IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2018-01-11

elderKIt seems I need to have an audio source active when I connect BT00:15
elderKOTherwise, Pulse seems to forget about it.00:15
elderKSoon I will risk IOMMU :)00:16
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abenzOT, these guys are pretty good:
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elderKYeah, they are :D02:50
elderKAnyone here know about microcode udates?02:57
rmullelderK: What do you need to know?03:29
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elderKAll good.04:00
elderKiucode-tool selected 2 different firmwares, showing two different signatures.04:00
elderKI'd made sure it wasn't including old microcodes.04:00
elderKI compiled them both in04:00
elderKAnd it seems to be ok04:01
elderKNow I'm trying to find out why MPlayer via SMPlayer is crashing04:01
elderKbut MPlayer directly isnt04:01
elderKFixed. Random04:03
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jaegerelderK: if you do 'dmesg | grep microcode' or 'grep microcode /proc/cpuinfo' you should see exactly which version got applied, should be the latest05:18
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