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j_vin opt/nfs-utils package, is there any actual security benefit for /sbin/mount.nfs file being readonly?00:53
ryu0j_v: probably not. it's 0755 on ubuntu.01:21
ryu0+ the setuid bit01:21
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j_vyeah, that's what i was thinking... came across it because when tarring up the package in a unprivileged container, it loses the setuid bit because of it being readonly making it go against the posix chown rules of not saving the setuid when actual perms don't allow it01:47
j_vwhen the file is -r-s--x--x, tarring it up loses setuid. when the file is -rwsr-x--x or -rws--x--x, then setuid bit is preserved01:50
j_v-rwsr-xr-x is also fine01:51
j_vdebian and fedora also have /sbin/mount.nfs as 475501:53
j_vnot sure about gentoo and arch01:53
jaegerbrowns are definitely my preferred switches, too. All of my keyboards have them01:55
jaegereven the DIY01:56
pedjajaeger, so how do they compare to reds?02:04
pedjaI have no idea what 'tactile' means in that context :)02:06
jaegerred and brown have the same activation force but red are linear, not tactile02:06
jaegertactile means they give tactile feedback on activation02:06
jaegerthere's a "bump"02:06
jaegerreds seem to be most popular for gaming... I like browns best because I type a shitload02:07
jaegerneither red nor brown are the "clicky" type02:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 63.0.3239.132 -> 64.0.3282.11902:08
pedjabrowns seem to be the crowd favorite :)02:12
jaegerAll subjective, of course, but I'd say in general browns are more popular for typing, reds for gaming02:13
jaegerthe other switches fall all over the spectrum... some people like to push harder, some people love their clicks02:13
pedjamy nephew bought it because it is robust, he broke his previous (rubber domes one) in the heat of the battle02:14
jaegerIt should last a while, yeah02:15
pedjaCS:GO, iirc02:15
rmullHmm, something changed in the latest round of crux updates, and I can no longer cleanly launch tmux with TERM=tmux-256color02:35
j_vrmull, have you tried rebuilding tmux... you could also check it with: revdep tmux02:36
rmullI switched to screen-256color and it seems okay02:38
rmulloh wait, no02:38
rmullI'll just not override it (defaults to screen) and go with it02:39
rmullI seem to still get colors, so I dunno02:39
jaegerif you start tmux from an xterm-256color term it will correctly get screen-256color set inside02:43
j_vjaeger: hmmm must be doing something wrong here then, 'cause if i don't set TERM on command line or in ~/.tmux.conf, then i get TERM=screen from tmux session02:50
jaegerthat's what I'd expect, yeah02:50
jaegerIf you don't set TERM then you haven't got a 256-color terminal active02:50
jaeger'tput colors' will show your current setting02:51
jaegertmux can usually work around it anyway if you start it with -2 but if you want both TERM settings to be correct, set your non-tmux TERM var to xterm-256color or whatever variant your *rxvt might prefer if you use that02:51
j_vok, get 256 from 'tput colors', have my normal xterm TERM setting exported as xterm-256color, but when run tmux without my commandline TERM setting, 'tput colors' from inside tmux returns 802:53
j_vnot sure where i'm going wrong02:54
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jaegerhrmm, odd. something in .tmux.conf, maybe?03:04
jaegerperhaps I'm remembering incorrectly and you do need to set it03:05
j_vwell, dunno, but i was trying to see what rmull was talking about, so i had renamed my .tmux.conf to tmux.conf to set it out of the way03:05
jaegerset -g default-terminal "screen-256color" in .tmux.conf03:05
j_vyeah, that03:06
j_vs in my .tmux.conf03:06
jaegerLooks like I do have that in mine, so I must be misremembering. Ignore me, sorry for the noise03:06
j_vhey, no problem... i've been using tiling wm so long, i don't use tmux as much as i used to anyways03:07
j_vso it's easy to forget... not to mention, with the conf file set, it easy to forget how it works by default 'sans-conf'03:08
jaegerYeah, that's my problem, heh03:09
jaegerOne of the first things I do is install my own config03:09
j_vIt's a good way to go, saves having to remember how to do every little thing... sometimes i feel like memories are just going start leaking out from lack of storage, older i get03:10
j_v*storage space03:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 390.2503:19
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.2503:19
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frinnststarted a build of firefox and chromium at the same time. firefox has completed and chromium is at 4731/3129909:15
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Yeah, chromium takes several hours, while firefox took 26 minutes last time I looked (but that was before quantum, which might be even faster)09:16
frinnstbut if you add rust compilation time to firefox it should be about even :)09:16
