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j_vapulse works pretty good, but not all firefox builds00:17
j_vapulse works for me on ff-57, ff-59.0a(older nightly), ff-60-a1(todays nightly), but not on ff-58 or ff-59-0b100:22
j_vactually, don't even need apulse on the nightly ones00:23
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darfolxd is a non-starter for me because there is no way to retain the source and I'm opposed to builds I can't reproduce.01:57
darfoi still haven't drank the git and pip kool-aid01:58
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j_vthat is one of my big objections to how rust and cargo are distributed/built... big hairy, unverifiable mess imo02:05
darfoI've been using git to download the tree then creating a tarball and putting it on my hosted space to get around git but I see no way to do that with lxd02:11
darfoand I've been wondering how/if I have to deal with rust and cargo02:13
darfoI rarely have to use firefox but there are some sites that I can't do e-business without it02:13
darfoACTION sigh02:13
darfoI think I'm turning into a grumpy old guy02:13
j_vwell, i figured i couldn't be the only one turning grumpy... i don't have much choice about the old part... i knew things were going south the day they started calling my 'old-fart' at work02:16
j_vof course, i at the point were the salt and pepper hair is getting to be mostly salt (where it's not disappearing)02:20
darfolol. Am not working now and nearing retirement and every day I find more reasons not to go back to work.02:20
darfoSame here on the hair. Don't mind the growing old part since I like the alternative even less :)02:21
j_vi completely get it :)02:22
darfoold-dogs (how I translate old-farts) my enjoy the "told ya so" of this:
j_vwow, and i suppose some of them are surprised by any of it...when you start cutting corners or skipping steps, the wayward path has already begun02:39
j_vthe auditors should have been monitoring the project from day one... i've done jobs where a customer rep went over daily review of progress, quantity/quality of work, etc02:43
j_vwasn't any big deal, because we always preferred transparency anyways02:44
darfoi always liked regular review from customers because it also caught incorrect or missing requirements sooner02:47
j_vyes, exactly... that way they actually get what they want and we don't waste time working from the wrong angle02:49
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j_vmeltdown and spectre v2 have had much mitigation. now seeing patches going for spectre v1.04:37
j_vin kernel, i meant to say04:38
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pedjalocal review site as one of the cons in Threadripper 1950x review wrote 'overkill'. awww13:23
joacimIt is =)13:28
joaciman old six core sandy bridge would've been enough =)13:29
joacimI think for many that get a 1950x (including myself), a 1900x with more ram and/or bigger nvme ssd would be a better choice13:30
pedja1920x looks like a nice middle ground, imho13:32
pedja50% price diff for 50% more cores :)13:34
joacimthe way it scales in price is nice13:34
joacimtwice as much for twice the cores13:35
joacimcompared to the competition that is twice as much for 20% more cores13:35
pedja400/600/800 euros13:36
joacimI wouldn't mind an x299 system with an 8-core processor tho13:36
pedjaI always had Intels, it's time to switch13:38
joacimI had an Athlon XP once. was nice processors13:38
joacimI think my system back then would've blown up if I went with a Pentium 4 anyways. Used a 250W PSU from a Pentium II system. The 12V rail would've been too weak for a Pentium 4 system13:40
pedjaAtari 130xl --> Celeron 300 --> Pentium Dual Core is my computer history (so far :) )13:42
joacimseems like large jumps =)13:47
joacimmy largest jumps was Pentium II 350 to Athlon XP 2500+13:47
joacimand C2D E7600 to i5 469013:47
Anselmoand here my first computer was an intel core2 duo, which I got when it was old ish x-x13:48
pedjaC2D E650013:49
j_vmy first was a cyrix 5x8613:51
pedjadamn, I haven't heard that name for a while13:51
pedjawhatever happened to them?13:52
j_vsays on wikipedia that they merged with national semiconductor in '9713:53
j_veventually ended up part of amd13:54
j_vmy second was a p55c on a tyan tomcat mb... that was a sweet machine for it's time14:02
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darfomy first was a Sinclair ZX80 followed by a Tandy 1000 with 8088.15:34
darfoupgraded the Tandy with the pin compatible 80186 that had better throughput due to separate internal buses for data and execution15:35
darfothe beginning of the path that would lead to Spectre and Meltdown15:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sylpheed: update to 3.7.016:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dovecot: add another patch for CVE-2017-1513216:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.9316:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: transmission: update to 2.93, closes FS#157116:40
j_vdarfo: very cool. those were running cp/m?17:09
BrainzmanCan somebody tell me how to patch a package?17:40
BrainzmanWith a custom .patch17:40
j_vi suggest starting with this:
Brainzmanj_v: Perfect ! Thx17:48
j_vnp, welcome17:48
j_vanother good reference is chapter 4 of the handbook:
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BrainzmanRomster: If you are here, i send you a message for an outdated port on the bugtracker.18:31
pedjafrinnst, any thoughts on ?18:41
pedjaor it doesn't apply to the way you use Vmware at $WORK?18:42
