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j_vfrinnst, thanks for taking care of that00:50
Romsterand i even tried htop 2.1.0 which teK_ needs to bump htop01:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mpv: picked up orphaned port01:40
Romsterreverting ncurses to 6.0 fixes htop01:48
j_vwas there any big security issues with nurses 6.1 release? if not maybe dropping back to 6.0 makes sense?01:51
ryuothat's bizarre. you'd think the worst ncurses would need is a rebuild of applications.01:52
ryuowhich I presume was attempted01:52
Romsteryes i rebuilt htop several times01:52
j_vcould be a similar issue like when so many ports had issues with poppler updates... poppler devs were saying that some software was relying on internals that weren't supposed to be accessed publicly01:54
j_vi see some mention in the ncurses-6.1 release announcement that reminds of what the poppler devs were saying01:55
ryuoi would be shocked if ncurses had security issues. the only files it really loads are terminal definitions.01:56
ryuoi'd be more concerned with the applications that use it01:56
j_vi would be too, but still, i've messed around with termcap and terminfo programming, and it is definitely possible to have buffer overflows from within curses libs... though i doubt that that is actually the case01:57
j_vthe overflows are more likely from terminfo/curses consumers not programming carefully/correctly01:58
j_vweird, i built and installed first htop-2.0.1, then htop-2.1.0... both seem to work fine here02:08
j_vmaybe it is something in the terminfo...02:09
j_vi'm using xterm-256-color here02:09
j_vxterm+256color makes htop go kinda crazy... had to kill it then reset the terminal02:14
j_vi can't seem to duplicate the issue02:21
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frinnstanyone running 4.15? is it stable?09:21
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ryuoIt sure is! It's... [NO CARRIER]09:21
frinnsti booted it just before i went to bed, left the computer running and the box had locked up in the morning09:21
ryuofrinnst: did you take it to a locksmith? :)09:22
frinnstdude.. your dad jokes09:23
ryuoMy jokes are so bad they had children.09:23
Romsterthat is terrible09:27
Romsteri am guessing no one has bisected ncurses 6.1 to find the offending commit?09:27
frinnstwhats wrong with ncurses?09:33
ryuofrinnst: it swears like a sailor.09:34
ryuoACTION ducks.09:34
frinnsthuh. works fine here09:34
Romsternigger plz09:34
Romsterit fails on a bunch of my boxes but then works a select few.09:35
Romsteri don't understand why09:35
Romsterbut reverting ncurses to 6.0 fixed it on the box that htop was displaying wrong09:36
john_cephalopodaryuo: Do you at least get children support for the children that you got from the jokes?09:37
frinnsthtop looks alright on 3/3 boxes here09:40
john_cephalopodaMaybe window manager issue?09:40
ryuoOr terminal emulator?09:41
ryuoIt could be ncurses' terminal definitions changed.09:41
ryuoI've known those to cause subtle issues at times.09:41
Romsteri'm using the same terminal on all the hosts.09:43
john_cephalopodaMaybe some .Xresources differences?09:44
Romsterdon't think so but i'll check that.09:45
Romstergot me thinking i need to sort out sakura to gtk309:46
frinnst4/4 looks good10:22
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fun_frinnst, I am using 4.15 with intel amd amd. No problem so far.11:27
frinnstodd, wonder what's going on here then11:37
frinnstI used some early rc's without problem. guess I need to bisect it. Extra fun when it takes a few hour to trigger11:41
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pedjaRomster, no issues with htop here (xfce-terminal)12:18
Romsterhas to be my vte based terminal then12:20
Romsterfunny that it was fine before the ncurses update though12:20
pedjaI tried sakura and xterm too, same thing12:24
Romsterit works ok on some and other boxes it don't12:24
Romsterso i don't know what the difference is.12:25
pedjasakura and xfce4-terminal both use vte-gtk312:25
Romsteri never bothered to look into it12:25
pedjafrinnst, +1 for 4.15, no issues so far (9 days)12:46
j_vi tried several different terminals, different TERM settings, 3 different htop versions, but couldn't trigger the issue with htop here12:48
j_vrunning 4.15.1. had a Xorg lockup yesterday, but i think that was an application issue i've seen before12:55
pedjanothing interesting in 4.15.1 changelog, so I won't bother13:52
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SiFuhDamn it!!!15:52
SiFuhGot it15:56
Anselmoits funny always to watch things like that propogate through IRC15:57
AnselmoI just saw another link to that in a seperate channel15:57
SiFuhyeah but it is cool15:59
SiFuhI wonder how long before FreeBSD or NetBSD ends up on the iPhone now ;-)15:59
frinnstwow, where was this taken from?16:00
SiFuhfrinnst:  here is the story I read16:00
Anselmoindeed it is cool,16:01
joacim"iPhone source code leaked"16:02
joacimsomewhat misleading title16:02
SiFuhYeah but, have a look at what it is in it. Driver source, system, boot, its like the bare system16:02
SiFuhI did not expect to see driver codes inside it when it said iBoot.16:03
SiFuheven check out this  /apps/iBoot/config/16:05
frinnstdont if youre contributing to anything even remotely similar16:06
SiFuh /* This is a horrible hack; remove this header as soon as libcorecrypto stops including it. */16:10
SiFuh /include/libkern/OSByteOrder.h16:11
SiFuhI bet the realse was deliberate to get the OpenSource community involved.16:13
joacimwouldnt have the same impact if it was simply uploaded to
joacimcompared to a leak16:14
Anselmowell, deliberate on the part of one person16:14
Anselmorather than deliberate on the part of the organization16:14
pedja“biggest leak in history” heh16:15
SiFuhI am thinking for attention. Hacker going "oo oo oo" and idiots like myself curious ;-) 'must find'16:15
joacimbeen a while since they've made a release for darwin16:15
SiFuhpedja: remember when windows source code was leaked?16:15
SiFuhthe world went "meeehh" and quickly forgot about it16:15
pedjaWindows 10 or Windows 2000?16:16
SiFuhNot sure, I think it was NT or 716:17
joacimi think it was 200016:17
john_cephalopodaNobody really cares about Windows.16:18
john_cephalopodaWindows isn't too locked down.16:18
pedjaWindows 2000 leak was a few years back16:19
SiFuhWindows 10 didn't exist16:20
pedjawell, source for it *is* the biggest git repo in the world :)16:20
SiFuhpedja: 2017? I was referring to a more ancient hack/release/leak16:21
SiFuhpedja: I didn't know 10 was leaked, not do I care ;-) cause 8 and 10 suck so badly16:21
pedjahence my 'Windows 10 or Win2000?' question :)16:21
SiFuhwell it was NT and also 2K16:22
SiFuhso yeah16:22
SiFuhhave you seen this?
