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jaegerI'll probably go back to pfsense, was just curious what others are using00:03
jaegersame firewalld centos 7 uses?00:05
jaegerah, yes, so the page says00:05
timcowchipyes and it supports fail2ban00:05
timcowchipso do a lot of other firewalls I suppose00:07
timcowchipsomeone should make a port00:08
timcowchipfor any firewall00:08
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frinnstjaeger: ubiquiti is based upon vyatta. I really like the cli00:46
frinnstsomething that i really miss when I use pfsense00:46
jaegeris vyos available for free?00:46
jaegerhrmm, ok. could be interesting00:46
frinnstbut its based on an ancient debian and not really sure how well maintained it is. was a while since I looked tho00:47
jaegerWhat could go wrong? (tm)00:54
frinnstfucking brilliant game00:54
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john_cephalopodaFun game. Should be olympic.03:48
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brian|lfsjaeger, you have a bad signature for kodi04:40
jaegerlooks ok here04:53
jaeger(that's after a fresh download)04:56
brian|lfswell like 2 hours ago before I took aj nap04:58
brian|lfsdid you change it since then04:58
jaegerlast change was 2 days ago04:58
brian|lfstrying chromioum again getting some strange permission thing on locales after it compiels04:58
brian|lfsdon't recall having to turn pkgmk off toc ompile chromium before04:59
jaegerturn pkgmk off? what does that mean?04:59
brian|lfsI mean not compile as a fakeroot user05:00
brian|lfsbeen a while since I've been in CRUX05:00
brian|lfsI can't dual boot on my new system and some weird keyboard issue05:00
brian|lfswhere one keyboard won't let me hit del to get to the BIOS or F8 to pick CRUX05:01
jaegerThat's odd05:01
brian|lfswell I'm kind of dual booting just can't have windows on grub05:01
jaegerUnless maybe its USB port isn't enabled at that point05:01
brian|lfsbecuase I have that DIM.2 thing05:01
jaegerDoes that behavior happen on all usb ports?05:01
brian|lfswith the first keyboard yes05:02
brian|lfssecond keyhboard some ports05:02
jaegerthat's even more strange, heh05:02
brian|lfsI think its a USB 3.1 thing05:02
brian|lfsor mayb first keyboard is bad05:02
brian|lfsI bought a warranty on it so might try to b ring it back and say it don't work right05:03
jaegeryou might also check if the UEFI has any legacy usb keyboard/mouse setting05:03
brian|lfsI remember seeing USB on for something not sure if it was UEFI05:05
brian|lfswhen I first got my system tried to update the BIOS and it reverted all mly settigns and nuked windows05:05
brian|lfsI imagine the nuking windows was becuase I'm not using intel m.2s them pricks05:06
brian|lfsgetting there we shall see what happens with chromium05:07
jaegerjeez, I can't complete the firefox build tests on the ryzen box... when it gets up to using all 16 threads it crashes hard somewhere in the process05:08
jaegerascension kernel: [90493.383582] page:ffffea000839c540 count:2 mapcount:0 mapping:ffff88024e0f5548 index:0x29bd805:08
jaegercompletely unresponsive after that05:09
jaegerONE DAY my ryzen system will be stable05:09
ryuojaeger: is that what we'll put on your tombstone?05:12
jaegerheh, perhaps05:13
jaegerearly adopter pains are always fun (tm)05:13
john_cephalopodaBut you get things _earlier_! :รพ05:15
jaegerSo I can be frustrated longer! :D05:15
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brian|lfsintenl isn't doing any better then amd witht he new processor bugs lol05:16
joacimseeing lga1151 and am4 builds above 4000 dollars is strange05:16
joacimi think the total for my threadripper is less than 2500, with all the minor stuff like fans included05:17
brian|lfsthats dam good for a threadripper05:18
brian|lfsdid you use parts from an old system05:18
brian|lfsor low end video card05:18
joacimlow end graphics card05:18
joacimjust an rx 550 for now05:19
brian|lfsmy 128GB of RAM was like $1300 tro $160005:19
joacimwouldnt mind an rx 570 or 580, but they're too expensive i think05:19
brian|lfsand my 2 1080TIs where about that also05:19
joacimand i just got 32GB. havent used it all yet tho05:20
brian|lfsI'm running an I9-7980XE05:20
brian|lfsthis is what I get from chromium jaeger install -m 0644 -D chrome/app/theme/default_100_percent/chromium/product_logo_16.png /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/chromium.png05:21
brian|lfsinstall: cannot create regular file '/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/chromium.png': Permission denied05:21
