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timcowchipI'm over here now >
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brian|lfsthose words don't mix community enterprise00:13
brian|lfsYou need to run windows server 201600:14
brian|lfsomg there is a windows support channel on freenode lol00:15
abenzcalm down00:15
abenzits not by microsoft00:15
abenzor is it? :O00:16
brian|lfsnah not Microsoft00:16
brian|lfsI just asked them how do I get rid of this Cortana lady that she is mean00:16
brian|lfsamazing 621 people no one talking00:19
abenzmaybe they are living in harmony?00:20
brian|lfswhats with the video lol00:44
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brian|lfsso how is CRUX 3.4 looking I see commits to it so I'm guessing maybe next few months?03:30
brian|lfshello tilman03:31
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jaegerwe just started so it'll be a little while, yeah03:35
j_vi've got a 3.4 container working; it's doing a rebuild of core right now.03:37
j_va little trick getting mpfr upgraded without breaking gcc and gawk03:38
jaegeryeah, sneaky symlink fun03:41
j_vi just copied usr/lib/ to lib/ before upgrading libmpfr03:42
j_ver, *.so.6 -> *.so.403:43
j_vman, i wish i had a good excuse for being such a space case03:45
jaegerI symlinked it03:50
brian|lfsWhat version of GCC does it run04:14
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abenzjaeger: I was curious, from the "ports update" or something that you can use to gather statistics, do you have a ballpark number to active number of crux users?07:07
abenznot looking for solid numbers, just a general figure.. eg more than 100k less than 300k..07:08
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frinnstwe have never looked at the logs to try and determine how many users there are08:12
frinnstwe are probably more closer to hundreds than thousands tho :)08:12
joacimi find other crux users in the strangest places08:16
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frinnstInbox (802)08:44
frinnstACTION forgot to set the servers in maintenance mode in our monitoring before updating stuff08:45
frinnst1713 mails08:53
frinnstcompany wide08:53
frinnstACTION rules08:53
frinnst3101 emails08:57
joacimblame the one that gave you responsibility =)08:57
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abenzfrinnst: I see. Thanks for the info. cozier than I thought.. :)09:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sqlite3: update to 3.22.012:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-2212:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] squid: two security fixes. Closes FS#156412:24
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pedjaI like this guys style
frinnst"Current EU laws states that VAT must be paid on all invoices raised, whether the money has been received or not. I hope the hotel owner is ready to pay the EUR989,000 VAT."14:56
ryu0frinnst: based on that logic you could bankrupt anyone with the stroke of a pen.14:57
frinnstwell he wrote it14:57
frinnstguess you need to send it out too14:57
ryu0well you know what I mean...14:57
ryu0pretty low barrier.14:58
frinnstand im not sure its accurate - dont trust a random person on the internets :)14:58
pedjaisn't he charging her price of service + VAT?15:19
frinnstyeah but do you really think she will pay it? nor that any challenge of the invoice would fail?15:20
pedjahe is just trying to make a point, I guess :)15:23
pedja'blogging community'? really, humanity?15:24
pedjaI don't think banning bloggers on his property is going to hurt his business15:27
j_vsmart move would have been to just answer the request with "no, thank you". then print/save the letter for reference to prove her of harrassment if she persists in future. obviously, smart moves are not necessarily this guys first choice.15:27
jaegerthat almost reads like it was staged for publicity15:27
pedjawell, she went to her fans for support15:28
jaegershe asked for a "review sample" so to speak, which has a high probability of being denied.... he denied it but with an unnecessary level of vitriol15:28
jaegerthen she whined about it15:28
jaegerSo yeah, stupid on both sides15:28
j_vi love that word, vitriol... good choice there, so fitting15:28
frinnstaka "cunt"15:29
pedjawell, if I was in his shoes, my answer to her would be the same, pretty much.15:35
pedjahis answer might look overtly harsh, but he is not wrong15:36
pedjaimho, of course15:37
pedjathen again, I *am* old and grumpy15:41
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jaegerHe's not wrong but he was a dick about it16:09
