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pedjaafaik, Redmi Note 5A and Mi A1 sell like hot cakes here, and people are generally happy with them00:00
pedjaMi A1 made after Novembar 2017 in China, apparently, earlier models made in India had some battery issues00:01
pedjathat notebook got some pretty good reviews, afaict00:03
joacimthe front facing camera seems odd00:03
joacimwonder why they didnt turn the chin into a forehead00:03
pedja'selfie' camera :)00:03
joacimthats not what that camera is fore00:03
joacimits main use is for hooking up cables in dark hard to reach places00:04
joacimlike behind monitors00:04
joacimi turn on the camera, place the camera under my monitor, and start fiddling with my cables =)00:04
pedjawouldn't something like this be handy :) ?00:05
joacimyes i'd love soemthing like that when tidying up the cables behind my desk00:06
pedjaspeaking of networking
joacimI'd have to go all out with nvme ssds in my file server for 10 Gbps to be worth it for me00:14
j_vpedja, i use one of those flashlights at work all the time... i often have a spare in case the one i'm using get's damaged00:44
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jaegerpedja: yeah, I watched some reviews before buying... even looked for info about running linux on it. Didn't find a lot but at least some, like in this video:
pedjajaeger, after looking at the specs, I'd say that it will run Linux just fine :) not sure about that Intel WiFi, thou01:15
jaegermost intel wifi works great in linux in my experience, so hopefully this one will, too01:15
jaegerI will report after I get it :)01:15
pedja:) looks pretty nice on pictures, and the build quality should be rather good, based on reviews I've seen.01:17
pedjaj_v, I am thinking of buying a pair, light switch in our basement is in the *really* odd place01:20
pedjafar away from the door, which is...fun01:22
j_vyeah, those lights are good for stuff like that. i am actually an electrician and am ofter forced to work in places of low light on control wiring and such. those lights are indespensible01:37
j_vmy hands are often to busy with the work to hold a flashlight and there is not always a place one otherwise, so the headlamp enables keeps the work lit up nicely01:40
joacimwant one of those01:40
joacimbut i dont want to spend that much on something i wont use too often01:41
j_vlook really nice... would be useful01:41
j_v600 USD seems not so bad when you compare it to cost of iPhone or comprable device01:43
joacimif i want to spend that much on something, it should be something that i use all the time01:49
joacimlike my desktop or home server01:49
joacimi mostly use my laptop in bed once in a while, and sometimes when i go places over the weekend01:49
darfowith all the talk about keyboards I bought a PS2 kbd/mouse to USB converter and got out my IBM 42H129202:11
darfoI'd forgotten how nice typing was on a good keyboard02:11
darfoIt's still in mint condition from 1996. Mostly stored, never refurbished.02:12
darfoI spent many hours with one of these things on my lap and my feet on the desk02:13
darfothat was my signal that I was busy so don't bother me02:13
darfoNot quite as good as an IBM Selectric typewriter but it does improve my accuracy02:15
joacimthey look nice =)02:25
darfoKinda dated colors but then all my equipment is dated so it fits in with the randomness :)02:26
joacimbeing dated isnt bad if it works well02:27
darfomy sentiments too02:28
joacimtheir prices are all over the place. i see some sellers wants 200 dollars for theirs02:29
joacimothers are much more reasonable02:29
darfowell it can double as a bludgeon so shipping could be a problem.02:29
darfoI like that it doesn't have the Windows keys and the Fn key so Ctrl and Alt are much easier to use.02:30
darfoall this time I thought it was me but turns out keyboards have been getting worse and worse over time02:32
joacimthey're cutting costs by combining national layouts too02:32
joacimnordic keyboards looks a bit messy since some keys have all norwegian, swedish, and danish variations printed on the same key02:33
joacimended up getting one from filco since they do a proper swedish layout02:34
darfoouch. Ours only have English and French. Must be really hard to find a key when it has four labels on it.02:37
darfoi still need to learn how to use the input methods to make accented characters02:38
joacimi just think it looks bad. it can be confusing sometimes when i look at my keyboard, since two of the keys on danish and norwegian layouts have simply swapped places02:38
darfoit is nice when I never have to look at the keyboard to find a key02:39
joacimcan get a proper norwegian layout from wasd tho. got a couple of their sets and they're nice enough when compared to the original keycaps02:40
Anselmaneither of the keyboards I use have the same keys printed as what comes off when you type x-x02:40
