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xeirrrHello, I have met a problem: I have multi source files in source(); some are extracted in the standard format(means with a upper dir): xxx/<source>, well others are not, they just have source, without an upper dir. Even worse, in those without standard upper dir source files, one file extraction can override another, like configure, etc05:46
xeirrr such significant files. How to get a proper extraction before build()? Does pkgmk have some functions to use before build()?05:46
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xeirrrOk pkgmk only has a unpack_source() function which is quite limited. If multi files are there, all will be extracted. Sometimes even files are with .tar.* suffix, I don't want them to be extracted.06:05
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frinnstxeirrr: i'd suggest reroll the tarballs. simplest solution albeit not very pratical09:35
frinnstxeirrr: the libtiff issue is only related to the binary tool, no?09:48
frinnst depressing read09:48
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xeirrrfrinnst: Sorry for late. I just finnished dinner. Yes binary tool tiff2pdf only. Sometimes I am damn stupid and don't check further.  I just found we removed user binaries for that, so not vulnerable at all.10:14
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frinnstno worries, as I said; good that someone keeps us on our toes :D10:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkitgtk: 2.18.4 -> 2.18.610:53
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tsaopTrying out DAB+ radio with my RTL2832 DVB stick16:25
tsaopworks well16:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dovecot: update 2.3.0. Closes FS#156816:25
BrainzmanI have a little problem16:25
BrainzmanEverytime I'm trying to install a package I got a wget error16:26
jaegerWhat's the exact error?16:26
Brainzmanwget : unrecognized option '--compression=none'16:27
BrainzmanI've checked my PkgFile16:28
BrainzmanThis seem to come from pkgmk16:28
jaegerIt does, yeah. Which would be fine with the newer wget but if wget can't get the newer wget it makes things tougher :D16:28
jaegerProbably the easiest fix would be to temporarily switch pkgmk to using curl in pkgmk.conf, update wget, then switch back16:29
jaegerOr switch to curl permanently if you prefer it16:29
BrainzmanOk thanks!16:29
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xeirrrjue: Hello. dovecot 2.3.0 doesn't fix CVE-2017-15132. That patch should still be used until 2.3.1/16:58
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BrainzmanAny idea why my Syslinux can't find my config file on a uefi system18:15
frinnstnot sure, never played with syslinux and uefi18:22
frinnstthe wiki says this:18:22
frinnstAuthor's note: At the time of this writing I was unable to get Syslinux's UEFI version to boot either directly via the example system's UEFI implementation or chainloaded from a UEFI GRUB2 install. As it becomes more mature in the future this section will be revisited. -Matt18:22
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pedjait's interesting to watch the thought process of a professional programmer
pedjaI am curious how much of that is for the benefit of the viewers, thou23:29
Sitriwmii in 201723:38
SitriHas it been updated?23:38
SitriIIRC the last update was in like 201123:38

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