jaegerHe could have just said no politely16:09
frinnstwise man once said: "Try not to be a cunt"16:10
ryu0wise man once said: "Do your due diligence so it's their fault."16:11
joacimcan you be a cock?16:11
ryu0My philosophy is to give people as little reason to complain or blame as possible.16:11
ryu0It helps cover your ass too when you get nut jobs.16:12
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tilmanhas star trek discovery been praised here before?18:59
joacimdont think i've seen any praise19:04
tilmanit's great :)19:06
pedjaI wouldn't go so far :)19:06
pedjasecond half of the season is much better than the first, thou19:08
pedjaotoh, if the Klingon arc was <SPOILERS>meant to be a red herring from the start</SPOILERS>, I am impressed :)19:11
tilmanwhat annoys me most about it is that the female protagonist is seriously called michael :D19:11
pedjasomeone joked that, originally, lead was supposed to be male, hence the depth of the character19:12
tilmanyeah, there seem to be lots of female characters19:15
pedjabut, she is the least interesting character. Stamet is awesome19:15
pedjathe adventures of Stamet and Tilly would be the spin off I would watch the hell out19:18
pedjasince it got S2, I am pretty sure finale would end in massive cliffhanger19:21
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pedjathe most interesting TV news lately is Amazon producing the LOTR prequel. that should be fun19:27
john_cephalopodaAnother prequel?19:28
john_cephalopodaMaybe one based on a 5-line note by Tolkien, extended into 6 movies, each 2.5 hours long.19:29
AnselmoACTION sighs at tv shows19:32
jaegerI knew a female Michael in high school, only one I've ever met19:38
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tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: source material may be tolkien, but remember to incorporate later characters that the audience likes and recognizes19:52
john_cephalopoda"The Hobbit" was way shorter than the LOTR books. How many parts did it have? 2 or 3?19:53
tilmanthree. at least two of which were way too long :p19:53
john_cephalopodaThe _shortest_ book put into 3 movies, while the other three books got a movie each.19:54
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Anselmowell, there were a lot of books. . . .19:57
pedjaI am curious what will it look like, since, iirc, Christopher Tolkien said he will never sell movie or tv rights for Silmarilion19:57
pedjaapparently, he resigned recently, so expect LOTR toys, slot-machines, theme parks etc20:00
john_cephalopodaMeh, franchises are just blown up more and more nowadays.20:01
pedjaAmazon will spend about 1B$ on it20:01
john_cephalopodaThe "Despicable Me" franchise started with a fun movie, but then the Minions got their spin-off and became pretty much the main characters. A bunch of comic reliefs as main characters just doesn't work.20:02
pedjait made a shitload of money, didn't it? that's all that matters *cough*Transformers*cough*20:03
ryu0Translation: everyone else has terrible taste.20:04
tilmanthere are people who enjoyed the transformer movie/s20:04
ryu0yea, and they keep tranforming into yet another sequel.20:04
pedjaI like later sequels of Fast and Furious :)20:06
pedjait's fun to watch20:06
ryu0You know what else is fast and furious?20:06
ryu0the hulk on speed. :P20:07
frinnsttilman: I gave up on it after the break20:07
pedjaeveryone can relate to Hulk when they are stuck on the wrong side of bathroom door in emergency20:08
j_vso now the hulk says "You wouldn't like me when I'm furious!"20:08
pedjafrinnst, ST:D? it got better after the break20:09
pedjaMirror Universe is cool20:09
ryu0pedja: can you get STDs from watching it? :P20:10
pedjaj_v, have you watched Thor:Ragnarok? it looks like a lot of fun20:10
j_vnot yet, i might after i get through S1 of Travellers20:11
pedjaryu0, :)20:11
pedjano word of S3 for Travelers, Netflix is taking its sweet time, as usual20:13
jaegerS2 isn't very old, even20:13
ryu0pedja: probably still enjoying their pools filled with gold. :P20:13
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pedjayes. what's their market valuation? 108B $?20:15
j_vi finally got through Trollhunters not long ago; it's a real shame about Anton Yelchin... i really like his part in Odd Thomas20:16
pedjajaeger, Netflix is one of the producers. CBS Canada wanted to pull the plug after S1, but struck a deal with Netflix20:19
jaegeryeah, but S2 only came out recently, so I'd expect more lead time for S320:19
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ryu0the funny thing about travelers is20:19