brian|lfsright at the end05:21
brian|lfsany clue05:21
joacimshould hoard some ram once prices are at a reasonable level05:22
joacimmight even get ECC memory =)05:22
jaegerbrian|lfs: does that install line not use $PKG in the destination?05:22
jaegerhrmm, I'm going to try setting the RAM timings back to DDR4 defaults, see if that helps with the firefox builds05:22
jaegerbrian|lfs: yeah, looks like a typo in the Pkgfile, line 108 should start with $PKF05:23
brian|lfsah lol05:24
jaegerI'll do a local build to test and update the port but that looks like the issue05:24
brian|lfsanyone ready for wildcard weekend05:31
brian|lfsif your in the united states05:31
jaegerbetween cpu bugs and net neutrality and the president it's like every weekend is wildcard weekend in the states05:32
brian|lfsI meant thue NFL05:32
jaegerfigured, heh05:32
jaegerjust being silly05:33
brian|lfsjoacim, this is my case
brian|lfsbut I'll pimped out05:33
joacimphanteks has really nice cases05:34
joacimnice and sturdy frames. wish installing drives was a bit easier tho05:34
brian|lfsreally over priced05:34
joacimi think it is worth it05:34
joacimcheaper cases end up being a bit more flimsy and such05:34
joacimand dont feel as nice05:35
brian|lfsya the way my rig is setup I don't have room for anymore drioves I have 4 10TB drives and 2 1TB m.205:35
brian|lfswill upload a picture of my case05:35
joacimgot my drives in my server05:40
joacimbut i like convenience. workstations should be i think05:40
brian|lfsrebuilding kio its missing file.so05:40
brian|lfsso I can't browse to upload lol05:40
marakuthis is pretty neat,
marakubasically patching firefox to use apulse, but i think building firefox still requires pulseaudio, so :(05:44
brian|lfswow am I the only one pulseaudio works for05:53
brian|lfsI get pissed off with just alsa after 5 mins05:53
jaegerI use it without trouble, too05:53
jaegerlots of folks don't like it, though05:53
brian|lfswell honestly alsa should just work with multiple apps05:54
brian|lfsyou shoulnd't have to use another program onto of alsa05:54
brian|lfsI do agree witht hat arguemtn buit have never had luck with dmix05:54
brian|lfsand unfortuantely some apps require pulseaudio05:54
marakui've actually gone the other way05:54
marakui used to use pulseaudio but now i use only alsa05:55
brian|lfsI figured you would say that05:55
brian|lfsso does it play in multipler apps at once05:55
brian|lfsnever does for me05:55
brian|lfscan you post what you use for config files05:55
marakupedja posted a asoundrc a while back, i'm using a similar one05:55
joacimstock alsa for me works with dmix, with no fancy configs05:55
joacimi never touch the configs tbh05:56
brian|lfsah can I sewe your asoundrc05:56
jaegerdmix has never worked on ANY of my hardware, so weird05:58
joacimI dont have one05:58
jaegerMakes me think I must have configured something incorrectly because other people have it working05:58
jaegerbut I just use pulse now and don't worry about it05:58
joacimi recently got a sound card thats supposed to have a hardware mixer, but i have no idea if alsa uses that or dmix05:58
maraku/etc/asound.conf ->
joacimi used to have issues with dmix back in 2005 or so05:59
joacimalsa applications would work fine, but oss applications wouldnt mix05:59
marakui'm using a laptop (T470) with an integrated sound card, so no hardware mixing06:00
brian|lfsquestion would that file with with optical out06:01
brian|lfswork with06:01
brian|lfsI must of miss understood what you meant jager because with $PKG I get can't lopcate file06:02
joacimjust works on my x220. never had an issue on my prime x370 pro or h97m-plus either06:02
jaegertake a look at line 108 of the chromium Pkgfile06:03
joacimi dont know why audio is so hard06:03
jaegerinstalling files in a Pkgfile should always assume that $PKG is the root of the destination06:03
joacimor inconsistent rather06:03
jaegerif you install to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/${size}x${size}/apps/$name.png that bypasses $PKG (which pkgmk should probably not allow but that's a bigger issue)06:04
jaegerthis is also why it works as root but not with fakeroot06:04
jaegerroot has access to that path06:04
brian|lfsah understand06:05
jaegerso /usr/share/icons/hicolor/${size}x${size}/apps/$name.png should be $PKG/usr/share/icons/hicolor/${size}x${size}/apps/$name.png06:05
brian|lfsya I understand didn't see it before lol06:07
brian|lfsjust missed it lol06:07
