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nullspoo1I'm sure this question has been asked many times over the last few days, but I haven't been connected to irc. What's going on with contrib?00:01
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pedjanullspoon, what do you mean?00:03
nullspoonseems REPO is missing00:05
nullspoongetting a 404 on
nullspoonProbably just needs to be regenerated.00:06
pedjamaybe an issue with git post-commit hook? I guess something like that triggers it00:14
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nullspoonmost likely. That's how I do it on my box at least.00:18
nullspoonDunno if anyone present has access to fix it. Just wanted to let you all know in case someone hasn't already.00:19
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jaeger <-- just for fun... my capture device does odd things to the audio from this machine, you can hear clearly when I adjust it, heh00:41
jaegerBut mainly kodi and emulationstation/retroarch work with the 8bitdo controller via bluetooth00:41
jaegeralso, haven't played metroid in decades, I suck at it00:42
jaegerunrelated, got this stuck in my head:
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frinnstnullspoon: REPO is a httpup thing, contrib is rsync01:39
jaegerdo we do both?01:47
frinnstwe might have on the old server. not anymore i think01:49
jaegerWouldn't be hard to do again with a hook01:50
frinnstno and rsync can be troublesome behind firewalls only allowing http01:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: iptables: updated to 1.6.201:56
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SitriIs httup no longer used now?04:00
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joacimblanked out my drive with dd, and now i dont get the errors with badblocks12:12
joacimdont feel good about using it for anything due to its reallocated sectors tho12:13
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frinnsttrash it asap14:33
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joacimalready got the shipping label from the retailer18:40
joacimjust need to print it out18:41
frinnstI have never returned a disk - too paranoid :)18:51
frinnsti generally smash them up and bite the bullet (cost)18:51
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joacimi remember having a really creepy customer once19:24
joacimhe got very happy when i told him the service center most likely havent looked at the contents of his drive19:25
joacimi dont know what he had on his drive, but i assume it was something filthy19:25
frinnstI only have tv-shows and private keys & passwords on mine :)19:28
jaegerfilthy private keys19:28
joacimmines mostly the same i think. tv shows, passwords in encrypted files, backups of my desktop19:48
AnselmoI collect too much stuff x-x19:50
Anselmobut most of my disks are still just like, photographs I think. .19:51
pedjawhat is faster, nuking the disk using something like DBAN, or encrypting it with random long key?20:11
frinnstencrypting it would only do one pass20:12
pedjawell, according to some research papers, one pass is enough, for spinning rust20:20
Anselmowhat is it you're even trying to do ?20:22
pedjahere is the paper
pedjaAnselmo, nothing, I am just curious :)20:23
Anselmoah, mm :320:24
jaegerI did 96 disks at once with DBAN years ago, that was entertaining20:29
pedjajaeger, imagine the fun you could have with a beast like this :)20:31
john_cephalopodaOh, it's a GmbH, so apparently German.20:36
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brainzmanI'm having problem compiling dwb, he is asking for gtk lib21:48
brainzmanAny idea what package is that?21:48
john_cephalopodabrainzman: Where did you get the dwb package from?21:52
brainzmanFrom the z3bra collection21:52
brainzmanI have all the dependencies21:53
jaegerpedja: there are lots of fun industrial shredder videos on youtube :)22:10
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pedjathere is something strangely satisfying in watching them22:18
brainzman Any idea for my problem :3 ?22:25
pedjabrainzman, paste the build log somewhere22:30
pedjahm, so most of the tv shows are going on month long hiatus because of the Olympic Games? well, fuck22:32
brainzmanHere log22:35
frinnstand you have gtk3 installed?22:39
brainzmanI have tried to install gtkmm but it was not that22:40
brainzmanAnd i've rebooted22:40
frinnstcant reach so cant look at the port. have you tried the other port in the portdb?22:42
brainzmanYeah is up and down from 1 hour to another22:43
brainzmanNot i have not22:43
frinnstyou have webkit-gtk3 installed?22:43
brainzmanfrinnst: webkit-gtk2/3 are package that have not been updated since 3 years22:44
frinnstthe mikejsavage port suggests it depends on webkit. if you get a gtk error i'd assume it requires webkit-gtk*22:44
brainzmanAnd we can't build it anymore because of libenchant update22:45
brainzmanz3bra port require exactly the same webkit22:45
frinnstor webkitgtk22:45
frinnstyeah but it just uses git head? lots of stuff might have happened upstream22:45
frinnstI dont think z3bra uses crux these days so it might be very outdated22:46
brainzmanYeah that true22:46
brainzmanI'll try dwb-git22:47
j_vi don't think dwb is maintained  anymore22:47
pedjadoesn't work, I just tried it22:47
frinnstI dont use any of the webkit ports so I have no idea about the statuses and what provides what of webkit-gtk{2,3}, webkitgtk22:48
j_vi have a luakit port that is fairly recent... is similar to what dwb is/was... but works with newest webkit22:49
brainzmanThe two webkit-gtk2/3 have been visibly merge into webkitgtk22:49
pedjathe last commit in dwb repo was more than a year ago, so22:49
brainzmanj_v: Interesting22:50
brainzmandead link?22:52
brainzmanOr its just me?22:52
j_vno... just tried it now via copy/paste... worked fine22:52
brainzmanping is not working22:56
brainzmanBut i can resolv the hostname22:56
brainzmanSo its maybe coming from my internet provider22:56
brainzmanI will try with a VPN tomorow22:57
brainzmanIts night in GMT22:57
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