joacimwould expect chromium to include what can be compared to the mozilla suite09:16
joacimis rust optional?09:17
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Even then chromium is probably slower to build.09:17
frinnstawesome. CVSS 10/10 for cisco asa09:20
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frinnst23003/31299 god it never ends10:50
joacimwhich computer is this on?10:50
frinnstwork box, ivy bridge crap10:51
pedjamy potatoputer seems to be slower with 4.15. Thanks, Intel10:53
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pedjalatest Nvidia compiles and works fine with it, at least10:55
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pedjaspeaking of drivers, anyone playing with AMDGPU DC in 4.15?10:57
pedjasomeone complained about performance drop with rx48010:59
pedjabut more people reported no issues whatsoever, so who knows wtf is going on on his 'of course I run Arch' system :)11:03
frinnstI think its enabled on my kernel but havent looked into what it is/does11:05
frinnstah yeah I have that enabled11:06
pedjaiirc, it has to be explicitly enabled with kernel option for non-Vega?11:06
frinnstyeah It was a recommended option so I just enabled it. iirc my chip is polaris11:06
pedjarx480? you can buy a house if you sell it these days ;)11:07
frinnst470 i think11:08
frinnstnot sure, gpus names these days just blend together in my brain :)11:09
joacimi dont know if im using dc or not11:13
joacimi do use 4.1511:13
joacimi just have an rx 550 in my linux machine tho11:13
joacimi wouldnt mind a card with more dp outputs, but they're too expensive11:16
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pedja'modinfo amdgpu | grep dc' ? (I have no idea how AMD graphics stack works :) )11:25
pedjaprovided you passed 'amdgpu.dc=1' to the kernel11:27
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frinnstdmesg reveals it11:43
joacimdoes it do anything fancy?11:48
frinnstquicker modeswitch i guess?11:49
frinnstand other performance goodies11:55
joacimshould be made illegal12:02
joacimpls don't show us cock fighting12:02
frinnstyeah its a very vicious fight12:02
pedja <--cock fighting (of sorts)12:04
frinnst28552/31299 ffs chromium12:08
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frinnstpedja: I was expecting two guys swordfighting :D15:32
pedjafrinnst, something like this :) ?
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: bash: update to 4.4.1815:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.20.015:50
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ryu0Why are modern browsers so fat and bloated? Too many cookies.16:51
pedja*ba dum tss*16:55
pedjaor, if you prefer an actual sound :)16:57
joacimkde seems pretty ok once im using it on a distro that doesnt confuse me16:58
pedjaso, on Crux, then?17:00
joacimfedora right now17:00
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joacimalso k3b is pretty great. wish this computer had a dvd drive just so i could use it17:01
pedjathe only reason my machine still has a dvd drive is that I lost the case cover for that slot17:02
joacimi need a dvd drive so i can load in the files for quake 2 and 317:03
pedjamounting isos doesn't work?17:04
frinnstphew. last ASA firewall upgraded and reloaded17:05
frinnstthe last one was at a ~4hr away remote location17:05
pedjathat's CISCO gear, right?17:06
frinnst fun fun17:06
frinnstRCE and DoS17:06
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pedjayet another TLA 'vulnerability'17:07
pedja'how can we make deep/machine learning interesting to common people?' pr0n, duh. /r/deepfakes (NSFW)17:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.11017:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus-python: updated to 1.2.617:11
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joacimoh my. kde has settings for clickthrough17:50
joacimi hate that shit. can make it consistently behave the way i like it17:50
ryu0Context bot results:
ryu0i'm surprised KDE has any users left given the unstable shitpile it's become.18:02
joacimsystem settings application only crashed once18:02
joacimgnome doesnt feel that great i think, and i think mate and xfce feels a bit outdated18:03
joacimespecially with higher dpi monitors. with xfce i had to fiddle with themes to make the borders thicker and easier to hit with the cursor18:03
Anselmowhen Ive used DEs Ive tended to default to xfce of late. . .18:05
Anselmobut my monitors are old and low res ususally. .18:05
jaegermate is intended to feel like gnome 2, pretty much, so that outdated bit is kinda intentional, I think18:08
joacimi think the brisk menu could help mate a lot18:09
john_cephalopodaKDE looks pretty.18:09
Anselmodo any of them not look sort of pretty ?18:11
ryu0Anselmo: they all look pretty when you've consumed enough alcohol. :)18:13
john_cephalopodaMate and KDE look decent. The rest I saw looks not that good.18:14
ryu0Cinnamon is nice too.18:14