ryu0time paradoxes all over20:20
ryu0if they solve the crisis, their reason of even going to the past vanishes.20:20
jaegerand that would be boring :)20:21
j_vparadoxes are always true about time travel stories, so i find it interesting how that get's handled... like in asimov's The End of Eternity20:22
j_vor the movies Edge of Torrow and The Arrival20:24
pedjaryu0, true, for the original timeline they came from. with every action, they create an alternate fork which, if The Plan works, will have a different outcome in the future20:28
pedjafork in the road20:29
pedjahence, no time paradox :)20:29
ryu0pedja: well, it removes their incentive to go back if they eliminate all the problems.20:29
ryu0so what happens then?20:30
ryu0they cease to exist?20:30
pedjathey can't go back20:30
ryu0No i mean20:30
ryu0Their reason for going back in the first place.20:30
ryu0They went to the past.20:30
pedjano, its a one-way trip20:30
ryu0... Yes20:30
ryu0I know20:30
ryu0That's not what I'm getting at.20:30
ryu0If they eliminate the reason they went to the past...20:31
ryu0Then would the event where they were sent back in ever occur?20:31
ryu0Hence a kind of paradox.20:32
pedjaah, I think I understand what are you getting that.20:35
pedjathat's an interesting question. And I have no answer to it :)20:36
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pedjaAfter two seasons, the rules of that universe are still unclear to me20:37
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pedjathey came from the future to change the past to change the future. and now my brain hurts20:40
joacimits a time travel story?20:40
joacimsounds like i would hate it. i hate any time travel story20:40
joacimexcept for timecop20:41
pedjaeven Back to the Future?20:45
pedjaidk, I like it. the premise is cool, the cast has a great chemistry, and it asks some interesting questions20:47
ryu0it's not much different than Chrono Trigger, except they're not from the Future originally.20:48
ryu0in the basic idea20:48
ryu0they try to save the future by stopping a catastrophe from occurring20:48
pedjanever heard of that20:48
ryu0You've never heard of Chrono Trigger?20:48
ryu0Wow. Ok.20:49
jaegerdon't say that on the internet, they'll revoke your nerd card20:49
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ryu0It's a classic.20:50
ryu0Chrono Cross is also worth looking at I imagine.20:50
ryu0Except it's not really about time travel per say.20:50
jaegercross is ok but not as good as trigger20:51
ryu0The characters of Chrono Trigger were originally designed by Akira Toriyama.20:51
ryu0Same guy who did Dragon Ball originally.20:51
ryu0And Dragon Warrior/Quest.20:51
ryu0Artwork wise anyway.20:51
pedjaall that names mean absolutely nothing to me :)20:53
john_cephalopoda <- This series is brilliant (though only available in German)20:55
pedjatbh, manga/anime/whatever was never that interesting to me20:55
john_cephalopodaIt's a parody of Ijon Tichy. He has a pretty strong eastern-european accent.20:55
ryu0pedja: Blasphemy!20:58
pedjaryu0, consequence of growing up in Eastern Europe, I guess :)21:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: linux-firmware: updated to 2018012322:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: linux-firmware: updated to 2018012322:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: sqlite3: update to 3.22.022:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-2222:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] squid: two security fixes. Closes FS#156422:13
joacimare there really no decent server motherboards for am4?22:25
abenzyou mean without the gaming bling?22:26
abenzwhat would constitute a decent "server" board?22:27
joacimyeah. and green pcb =)22:27
abenzb b b but them RGB LEDs!22:27
joacimdual nic, some management features, guaranteed ecc support22:28
abenzif by management you mean something like ipmi I doubt it22:29
abenzmaybe you'd find one for threadripper down the line22:29
abenznot AM422:29
abenzeven TR is unlikely tbh22:30
joacimseveral options for intel sockets tho22:30
joacimeven non-blingy workstation boards22:30
abenzyes, given intel is the "default" for many manufacturers, they make their offerings around intel..22:33
abenzI mean they have a certain product in mind, and build it around an intel CPU.. so in this kind of situations I wouldn't expect an AMD equiv.22:34
joacimi see amd options in prebuilts22:35
joacimlike the new microserver, and the "gen7"22:35
abenzI see22:39
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