brian|lfsI need to reboot or relog to fix another issue so I can upload an image brb06:07
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brian|lfswasn't thinking need to grab a pciture of the front06:25
brian|lfsso you can see the paint06:26
joacimlooks fancy with all that watercooling =)06:28
joacimmines just on air06:29
brian|lfswow that camera is too dam good picks up every spec of dirt lol06:29
joacimi dont notice dust on my stuff, until i take a picture =)06:30
brian|lfssame here06:30
brian|lfsmy place just got cleaned recently it shoudln't look that bad lol06:31
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brian|lfsmy computer case has a crazy think power cord that doesn't freaking stay in ugh06:48
brian|lfsdid you see my last link of the front view of my case?06:49
brian|lfslook now you can see my power supply power cord its huge lol
joacimlooks like a garden hose to me =)07:08
brian|lfsI know lol07:09
brian|lfsand it don't stay in the dam power supply07:09
brian|lfsmay have to downgrade my PSU07:10
joacimnever seen a psu with anything other than the kind lower end ones have07:10
brian|lfsI haven't either until now07:10
joacimpower cable that is07:10
brian|lfsglad I don't pay the eletric bill07:11
brian|lfsbe like $3k a month for one PC07:11
brian|lfsI think this is my PSU
joacimah those square ones. seen those on powermacs i think07:16
joacima very long time ago07:16
joacimmight just need a different cable. had an issue with the cable for my PS2. it was too loose. fixed by replacing07:17
brian|lfsjaeger, the $PKG fixed chromium it just finished compiling07:25
brian|lfswait hmmm usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/chromium.png07:27
brian|lfspkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)07:27
brian|lfsitgs png files I did -f to overide but very strange07:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gdbm: update to 1.14.116:02
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: libmpfr: update to 4.0.016:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] irssi: updated to 1.0.6. Fix for CVE-2018-5206,16:14
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frinnstheh, /upgrade ? :-)16:21
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pedjaACTION is enjoying a quiet Christmas Eve16:25
darfohas firmware for AMD 17h family17:40
darfofor its exposure to branch prediction17:41
darfodon't have a 17h amd lying around so haven't tried it myself17:41
darfohrm, maybe it doesn't actually link the firmware. might have to do some digging to source it.17:43
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darfoI can't find the firmware on the suse site. Looks like I have to be subsciber or take out a trial subscription.20:41
tilmanmy guess is that the new microcode needs accompanying software patches to make use of it20:47
tilmansimilar to what you see in the tweet i linked earlier20:48
tilmani doubt they'd disable branch prediction unconditionally... too big of a performance impact20:48
darfoyes, it seems like the microcode slows the machine down and then the software patches mitigate that some.20:49
tilmani'd put it the other way around20:49
tilmanmy understanding is that you need the workarounds in software for CPUs that are either not fixable with microcode, or that wont get a microcode update20:50
tilmanbut if you can figure out at runtime if the CPU needs the expensive SW workaround, you can avoid it if you dont20:50
darfoI see where intel already has firmware to expose some MSR for the compilers to use to help with the slowdown20:51
darfoI was reading a rant about Intel whitewashing the F00F bug some twenty years ago and they are using the same PR to deal with this one.20:52
darfoThis flaw is way more serious than the lockups that F00F caused.20:53
tilmanseeing graphs like that really makes you wish that this is the SW only workaround without the microcode patches ;)20:54
darfothere's a lot of servers running out there that don't have that kind of spare capacity20:56
joacim"cloud service" really just means virtual machine?20:57
darfodedicated servers are available in the cloud at an extra cost20:58
joacimcant wait for the cloud bubble to burst, for it to just turn out to be a big balloon filled with methane20:59
darfotrouble is only the sysadmins will smell it. management will just say fix it cause they aren't technical.21:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.14.121:02
darfoI wonder how many hours are being put in by blackhats to come up easy to use exploits right now.21:04