Anselmowell, Ive seen nice configurations of most of the major ones. . . .18:14
ryu0Main reason I don't use KDE anymore is stability issues.18:14
ryu0GTK+ desktops rarely have crashes from what i've seen.18:15
joacimxfce looks nice i think, mostly due to the panel. dont like xfwm much18:15
joacimbut i guess you can replace xfwm with any other window manager18:15
joacimthe speed of scrolling is very inconsistent in kde.18:18
joacimscrolling is faster in some applications than others18:18
jaegerDoes it scroll some percentage of the height of the window?18:19
jaegerI mean the height of the *content* of the window18:22
joacimnot sure. doesnt seem like it18:24
joacimlike the section for adding widgets to your panels, scrolling is painfully slow on that list18:25
joacimbut in dolphin, scrolling is very quick18:25
jaegerThat would be very annoying18:26
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joacimE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.19:59
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frinnstyep, pulse is shit20:01
joacimfeeling like moving back to crux now. for my desktop at least20:03
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joacimmaybe this weekend, after im done with my exam20:04
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pedjaI totally forgot I have this bookmarked
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pedjanow making sense of AMD CPU/GPU/APUs is a little easier20:30
pedjagood luck with the exam, joacim20:33
tilmani got pulse running yesterday because apparently the unity engine no longer supports alsa20:39
tilmanit's taking 5% cpu time.20:39
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pedjais it doing that fancy resampling by any chance?20:50
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tilmanpedja: possibly. not sure how to figure that out though20:58
pedja'resample-method' in daemon.conf20:59
pedjathe default is 'speex-float-1', but you can change that depending if you want better sound or low(er) cpu usage :)21:00
ryu0heh. maybe they should use come up with HW acceleration for sound mixing.21:01
tilmani mean i don't think it should resample at all21:01
tilmanmy sources *should* be 44.1 khz, and my card supports that21:02
pedjathan disable resampling altogether21:02
tilmani'll try avoid-resampling21:03
pedja'pacmd list-sinks | grep sample' if you want to check which sample rate is used, iirc21:07
joacimi wonder how heavy PA would be on a much older system21:12
joacimsystems that are fine with alsa and lighter applications21:13
pedjait rarely goes above 5% on my ancient system21:13
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pedjaand that's with FF, which is not a 'light' application :)21:15
tilmanpedja: thanks much!21:16
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tilmanit claims my sound card uses 48 khz21:22
tilmani'm sceptical ;)21:22
joacimdont know if PA uses the hardware mixer in my card21:26
joacimit's supposed to have one21:26
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tilmandown the rabbit hole i go :/21:30
john_cephalopodaJust use ALSA.21:35
john_cephalopodaALSA is a mess to configure but when it is done, it works decently.21:36
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pedjaAlsa is a mess because audio hardware is a mess, onboard audio in particular, with all the quirks for different variants21:41
pedjabut its the best we got21:42
pedjaPA abstracts that, in theory (and very often in practice :) )21:44
pedjait works for me[tm]21:45
pedjaand this is a complete Alsa configuration :)21:50
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frinnstIts hard to use alsa when the application you use no longer supports it22:21
john_cephalopodaI used PA once on Arch. It was unkillable because it ran in a user systemd process, which couldn't be quit (?), and after I uninstalled it, my whole audio setup was screwed up.22:27
john_cephalopodaNow I only use ALSA (and jack from time to time, when I am doing stuff with qtractor).22:27
SitriI had a similar experience on Fedora22:35
SitriBut for me it would start once I switched to wmii as my WM (instead of using gnome).  Spent 2 weeks trying to get it working again.  Ended up trying to switch to ALSA after, which took a few more days, but actually worked.22:36
Sitri(Note: I had ~1 hour of time to myself per day, and it wasn't uninterupted)22:37
pedjafrinnst, the obvious solution is to stop using the application :)22:38
pedjaI switched to PA-enabled Firefox way before Mozilla dropped ALSA support for it22:41
pedjabecause, despite all the googling and swearing, I never could make FF and ALSA play together nicely22:43
pedjaI am probably too stupid to set it up, but I don't really care now22:44
pedjabecause FF-58 is awesome22:44
pedja59beta5 now, but you get the point22:45
ryu0pedja: must be that white powder they started including in FF57. :P22:47
pedjaryu0, nah. I am an old, pragmatic, bastard :)22:49
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