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joacimi like how network speeds in fedora degrades to 100 Mbps after a while10:27
joacimand how everything is a little crashy10:27
joacimfeels like the kind of distro you dont touch anything when stuff works10:28
joacimjust leave it alone10:28
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frinnstfucking snow..10:41
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tilmanfrinnst: just came back from running in light snow. was fun :)11:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: surf: 0.6 -> 2.011:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkit-gtk3: dropped11:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkit-gtk2: dropped11:09
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frinnstthat's how you break bones :)11:53
Romsteryeah don't slip11:53
tilmanit didnt stick. too warm for that12:02
joacimhow come it is the filthy southerners that get all the snow? :(12:13
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frinnstid love to give it back12:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.1512:45
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brainzmanj_v: Thanks a lot for your luakit port15:28
brainzmanIt's working perfectly15:28
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pedjaas usual, a lot of interesting talks at FOSDEM
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j_vbrainzman: glad it's working for you. thought it might, since dwb and luakit were both designed with some of the same ideas...15:59
j_vluakit has active development and was ported to webkit2, so is modern, more secure (works on current stable webkitgtk)16:01
brainzmanyeah its nice16:07
brainzmanI have one small problem16:07
brainzmanI'm having permission denied error when I try to run as normal user16:08
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brainzmanDo yo have this problem j_v ?16:11
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j_vno, but it could have to do with extra groups i add my user to16:40
j_vi gotta go for a bit... be back in an hour or two16:40
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john_cephalopoda=======> ERROR: Source file 'hexchat-enchant2.0.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).18:09
tsaopI have added CRUX as a linux version in kinfocenter:
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frinnstnice, fancy :)18:39
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pedjahm. claws-mail doesn't pick up enchant because it checks for enchant instead of enchant-220:16
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pedjawell, symlinking enchant-2.pc to enchant.pc seems to work :)20:35
pedjaEris knows I need a spell-checker when I write e-mail20:36
tilmanif you used Eris' own editor, you'd only need to run :set spell20:43
pedjaI use Gvim with claws, but I like to double-check my spelling :)20:45
pedjaspeaking of vim, anyone using its plugin manager thingie?20:50
pedjaI've been using Vundle for a while, no issues with it so far20:52
pedjaI like Vim, and use it most of the time, but I find SublimeText easier for Python20:55
pedjaPyCharm is just too heavy for my machine, and I am yet to try Spyder. IPython is awesome for that kind of thing, thou20:56
pedjaor Anaconda Notebook/Lab20:58
tilmani hardly use any plugins21:32
pedjaI use a couple. airline, golden-ratio, and a few for syntax highlighting. nothing fancy :)21:44
jaegerpedja: I use pathogen with a few22:01
jaegervim-airline  vim-airline-themes  vim-bufferline  vim-fugitive  vim-unimpaired22:01
pedjanice selection22:03
pedjaI am unfamiliar with vim-bufferline22:03
pedjanice, if you use more than one buffer :)22:13
jaegerI do that somewhat frequently22:13
j_vpedja, which claws-mail port do you use?22:14
j_vok, just wondering 'cause i've added a workaround to mine that i'm about to push22:14
pedjajaeger, I've seen people use tmux and vim, multiple buffers and windows, and my brain started to hurt :)22:14
jaegerI also use tmux but I generally only have one vim pane open :)22:15
Anselmo  I use multiple buffers in vim in tmux sometimes x-x22:17
Anselmoor just several vims in different tmux panes, on different machines x-x22:17
jaegerDoesn't take long to get used to it, really22:17
pedjahow do you recreate a tmux session? one of the plugins for it or?22:18
Anselmoyou can do things with tmuxrc. . . .I usually just dont tunrn it off ever x-x22:18
jaegerYeah, I generally only close it if I'm shutting down22:19
pedjatmux-resurrect looks handy. bonus points for depending only on bash :)22:27
pedjabut I rarely use tmux, so I never tried any of the session restore plugins22:28
jaegerI've never felt like I needed something like that and I use tmux every day22:29
Anselmowell, are you looking at runniing it on a server, pedja?22:33
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pedjaAnselmo, most often I run tmux on a VM I ssh'ed into, so the session is short-lived and not that fancy that I need to restore it the next time :)22:37
Anselmocant you just . . . .reconnect to the old session without killing it ?22:39
Anselmoor oh, the VM dies again22:39
Anselmoah hrm ok22:40
pedjaI am just curious how people that use tmux a lot handle that, that's all22:41
pedjabecause I see quite a few plugins/scripts for session restore, so there is clearly a need for it22:42
jaegerI just start a new session, it's not hard to do for my use cases22:43
pedjasame here22:43
pedjaI sometimes even remember to change a terminal theme, so I know I am on a different machine. different prompt is sometimes not enough :)22:47
j_vpedja: dunno if you are interested or not, but here is the patch i'm using to build claws-mail with new enchant:
pedjaj_v, this is way more robust than my 'symlink enchant-2.pc to enchant.pc' hack :)22:53
pedjawhere is your claws-mail port? is it listed at portdb?22:54
j_vyep, though i'm just about to push the change, so the change won't be there for a few more minutes22:54
pedjaI'll wait. and thanks22:54
j_vok, it's on my site now (, might take a while for the portdb to see the change22:57
j_vah, nice, change already made to the portdb22:59
pedjagot it. thanks again :)23:00
j_vwelcome... no problem... i feel guilty not using mutt anymore, but claws is pretty nice23:00
pedjaI tried mutt once. we didn't get along23:01
frinnst<3 mutt23:01
frinnstgranted I dont use it for anything complex :-)23:02
j_vi still think mutt is pretty damn good, but i tried claws-mail a few years back, mostly out of curiosity and it just works and is so simple to set up... so i just stuck to it23:03
pedjaI used sylpheed for a while, then switched to claws years ago. been using it ever since23:04
j_vsylpheed seems nice, which is claws-mails origin, but i never really gave it much of a try23:05
pedjaclaws was bleeding edge branch of sylpheed, iirc, but they diverged since then.23:09
pedjaback in the day, when I was still running Windows on actual hardware, I used 'The Bat!' as e-mail client.23:11
pedjaway better then Outlook Express. that's not a particularly high bar, granted23:14
j_vwell, i'm off to watch the superbowl23:28
john_cephalopodaI hope that Mexico wins.23:30
j_vyah, that would be cool... though they don't have much time to get a team together before the game starts23:31
jaegerr/superbowl thanks you23:36
pedjathe first ever superbowl I watched was when Patriots took their first23:39
pedjacouple of years later, old commentators left, the new ones were lame, so I lost interest in watching it23:44
pedjagot tired of yelling 'shut the fuck up', I guess23:47
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