dbrookeI'm having a bit of trouble with one of my ports in that .footprint is different if I pkgmk -uf as root or using fakeroot and in neither case does .footprint contain all the files in the pkg tar, the pkg tar contains the same files in both cases albeit not in the same order21:37
dbrookethe Pkgfile is just copying files from the upstream archive to $PKG -
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pedjadbrooke, no difference here, 'diff fakeroot.footprint root.footprint' comes up empty21:55
pedjaother than a couple of 'can't translate pathname to UTF-8' warnings, I don't see any issues21:58
jaegerdbrooke: pastebin a log of both builds, maybe22:00
dbrookeone sec ...22:02
pedjaKiCad has pretty impressive list of company/organisation supporters22:04
rmullpedja: I received my first pcb made with kicad just the other day! fabbed by oshpark22:05
pedjarmull, you designed it? that's pretty impressive :)22:06
rmullYeah - I'm an embedded systems engineer by trade, usually just firmware though. This is my first diy hardware design22:08
rmullHere's the topside, single sided board:
pedjayou clearly have expertise. now explain why don't you hang out in #crux-arm :) ?22:11
rmullI used to22:12
rmullI did the cubox port a while back22:12
pedjareally? didn't know that22:13
dbrookeas root and using fakeroot
jaegerAre the two Pkgfiles exactly the same?22:17
jaegeras well as the source archives?22:18
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dbrookewell I think so, I just did sudo pkgmk -f and sudo pkgmk -uf in the same dir as I'd used fakeroot and got a different footprint
jaegerwhat does a diff of the two Pkgfiles say? And do the source tarball md5sums match?22:21
dbrookeI wonder if the UTF-8 warnings which pedja saw are likley to be an issue if the locale is different in the 2 environments22:21
pedjayour .footprints are ~200kb bigger than what I got, which is weird22:22
dbrookedb@cubitt:~/ports/dbports/kicad-footprints$ diff Pkgfile /usr/ports/dbports/kicad-footprints/Pkgfile    gives nothing22:22
jaegerhrmm. odd22:23
dbrooke280b065c34ca9ea225772893e84c65cc  kicad-footprints-4.0.7.tar.gz22:24
dbrooke280b065c34ca9ea225772893e84c65cc  /usr/ports/dbports/kicad-footprints/kicad-footprints-4.0.7.tar.gz22:24
jaegeryour build logs don't contain the entire output, which is very odd too22:25
dbrookemaybe I lost stderr as I just teed stdout22:26
dbrookeI'll make a clean directory and repeat using fakeroot and sudo in that22:27
pedjaI used script to catch the build log, scrolls up too fast otherwise22:27
pedjaUTF-8 warning is because pkgmk sets LC_ALL to POSIX probably22:28
pedjawhich freaks out meson :)22:29
pedjarmull, so what does that board actually do?22:29
pedjamarkings on it might as well be in Klingon22:30
jaegerdbrooke: I get the same footprint and the same UTF-8 complaints as both root and a build user in a docker container22:32
rmullpedja: It's a christmas fairy light LED driver22:33
pedjaah, docker. I am 'stuck' at 17.11.0 until I move that partition away from JFS22:34
rmullYou get up to 12 individually-controlled outputs, or you can gang them up 2x, 3x, or 4x to multiply your current sinking capability22:34
dbrookefakeroot log and footprint and pkg tar contents
rmullThere is a small MCU controlling the driver chip, and two RJ45 ports with RS485 transceivers so they can be daisy chained22:34
rmullMostly I plan to use it to do flicker-free dimming or more random looking sparkle effects of those led strings22:35
tilmanrmull: your timing seems slightly off for that project ;-)22:35
rmullYeah, definitely procrastinated a little too long <_<22:36
rmullStill need to write the firmware, so hoping that the 2019 holiday will see them being used22:36
rmullerr, 201822:36
pedjaChristmas is tomorrow, I don't know what you folks talk about22:36
rmullooh, then there's still time!22:37
dbrookeand sudo from the same (cleaned up) dir
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 10.0 -> 10.122:43
pedjapeople reported 20% performance hit with postgresql and PTI patches, which is pretty painful, I would imagine22:46
pedjait will be interesting to compare the syscall micro-benchmark results between 4.14.7 and 4.14.12. but, that's for tomorrow22:50
dbrookewell in clean directories I now get the same .footprint with fakeroot, sudo and as root so I don't know what was upsetting the build as root within the ports tree, sorry for the false alarm and thanks for looking23:08
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