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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: sqlite3-32: 3.21.0 -> 3.22.000:52
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: curl-32: 7.57.0 -> 7.58.000:52
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SitriBTW, what conditions does CRUX use to determine when to up the version number?01:11
frinnstit should really be changed every time the Pkgfile is modified. But it has almost evolved to "when a rebuild is required"01:12
frinnstim guilty of that too.. I dont like to force a rebuild for something like firefox unless its really needed01:13
SitriI meant CRUX's version number01:14
SitriNot a package's01:14
frinnstwhen the toolchain changes01:14
Sitrigcc et al?01:14
frinnstyeah, gcc, glibc, binutils01:14
SitriSo when any of them have a change in minor numbers?01:15
frinnstand we usually have queued breaking changes too01:15
frinnstno, major numbers01:15
SitriAh, alright01:15
SitriSeems reasonable01:15
frinnst3.4 will have gcc 7.3, glibc 2.26 etc01:15
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pedjanot 2.27, with brand new bugs and breakage :) ?01:32
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pedjaplay it safe, I like that01:32
pedjaI am more interested with what version, if any, if Firefox will 3.4 ship01:33
pedjamostly because I'd like to buy a large quantity of popcorn in advance :)01:39
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frinnstme too02:30
frinnstlet me know if you know :)02:30
frinnstdropping firefox for chromium might be the only sane option02:59
frinnstbut nodejs.. wtf03:00
Romsteri had to do that to get it to work03:13
Romsterseems chromium does not bundle nodejs anymore03:14
Romsterfrinnst, bite me find a better solution if i did it wrong <_<03:15
Romsterbrowsers are fragile fucks that bundle almost everything, it's like a darn OS on it's own.03:15
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SitriChromium requires nodejs now?03:21
SitriOh derp03:22
Romsterit's been like that for awhile now. and you only just noticed?03:28
Romsterit's not a big issue it's 1 dependency03:28
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SitriACTION doesn't have chromium installed on Linux03:29
Romsterthen you are excused :)03:29
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SitriAlso I have nodejs installed anyways, so I wouldn't notice it getting pulled :p03:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nodejs: 8.9.3 -> 8.9.404:05
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pedjaso, longer build times(afaik), nodejs, all that to avoid pulseaudio? fuck me, that's some dedication :)10:18
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john_cephalopodaChromium takes 3 hours or so on my 8-threaded 4th gen i7. And longer on my laptop.12:06
frinnstRomster: I dont blame you - I hope you dont blame pulseaudio on me :D12:08
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john_cephalopodaHmm, I get this make error when building libsecret:
john_cephalopodaCan anybody reproduce it?12:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unison: update to 2.51.212:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dovecot: add patch to fix CVE-2017-1513212:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mutt: update to 1.9.312:15
frinnstI recognize that error john_cephalopoda from way back, not sure what it was12:16
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joacimfrinnst: we blame everything poettering do on you12:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: celt51: fixed checksums16:09
ryu0frinnst: it's usually the error you get from not having the right files installed for validating an XML file.16:11
j_vat a guess, that libsecret error can probably be cleared up by running the docbook-xml post-install script and then docbook-xsl post-install script, in that order16:23
j_vthen rerun the libsecret build16:24
j_vi'm fairly sure that the libsecret build will not even try to build the manual page unless docbook ports are installed, and those errors usually occure when the catalogs aren't built, which happens when the post-install's aren't run16:26
john_cephalopodaAh. I rarely run pre- and post-installs at all.16:29
j_vdocbook ports are pretty useless without that16:29
j_vother option, if you don't need the docbook ports for anything else, is to pkgrm the docbook ports... ymmv16:30
john_cephalopodaThey are listed as dependencies for some stuff.16:31
j_vi would probably run the post-install scripts for those then16:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gcc: remove obsolete patches16:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xfsprogs: project has a new URL16:54
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pedjamy nephew bought a mech keyboard, and I used it for a while. I think I now understand the appeal of it :)18:39
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joacimyeah they're pretty nice. god a spare one so i dont have to go back to my old logitech k120 in case this one has issues18:50
pedjathose things are *heavy*18:56
pedjahe got one of the rare, that I've seen, understated 'gaming' ones.18:57
pedja30% off the price, too (last in shop stock discount). smart kid :)19:00
joacimeasy to waste money on sales tho =)19:05
joacimend up buying stuff you dont really need19:05
joacimgot so much crap around here just from sales19:05
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pedjaI think that my last impulse buy was a pair of silver penguin figurines from a small shop in Venice, years ago19:16
joacimmy last was some hotdogs19:17
joacimbrought food for lunch, but i still bought a hotdog anyways19:17
joacimi blame my bank account. should just put everything on my savings account, behind 2 factor authentication19:20
joacimso i cant just my money on bs19:20
joacimor just a dedicated account for spending on stuff19:20
frinnstI went ~300EUR under budget for january. need to restrain myself from buying crap :(19:22
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pedjafrinnst, you have a client that sells food from this part of the world, right? did you try these
frinnstwhat does it say, banini?19:33
pedjayes, 'Banini Noblice'19:33
frinnstlooks a lot like
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pedja'good old artery clogging hydrogenated fat (margarine)' :)
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pedjacreamy cocoa filling. a bit old fashioned, perhaps, but I like them19:46
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ryu0frinnst: get yourself a shock collar. it shocks you depending on how much you spend. :)20:21
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brian|lfshey all can someone attempt to install this
brian|lfsfor me it lets me capture the screen but never optns a website witht he url21:35
brian|lfsjust trying to make a Gyazo package for CRUX21:35
brian|lfsah figured it out need xdg-utils as a dep21:41
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jaegeryeah, that sounded like an xdg-utils thing23:16

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