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frinnstoh wow, hp offers opteron on their gen10 microserver08:43
joacimwas hoping for a very discounted gen809:05
joacimbut that never happened09:05
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frinnstgen10 with opteron x3216 and 8gb ram: 3795 SEK09:29
frinnstbut thats without 25% tax, so add that09:30
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joacim3800 with tax at proshop.no10:23
joacimthe price is all over the place tho10:23
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frinnstyeah thats cheap11:12
joacimdustin is a lot more expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives, but i've never bought from those yet11:29
frinnstdustin are very cheap on some things. but servers or enterprisey stuff are usually expensive11:30
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SiFuhworkodera: Yellow Sea (2010) is awesome12:11
workoderaI watched it12:12
workoderaI remember liking the credits song12:12
SiFuhworkodera: I got about 20 minutes into the Nameless Gangster Rules of the Time before I realized I had not enabled subtitles12:13
workoderagreat aesthetics right12:13
SiFuhI lived in Asia for 17 years, It is kind of a habit ;-)12:13
workoderait makes me want a gold watch12:13
SiFuhlet me finish it ;-)12:15
SiFuhHows the ending of Yellow Sea12:15
SiFuhafter all he has been through, his wife never died12:15
SiFuhhe spent his last days fighting for a person he never knew and seeking vengance for her death.12:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] libidn: Secutiry fix for CVE-2017-14062. closes FS#155416:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libidn: cleanup23:56
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