit20:41
jaegerNot bad, what did you use before?20:42
frinnstedgerouter x20:43
frinnstodd that firefox cant really max out websockets tho. had to use edge for that in windows20:44
frinnstwith firefox i only got ~650/120mbit20:44
frinnsttho running iperf for 5 minutes straight did cause it to reboot20:45
frinnstbut im running the rev.1 firmware20:45
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frinnst the /r/theocho is my favourite subreddit20:50
jaegerheh, theocho20:55
rmulllove theocho21:05
rmullAlso recently discovered interdimensionalcable21:05
rmullPretty good too imo21:05
jaegerI may never return from r/theocho21:13
jaegerThis is more time than I've ever spent on reddit21:13
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joacimunfortunate product placement21:19
frinnstthey probably asked for "a shot where the HP logo is visible on the computer"21:19
joacimwhat i was thinking =)21:19
frinnstand the director recently had a bad hp experience :D21:20
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j_voverpass seems ok21:42
frinnstwow, might really hurt them this time21:55
frinnst"Chip design flaws are exceedingly rare."21:56
joacimnever had a single issue with any of my amd chips :]21:58
onoderagod damn this hurts22:00
onoderamy pc just got 30 slower22:00
onoderais this "workaround" available as a kernel module?22:00
j_vonodera: are you using intel or amd cpu?22:05
onoderaintel :/22:06
onoderajust bought the new intel (coming from amd) a few months ago too22:06
frinnstnot as a module, its an on or off thing22:07
frinnstyou can still build a kernel without it22:07
j_vthere's the 'nopti' kernel cmdline, too22:08
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pedjadid 'disable for AMD, we make CPU's properly, tyvm' patch ended up in 4.14.11?22:21
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john_cephalopodaA bug that affects Intel, AMD, and ARM.22:37
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pedjaand we are only 3 days into 2018.22:46
dbrookeknown about for 7 months though22:50
jaegerpedja: no, the "we're ok over on the AMD side" patch is not in 4.14.1122:52
pedjathanks, jaeger.22:57
pedjaapparently, 4.14.11 breaks nvidia driver :)22:59
jaegerHeh, if it's not one thing it's another23:00
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jaegerI think I might do another buildplots comparison between kernel 4.14.11 and another version for grins23:09
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