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j_va bit like a drive by shooting00:29
darforecognize the sound of the car now so always know what's coming00:31
darfomust be an upside down horseshoe in his house00:31
j_vahhh, must be it00:32
j_vi've finally found out why my palemoon port crashes so reliably, unfortunately only fix seems to be to compile with gcc <= 5... i've found patches for building with gcc 7, but not gcc 600:35
j_vi'm going to try building with clang, but that seems a pretty extreme measure for such a minor port00:36
darfoguess they got rid of the gcc48 port we had around for a long time after gcc 5 came out00:38
darfothere was just so much stuff that wouldn't compile with gcc5 and some code too many patches.00:39
j_vyeah, i remember wondering if switching to gcc6 was really a good idea. but except for this, i don't remember having to many problems. some, but nothing others hadn't worked out already with a patch00:40
j_vs/to many/too many/00:40
darfoIs it a lot of C++ code?00:41
j_vyes, mostly. it's based on a fork of earlier firefox.00:42
darfoHave you tried using the -std flag to force older standards?00:42
j_vhmmm, no, but good point00:42
darfolike export CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -std=c++03 in the before configure00:43
darfowhere 03 may be as low as 98 for really old C++00:44
j_vright, i'm editing the Pkgfile now to try it now... thanks for the pointer00:44
darfonp, good luck.00:44
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j_vunfortunately, setting the -std= to c++11, c++03, and c++98 did not work. was no harm trying, and worth a shot. building palemoon with clang now. was not sure if i would need to create a libc++ port, but so far build is going good without it (probably using gcc's libstdc++, which may or may not be a problem later).02:10
darfoI looked at the palemoon website. The hints for build sure wants a narrow range for gcc and says clang won't produce stable builds.02:24
darfoI wonder the tight range is because they are supporting the Windows platform too.02:24
darfoI am interested in yet another browser but I'm using qutebrowser now. I got spoiled with dwb's vim-ish interface and haven't been able to enjoy FF much anymore.02:26
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darfoRomster: do you have a copy of the old gcc48 Pkgfile that j_v could use to build a parallel gcc for palemoon?02:33
j_vdarfo: something to maybe check out is that luakit is back in development and seems to work pretty nice (as a replacement for dwb)02:35
j_vi'm mainly working on the palemoon port just to keep options open... the developers are kinda ... pricks02:36
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j_vclang build failed anyways and i'm getting frustrated with palemoon build for now. will pick it up another day.02:41
j_vdarfo: thanks for the help... much appreciated :)02:41
darfoyou're welcome02:51
darfoI look at luakit02:52
darfoI will*02:52
darfoqutebrowswer starts quite slowly and uses a lot of RAM02:52
darfothe developer is really nice though02:53
j_vi considered qutebrowser, looks like good features, i got the same impression about the dev... but ran into issues building and then time issues resolving then, then when i was going to try again, i happened to look up luakit (just out of curiosity to see if it might be active again)03:02
j_vwas really surprised/impressed by how well they have ported over to webkit203:04
darfointeresting. qutebrowser recently went from qtwebkit to qtwebengine to keep up with the times.03:05
j_vfor me, the qt dependencies are pretty hefty, mainly because i don't use qt5 for anything else... only thing i definitely need qt for is lyx and that's qt403:18
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darfoI have three apps that I use with qt5 so it's not so bad03:27
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darfoI prefer GTK because it doesn't have a commercial side like QT. I always feel like an unpaid employee when I use the free QT.03:29
darfoluakit dependencies are building away, time for some zzz's03:31
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joacimmany projects have commercial owners or backers tho03:51
joacimso it isnt too uncommon03:51
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joacimapparently budgie is switching to qt. might be interesting03:56
joacimand i'd like to try lumina too03:56
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j_vjoacim: you meant this: ?04:29
j_vlooks pretty nice... i don't use a DE, that one would be tempting, just for how it looks04:30
j_vsound fairly light weight, too. if they ever release it with a tiling wm option, i'll probably try it.04:33
