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frinnstjaeger: have you tried getting vmware remote console running on crux?13:49
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frinnstnevermind, just required desktop-file-utils to be installed13:59
dodevichHello guys. Please, say Crux 3.4 release date (maybe month).14:00
ryu0dodevich: It's guaranteed to be out before the next major meteor impact.14:04
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frinnst"Crux 3.4 release date (maybe month)."14:19
frinnsthappy? :-)14:19
frinnstthings seem calm and nice. waiting for a gcc release with goodies backported to mitigate spectre14:20
joacimFebruary 30th14:26
dodevich))) "February 30th"...14:32
dodevichI think, gcc, kernel and others not heal architecture, IMHO14:33
frinnstThe GNU Compiler Collection version 7.3 has been released.14:36
joacimI'm guessing Power9 is hit by the recent security issues too14:36
dodevichSpectre. Intel know this info in June...
frinnstThis release includes code generation options to mitigate14:37
frinnstSpectre Variant 2 (CVE 2017-5715) for the x86 and powerpc targets.14:37
joacimonly USD 2925 for a motherboard with two quad core cpus14:37
joacimthe cpus arent that expensive i think. the motherboard alone is14:38
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frinnst anyone with an asus router?14:45
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gcc: updated to 7.3.016:41
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john_cephalopodaACTION . o O ( An award for the best CRUX port, called "The Golden Portato" )18:19
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][_R_][Does CRUX not use PAM?20:37
][_R_][I don't see /etc/pam.d/20:37
tsaopIt doesn't, as far as I know20:39
][_R_][Interesting, I'm guessing NSS is used instead?20:44
][_R_][ACTION hasn't poked with Linux auth systems in a long while20:44
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