pedjaI am curious can developers of ReactOS even look at Windows source code leaks without being tainted16:26
SiFuhi haven't laughed at something for about, 2 days :-)16:27
SiFuhThat was very funny16:27
SiFuhstill laughing, damn man...16:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: nasm: update to 2.13.0316:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: patch: update to 2.7.616:34
pedjabased on their FAQ, 'publicly available docs and clean room reverse engineering', the answer to my question is they wouldn't come close to it, let alone look at it16:36
pedjadamn impressive work they've done16:37
pedjasame goes for Wine devs16:38
Anselmoisnt there a fair amount of crossover there ?16:38
pedjaAnselmo, it seems so
SiFuhReactOS works with the WINE project to share as much programming effort as possible. ReactOS depends on Wine mainly for user mode DLLs. Where appropriate, patches to Wine are also submitted by the development team, and patch contributors are often directed to Wine if it is felt that the patches would benefit them.16:42
SiFuhGotta love teamwork ;-)16:42
pedjait's smart16:43
pedjathe projects may have different goals, but they share the common pain :)16:44
SiFuhI know, because here in AU when I drive a taxi, reather than work for myself, I have a team and we share work together. Some jobs over $100 dollars we give away to other team members. It is an awesome system. We all do good, and our zones are serviced better than the rest of the areas.16:45
SiFuhTeam work, is the best. Pity Theo and NetBSD/FreeBSD have small cat fights.  Together BSD can rule the world.16:48
SiFuhand on a small note, I noticed that iBoot has very smiliar coding to that of OpenBSD. ;-)16:50
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pedjaFOSDEM talk on nftables: 'nftables have a clearer syntax than iptables'. Uhh, not really :)23:19
pedjaI just don't understand iptables. it's PEBKAC, I now :)23:21
pedjabut it took me maybe an hour to coble up a trivial firewall using PF on FreeBSD, reading the docs, so23:22
pedjaas an exercise, mostly, FBSD comes with sample IPFW ruleset OOTB23:26
ryuopedja: nftables are rather intuitive for me to figure out. but it did inherit concepts from iptables.23:29
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ryuotables, chains, and rules.23:30
pedjaI guess that was the point, ease the move from iptables23:31
ryuoit still needs a lot more documentation though.23:34
ryuonftables is closer to a DSL now and the syntax isn't well documented.23:34
ryuoit was a matter of trial and error to figure out how shit worked.23:34
pedjaof all the things I know little about, networking is, by far, at the top of the list :)23:34
ryuoiif "pedja" reject23:35
ryuoACTION sends pedja a datagram.23:36
ryuoDid you get it?23:36
jaegerThat's like... I know a UDP joke! But you might not get it23:37
ryuoi do know it's an improvement over the most common use of netfilter: layer 3 filters23:37
ryuothere's less IPv4 or IPv6 specific rules you need to maintain.23:38
pedjasomeone asked the presenter why would someone use nftables over iptables. his answer? 'well...' :)23:40
jaegerMy chinese experiment laptop has apparently shipped23:43
jaegeryep. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro23:43
ryuojaeger: expect it to mysteriously show up one day unannounced.23:43
jaeger15", i5-8250U, Geforce MX 150, 256GB SSD23:43
jaeger1920x1080 IPS23:44
jaegerall for $829 USD23:44
pedjatheir phones are all the rage here since they now have an official store23:44
jaegerPlus $17 USD shipping insurance which I did because it's coming from china23:44
jaeger <-- not bad for a mobile CPU23:45
jaegerYeah, I've heard their phones are popular23:45
jaegerregarding iptables, I have a setup I use as a "base" firewall for any new system, I can pastebin it if you want it23:46
joacim"Geforce MX" havent heard that in a while23:47
jaegerIt's coming back for laptops lately23:47
joacimtempted to get one of their phones. they seem nice enough, but i dont know how well they hold up over time23:49
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jaeger <-- the mi mix 2 looks kinda fancy, wonder if it's good23:54

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