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frinnstyuck, bsd license08:57
frinnstI feel like an unemployed employee whenever I use non user-free software :)08:58
frinnsteh, unpaid08:58
frinnstfuck I need coffee08:58
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joacimyou might scold your thing09:12
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alien_anyone using crux linux on alienware laptop?10:36
frinnstnot I11:07
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SitriJust ask11:15
SitriOh he left, welp11:15
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pedjawhen Windows Update said 'this update might take longer than usual', it wasn't kidding. 4+ hours and still going. wth, MS12:58
workoderaI always wonder what the hell it's doing12:59
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pedja'preparing to install updates: 67%'. since last night...13:01
Anselmowell in this case its probably a lot of meltdown type patches13:02
workoderaah right13:03
pedjaI wonder what the people that used Windows embedded for a IoT device are doing now13:04
pedjaWindows 10 in RPi just seems...wrong. oh, well13:04
Anselmorpi isnt vulnerable to this though13:05
Anselmounless something new came out. . .13:05
pedjait's not vulnerable to both Meltdown and Spectre, or 'just' Meltdown?13:06
Anselmooh, that is something I am not 100%sure about,13:07
Anselmomy understanding from reading was that it was unaffected by either,13:07
workoderaI really don't feel like patching my kernel lol13:08
workoderaI probably shou;d13:08
pedjabtw, nvidia's 384.111 compiles and works fine (so far) on 4.14.1213:10
pedjaas for the performance effect of KPTI patches, apart from some benchmarks, I haven't seen any so far13:13
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pedjagranted, I haven't checked if virtualisation took a hit13:15
workoderaeh isn't that a good thing13:27
workoderaespecially because  I live below sea level :p13:28
SiFuhworkodera: that movie  The man from nowhere. My friend hated it. I hate my friend now.. That movie was awsome!13:36
workoderaah yeah it's a great movie13:39
workoderakoreans make the greatest revenge movies13:39
workoderacheck out "nameless gangster", the movie has such a cool aesthetic13:39
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frinnstdamn, btrbk is pretty sweet for backing up btrfs subvolumes19:16
ryuofrinnst: i'm surprised they didn't call ZFS, i can't believe it's not btrfs.19:24
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: gzip: updated to 1.920:50
jaegerryuo: there's probably some kind of copyright on that phrase :P21:38
ryuojaeger: lol21:38
ryuoIf web developers designed router firmware...21:38
ryuoyou'd need 8G or more flash space to even store it.21:38
jaegeroh  god, don't give them any more ideas21:38
ryuo2G or more RAM to run their shitty JavaScript effectively21:39
ryuoanyone else find it amusing though that smart phones that cost less than typical routers have more RAM and flash memory?21:41
jaegerAre there smart phones that cost less than routers anymore? Smart phones seem ridiculously expensive now21:42
AnselmoI've seen some rather cheap ones in some stores.. . .21:43
Anselmolike, 59 euro or something I feel like21:44
Anselmobut not something I look at often21:44
ryuojaeger: eh, low end ones.21:44
ryuojaeger: like $50.21:44
jaegerAh, ok. nice21:45
ryuojaeger: routers for that price usually have less ram/storage.21:45
jaegerThey probably don't really need it21:45
jaegerfor the most part21:45
ryuotrue, but it's probably just to beef up profit margins.21:45
ryuounless the networking hardware really does make it cost that much.21:46
ryuoi find it puzzling why vendors continue to sell devics with 10/100 ethernet.21:46
ryuowhy not just go to gigabit already? sheesh.21:47
Anselmoif some people do not understand21:48
Anselmothen they can doubtless be easily duped21:48
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frinnst1gbit was cheap 10 years ago. why isnt 10gbit cheap yet?22:33
frinnstI dont like bottlenecks :U22:33
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abenzbusiness and stuff23:00
abenzbut yes having 100mbits is silly nowadays. Blame the chip vendors who still make them to "segment" the market23:01
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: Probably because having high frequencies is not trivial.23:07
john_cephalopodaWe had 3.x GHz processors in 2002.23:08
john_cephalopodaSince networking is not much more than putting a frequency on a cable, it is probably the same issue.23:09
john_cephalopodaBut that's just a guess.23:11

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