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timcowchipVikings win!!!!01:21
timcowchipErik the red discovers America01:26
timcowchipactually it was Erik's son Leif01:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cppcheck: update to 1.8211:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mksh: update to R56c11:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.4.011:25
frinnstno matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss :(11:30
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frinnstmy oldest hp n36l microserver can only handle ~500mbit backups11:43
frinnstbtrfs send over ssh ftw11:44
joacimhow are the newer ones?12:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qpdf: update to 7.1.012:18
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frinnstdunno I only own the old models. there are 3 different cpu options - i got all 3 :D13:54
frinnstthe middle model manages 1gbit just fine13:54
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crash_the newest microserver lacks ILO and other stuff so that is not good :P14:14
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frinnstthe previous models didnt have it either16:23
frinnsti think the first gen8 had an optional ilo on the nic16:23
frinnstbut required a license (of course)16:23
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jaegerMy gen8 g1610t one has it but did require a license16:48
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joacimilo is like ipmi?16:58
joacimif so, its not something that i use much on a home server16:58
joacimi just have it off or inaccessible on my asrock rack board16:58
jaegerI don't use it often but since it came with the purchase price...17:19
frinnstwe bought a hp 1U rackserver for a customer to use to terminate hundreds of ipsec tunnels a few years back. they didnt need ilo - but I did during installation17:34
frinnstI could be connected for ~10 minutes before the "trial" threw me out17:34
frinnstannoying as hell17:34
joacimthe license is just some physical key that you plug in?17:36
joacimlike the raid keys for x299 motherboards?17:36
jaegerSoftware key for HP's ilo17:47
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timcowchip'' still won't download20:37
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timcowchipdoes anyone want to try >> ?20:39
timcowchipI get it to run but my kernel config could be missing something20:39
j_vthat link for sysstat downloads fine here20:42
timcowchipI get "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."20:44
Anselmodownloades for me too20:46
j_va proxy issue, maybe?20:46
Anselmobut has been moved according to that it looks like,
Anselmomoved as n I got a 301 with a redirect to that above link20:47
Anselmois your DNS working?20:47
timcowchipmy DNS?20:48
timcowchiphow do I check if my Domain Name Server is working?20:49
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Anselmolike, if you run $ping do you get a response?20:49
timcowchipyes I do20:50
Anselmohrm weird20:51
timcowchipI just ran sysup and got failed for sysstat20:52
timcowchipoh well20:52
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Anselmodid you get the address you pasted here from your ports ?20:54
timcowchipPartial download failed, restarting20:56
timcowchip--2018-01-15 12:56:45--
timcowchipfrom $prt-get sysup20:57
timcowchipanyone use a firewall?20:59
j_vsuggest trying to remove the partial download ($PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/sysstat-11.6.2.tar.xz.partial), then attempting again20:59
timcowchipthat's where I got the link21:00
timcowchipto answer Anselmo's question21:00
timcowchipanyone use a firewall?21:00
Anselmoyes, but presently dont actually have access to anything of mine running crux..21:01
Anselmowhich seems sort of bizzare to me now that I think about it . . .x.x21:02
j_vi use netfilter rule based fw on some of my boxen, though i'm no expert on netfilter... i've tweaked nf rules from a script created long time ago by over time21:09
timcowchipI use firewalld and fail2ban on Slackware and it easy to set up even for me21:10
timcowchipcan't get it to do anything with Crux thoough21:11
Anselmoufw seems nice sometimes21:12
j_vtimcowchip: have you looked at the firewalld slackbuild at perhaps you can find something in the way they build it at SBo that will help make your port work.21:19
timcowchipI use their "" for the /etc/rc.d/FireWallD in my package21:23
j_vyes, i've been looking at it... perhaps you need to add python-decorator as depend?21:24
timcowchipyes I already installed it but for to add to depends21:24
timcowchippython-slip too21:25
j_vi saw that one in there, but doesn't it need dbus support? i don't see dbus in python-slip depends line21:26
j_vnot really sure, just looking at the firewalld build instructions and trying to see where things might be going wrong21:27
timcowchipgot to take my daughter bowling I''ll look at python-slip when I get back21:30
j_vok, good luck. will try to help if i'm at my kbd when you return21:31
timcowchipthanks j_v21:31
timcowchipyou've already given me some idea s21:32
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