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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: go: updated to version 1.9.301:11
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tilmanfrinnst: after how many episodes did they have a break?06:16
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frinnstnot sure, they just came back tho?07:43
frinnst1-2 episodes ago i guess07:43
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joacim"largest ever". wish they could get a really pedantic editor11:18
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] curl: update to 7.58.011:22
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abenzhi spaceninja11:34 is semi up, ports -u works, it is https enforced now. so .httpup file needs an edit.11:35
Romsterstill syncing distfiles downloads packages, no index pages yet11:36
spaceninjaabenz, I like crux, I want to install nginx with flask, I heard it´s better than lighttpd and apache :)11:38
abenznginx is certainly cleaner and better on memory11:38
abenzmaybe not as "industry standard" as apache, but I think thats not the case anymore?11:39
spaceninjasound great11:39
spaceninjanginx is russian, apache is american, lighttpd is german11:39
abenzyea opensource code is multiracial by nature I reckon..11:40
spaceninjalighttpd is a paper-airplane, apache is a bird-feather, nginx is a T-14 tank x-engine11:55
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pekka10I have a question about the Pkgfile which Crux use. What is the correct way to list dependices in the file? Some Pkgfile list them as a comma seperated list, while other list the dependices without comma..15:08
xeirrr_without comma15:09
j_vi prefer without comma, but this document says either:
pekka10the Pkgfile for ghostscript use comma. Will 'prt-get depinst ghostscript' fail to pull in dependices?15:11
john_cephalopodaMost people use space.15:13
pekka10Yea, I found it15:14
john_cephalopodaI checked 1496 ports and 121 of those use commas.15:14
pekka10I feel comma make them easier for me to read. Mybe its just my brain..15:15
j_vi like the space only because it is easier to write scripts that manipulate dependency data15:15
j_votherwise no preference, and i am not in a position to change it anyways. crux is the most kiss distro i've ever tried or used... why i stick with it15:17
j_vnot to mention i've found it to be rock solid15:18
pekka10I use the Crux-arm version on a Chromebook, and I find Crux very hack-friendly15:19
pekka10many packages need some tweaking to run on arm SOC's15:20
Anselmocrux arm on my raspi has generally been happy,. . though perhaps I have used it in more limited finctions15:21
Anselmothe original reason I started crux was that I could finagle it to install in some weird constrained install environment without too much headache :315:22
pekka10I met an issue with compiling boost on ARM, but this is not tied to Crux exclusively15:23
j_vi need to get back to my rpi2, but i've been so busy with work stuff most of the time, it's hard for me do. and i'm getting prepared to take a big certification test Saturday, class been going for last 4 months, and it's a 4 hour test (can only retake every 6 months)15:24
AnselmoACTION was sadly forced for a while to use a raspi as a main computer >_>15:25
pekka10these dev boards are nice as headless servers15:26
Anselmoits a better use than image editing... .15:26
j_vback to the books, bbl15:26
Anselmociao j_v15:26
pekka10I'm making a Pkgfile for Abiword, to enable this Cromebook to act as a decent workhorse15:27
pekka10and it looks like all these office packages use boost15:28
Anselmowhat sort of error is it getting ?15:29
pekka10I get this error:
pekka10Compile stop with this error message: Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `vldmia a4,{d8-d15}’15:32
pekka10but I've made a crude hack, and will se if it works15:35
xeirrr_pekka10: Check this thread:
pekka10yea, its exactly this issue15:38
pekka10the last post in this thread may contain the issue15:46
pekka10or solution to the issue15:46
pekka10The problem has been resolved as follows.15:46
pekka10    recompiled gcc with "--with-fpu=neon-vfpv4"15:46
pekka10    provided an explicit "-mfpu=neon-vfpv4" cflags and cxxflags to boost's bjam:15:46
pekka10which mean gcc need to be recompiled15:47
pekka10I think we should discuss this over at #crux-arm and see if other have encounter the same issue15:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libmpeg2: fixed checksums17:31
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: tzdata: update to 2018c17:34
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