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ryu0][_R_][: CRUX uses a very minimal auth system.09:00
ryu0][_R_][: It also means security isn't very configurable for those that actually care about such things.09:01
ryu0PAM allows stuff like controlling who can use su.09:01
][_R_][ACTION did PCI/DSS compliance09:11
][_R_][PAM made the auth stuff stupid easy09:11
][_R_][FreeBSD and OpenBSD system were quite a bit more painful09:11
][_R_][Still possible, just required more research09:12
][_R_][(This was 8 years ago, so details are fuzzy)09:14
ryu0especially a big deal because it allowed for an API for system level programs to authenticate users using the administrator's wishes.09:15
][_R_][You could even make virtual users09:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.4.109:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libbsd: update to 0.8.709:27
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workoderastill here11:08
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dbrookeworkodera: I believe that is partially restored (I think there was a hardware failure) - at least httpup is working11:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: bind: 9.10.6 -> 9.10.6-P1, fixes CVE-2017-3145, closes FS#156312:16
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john_cephalopodaAnybody got a blender-2.8 port?15:22
xeirrr_While 2.79 is latest, and 2.8 will be next.15:24
workoderanot 2.8 tho15:26
workoderaanything interesting in 2.8?15:27
john_cephalopoda2.8 has real-time PBR rendering.15:28
john_cephalopodaI am using the 6c37 port, which is on latest, 2.79, but I kinda want to test out that new renderer.15:28
john_cephalopodaOnly nightlies are available, no source.15:29
workoderaOh I've read about eevee15:30
workoderawhat do you use blender for john_cephalopoda15:30
john_cephalopodaI do some modelling ( ), and recently I have started trying out motion tracking and VFX ( )15:31
workoderahmm the webm is corrupted for me15:34
Anselmowhen I wgot it it was fine,15:34
workoderasome motion tracking i did15:34
workoderain blender ofc15:34
Anselmohavent messed with tracking and its sort of cool :315:35
john_cephalopodaworkodera: Cool. Looks like your camera wasn't properly calibrated though.15:35
workoderaI used my phone15:36
workoderaand kind of guessed the settings15:36
john_cephalopodaYeah. You'd have to take some images of the opencv checkerboard calibration pattern, let them calculate for a bit and then enter the data in blender.15:36
john_cephalopodaI used an actual camera, which made it easier to find out the parameters :þ15:37
john_cephalopodaI'd love to make a short film or similar with blender, but I lack the actors (and also experience with editing in blender)15:38
workoderait's really amazing how blender can do everything though15:38
workoderacompositing, tracking, editing, modeling15:38
john_cephalopodaIt even has a text editor! :þ15:39
workoderalike most software suites are only good at one or two things15:39
workoderaand a game engine :p15:39
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john_cephalopodaThe game engine is horrible.15:41
john_cephalopodaSlow rendering.15:41
john_cephalopodaBut it is supposed to get better with eevee.15:41
Anselmobaking is supposed to make that faster as well,15:43
Anselmobut I havent much messed with the game things15:43
john_cephalopodaI can recommend godot engine for game development.15:46
john_cephalopodaGodot 3.0 (release candidates available already) has PBR, so will be able to import stuff made in eevee.15:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: thunderbird: updated to 52.6.017:58
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jaegerWhat's the preferred video output setting for mpv these days? I get failures trying to use the opengl device, even though other opengl things work fine20:34
jaeger"Failed to create KMS.", "Cannot open card "0": No such file or directory.", etc.20:35
jaegersame errors when using --vo=drm20:35
teK_permissions for the related /dev/* stuff are ok?20:36
jaegerI thought so but maybe I'm missing something else... /dev/dri doesn't exist, oops20:37
jaegerI wonder how other GL apps like xscreensaver or the like are working20:37
jaegerMy kernel is missing DRM support entirely... what the hell20:39
jaegerI must have been drunk when I compiled this kernel or something20:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] clamav: updated to version 0.99.320:42
jaegerWeird, still have problems with GL output... but adding SDL2 support works20:58
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moose_hello - I've managed to install 3.3 but i'm having trouble with grub.21:33
frinnstwhats wrong?21:34
moose_it boots into the debug screen21:34
frinnstI suggest you name your kernel vmlinuz-$version - grub-mkconfig wont generate a proper config otherwise21:34
frinnstjust boot the install media again, rename your kernel and then regenerate the config21:35
moose_ok I'll try that thanks21:35
moose_ah that worked. Thanks!21:40
frinnstI suggest you manually edit grub.cfg to "vmlinuz" and rename the kernel back to vmlinuz before you forget about the change :-)21:43
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joacimgreat. firefox figured out how to be slow on a threadripper22:11
joacim1-2 second delay when switching tabs22:11
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moose_I must've missed an option for usb wifi adapters while installing. It's an Edimax RTL8188CUS.22:22
ryu0moose_: That's realtek.22:23
ryu0Most usb wifi adapters are reusing someone else's chips.22:23
moose_yeah the chip is realtek but the usb adapter manufacturer is edimax. i remember checking realtek and rtl drivers but must've  missed a usb option.22:24
ryu0you may have chosen their ethernet stuff.22:26
moose_would i just have to boot the live media and  recompile the kernel (with the right options)?22:28
ryu0eh, you can recompile w/o networking if you still have the source.22:29
Anselmoyou should be able to recompile from inside the system if your kernel boots22:29
Anselmothough actually. . . . you mignt want a newer source to compile from, unless the 3.3 ISO's have been patched for spectre and stuff. . .22:30
ryu0ACTION sneaks up behind Anselmo and goes "Boo".22:31
ryu0Yep. He's unpatched still.22:31
AnselmoACTION eek22:31
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jaegerThe updated ISOs have kernel 4.14.14 now, for what that's worth22:45
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moose_i'm at the kernel configuration screen and i found the usb network adapter option... just have to recompile. I'll be sure to update when I get the wifi working.22:49
Anselmothere is a seperate thing, in device  drivers > network devices whatever wireless decides are22:51
Anselmoin a seperate thing from just the USB network adaptors, I dont think I have the USB network adaptor selected even but my realtek usb card works22:55
joacimjaeger: I just use the defaults for mpv. in my case that's opengl22:56
moose_ok I enabled usb network adapter and under device drivers > network device > wireless LAN > realtek > rtl8188cu22:56
moose_thanks Anselmo22:57
jaegerI'll have to play with it more when I have time... I can't use opengl or drm directly but sdl2 (using opengl) works fine22:58
jaegerodd but not a deal breaker22:58
Anselmowell, hope it works :322:58
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moose_and.. it works!23:03
Anselmohuzzah !23:04
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