jaegerNeat... got kodi set up to be controlled by my 8bitdo NES30 pro controller :D18:58
jaegerJust gotta get it to automatically reconnect bluetooth on a reboot18:58
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crash_that is a nice controller, i have one for my raspberry pi to play nes,sega games :D19:59
jaegerYeah, it's great :) I use it with retropie but I also want to set up retroarch on my HTPC and figured why not set up kodi to work with it?20:01
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crash_hmm retropie is connecting to the controller auto, i have not tried it with kodi though20:03
jaegerI ended up using /etc/rc.local to send the "power on" command to bluetoothctl at boot, that seems to work20:07
jaegerthe gamepad was already paired and trusted but the BT controller doesn't power on automatically20:08
pedjaACTION crosses off 'set ionice -c 3 updatedb in mlocate cron job, you idiot' from a TODO list20:18
pedjanow system doesn't grind to a halt when mlocate runs. who knew? (everyone, apparently)20:21
j_vnot quite    everyone (just added it for myself)20:28
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frinnstpedja: no thoughts yet. too late for all that marketing speak :)22:26
pedjaheh. it is interesting to see Vmware jumping on the Kubernetes bandwagon, probably because their customers want it22:29
frinnstah pivotal has an .io domain. tells you everything you need to know22:30
frinnstand FUCK thats a lot of multiracial smiling people22:30
pedjathey are 2.1$B startup :)22:31
pedjayou'll be smiling too if 'filthy rich' was in your future22:35
pedjaI never understood how they come up with startup $ value, thou22:37
pedjaHN thread is an interesting read, with posts sceptical of k8s value for most of the companies downvoted to oblivion :)22:40
pedjaI guess one of the posts that majority of people run k8s in production not because they need it but to pad the CV or as a status symbol, hit a nerve22:45
pedjawhich, if true, is part insane and part...sad, I guess22:46
pedjato be fair, I think that that particular decision came from upstairs, some CTO or something22:48
pedjain some cases, anyway22:48
frinnsthave you watched silicon valley? its less crazy than reality :-)22:49
pedjahalf of season 122:49
tilmanwatch the 2nd half asap22:49
pedjait's on my TODO :)22:49
tilmanmove it upwards on the list22:50
frinnstw t f22:50
frinnstdo it now22:50
frinnstno sleep for you until after22:50
jaegerman, I fucking hate ALSA sometimes22:50
tilmaneither the penultimate or ultimate episode of season 1 has the 10 most hilarious minutes of tv EVER22:50
pedjawell, I am convinced22:50
jaegertrying to set the default device to an nvidia hdmi output is some kind of goddamn voodoo22:50
jaegerAnyone know how the fuck I translate the "hdmi:0,2" PCM to .asoundrc?22:52
jaegerAlso, speaker-test works fine using this device but aplay doesn't... there are plenty of hits online with the same issue but nobody fucking knows how to fix it22:53
frinnstfile a bug with your OS vendor22:53
frinnst.. oh right22:53
frinnstwonder how helpful the alsa mailinglists might be?22:54
jaegercard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 8: HDMI 2 [HDMI 2]22:55
jaeger  Subdevices: 1/122:55
jaeger  Subdevice #0: subdevice #022:55
jaegerthis is definitely the device I want22:55
jaegeraplay -D plughw:0,8 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav <-- this actually works for some reason22:55
jaeger    HDA NVidia, HDMI 222:56
jaeger    HDMI Audio Output22:56
jaegerThis is the same device but listed from aplay -L22:56
jaegeraplay -D hdmi:0,2 will not work at all but speaker-test -D hdmi:0,2 does22:56
frinnstcan you configure it with pulse?22:57
frinnstas in, what does pavucontrol say?22:58
jaegerI don't have pulse installed on that host currently, was trying to do an alsa-only system22:59
jaegerthough I'm quickly thinking about changing my mind on that22:59
frinnsthave you tried asoundconf ?23:00
jaegernot yet23:01
Anselmoare you in the audio group ?23:05
Anselmoor does your user have access to the sound devices. . .?23:06
frinnstsince aplay works, yeah23:07
jaegerapparently this is the magical incantation:23:08
jaegerpcm.!default "plughw:0,8"23:08
jaeger#pcm.!default {23:08
jaeger#       type plughw23:08
jaeger#       card 023:08
jaeger#       device 823:08
jaegerThat commented bit absolutely doens't work23:09
jaegerbut the top line works23:09
jaegerSo dumb, but at least now metroid has sound :P23:09
jaegerIs there anywhere that the ALSA docs actually say what the hell "plughw" means?23:10
jaegerIf so I'm not finding it23:10
jaegerone obscure suse doc says "the main PCM types are hw and plughw"23:11
jaegerand "Activate the plug-in layer by selecting the PCM type plughw."23:11
jaegerI guess the plugin layer doesn't access the devices directly?23:11
jaegerI'll have to make a note for a year from now when I have to do this crap again23:12
pedja'plughw: TODO:What's this?' in Alsa docs :)23:19
pedjathere are some details here
pedjahm. so there is a 'plug' device and 'plug' plugin, and the device is using the plugin.23:22
pedjabut it can also use other plugins. no, that's not complicated *at all*23:23
pedjabased on cursory look at, HDMI is a mess :)23:30
jaegerkodi has no trouble finding the right device, fortunately...23:30
pedjaspeaking of HDMI, wasn't one of the things that 4.15 ships working HDMI for AMD cards? or was that just for Vega?23:37
jaegerNo idea there23:39
john_cephalopodaHere is my /etc/asound.conf:
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