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darfoI'd have to have a chart on the wall in that case02:42
AnselmaI just never look anyway02:42
darfowell I don't have to type at different keyboards any more so I hope I can get my speed up02:44
darfoi did modmap the numeric keypad +/- to change the volume since I never use those two keys02:45
Anselmasometimes I feel like it would be nice to have a numpad. . .02:47
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darfothey do improve my accuracy when entering lots of numbers02:58
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jaegermy keyboards get smaller as you look across the room, heh03:34
jaegerfullsize, tkl, 60%03:34
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frinnstodd, latest chromium wont load any pages. "Waiting for addon uBlock Origin.." or something like that13:48
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pedjasame version of chrome works fine, just for reference14:09
rmullI mean, when you think about it, shouldn't a non-numpad be faster than a numpad, since you can have a unique finger on 8 of the ten digits?14:09
rmullIf your "homerow" is 4 and 7, you should be able to hit some pretty good speeds14:10
rmullThe . symbol is hard to reach if you need that though14:10
rmullExcept in dvorak, where it replaces the .14:11
rmullI mean the 'e' lol.14:11
joacimi think a numpad is more comfortable to use, but i hardly ever use it. i rather have a shorter distance between the typing area and my mouse14:12
pedjaare all ISP/cable/mobile provider sales people clueless about the tech they are trying to sell?14:16
pedjaI know that the difference between e-mail address and IP address is subtle, but c'mon14:17
joacimit appears so =)15:00
joacimi was once in a situation where i had spent all the dhcp leases i was allowed to get, and i couldnt get a new ip for my new router15:01
joacimthe people at the call center was completely clueless and blamed my new router15:01
joacimwas without internet for days15:01
jaegerdamn... that samurai keycap set went live on massdrop... and it's $140 :P crazy that people will pay that15:05
joacimmore expensive than i expecte4d =)15:05
joacim199.98 with the nordic set15:06
joacim"Estimated ship date is July 30, 2018 PT"15:06
joacimby then, i would have forgotten i even ordered the set15:07
jaeger <-- this one is also neat in a novelty way15:07
jaegeryeah, group buys take a long time15:07
joacimreminds me of firewatch15:08
frinnst !!!15:29
jaegerI had no idea we had shaving products15:30
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joacimi didnt know any of us shaved16:05
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darformull: numpads were for people, like my mother, who used mechanical calculators16:44
darfoit used be listed on job adverts: must be proficient at 10-key16:45
darfoshe worked in payroll and could really make a numpad fly16:45
darfothe other thing is when you hit the wrong key you know it without looking16:46
darfothe home row was the 4-5-6 keys where the index, middle, and ring finger stayed16:46
darfothe thumb was used for zero16:47
SiFuhThat's pretty cool16:47
darfothey used to sell separate numpads for computers that didn't have them on the keyboard16:48
SiFuhgot one here16:48
SiFuhbelongs to my younger brother16:49
darfoI see they still sell them. Bluetooth even.16:50
Anselmathey still do, dont they?16:50
frinnstnumpads need to be adapted to suite ipv6 better16:53
darfoa : perhaps?16:54
darfoooh, double-colon key16:54
frinnstabcdef too16:55
darfoit would take long fingers to keep most of them on a home row and reach all the keys16:55
frinnst"With the IPv6 Buddy I work faster and more efficiently. This means I can finish the day earlier and go to the pub!"16:56
darfoI'd have to club my boss with the IPv6 Buddy to get him to let me off early just cause my work was done.16:57
frinnstI love remote patching of firewalls. and thanks to ciscos fuckup I get to do it again a week later!16:57
frinnstt -2min until reload \o/16:58
frinnstid love for it to not boot up again. I'd love to have to drive up with a replacement16:58
joacimit's good that you enjoy your job16:59
darfoand driving16:59
frinnst400k in shit weather on a weekend \o/16:59
darfothat's not fun except for masochists17:00
darfounless you get double pay for weekend work :)17:00
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joacimsave it until sunday, sunday pay is excellent17:00
frinnst*** --- SHUTDOWN NOW ---17:02
ryuoAs they say, the reward for work is more work.17:03
darfoApparently if you have IPv6 Buddy in the workplace all your co-workers are hot females.17:04
frinnstcome ooooooon17:04
SiFuhit's true17:05
darfofrinnst: time dilation is always in effect when waiting for an important reboot17:05
darforoad trip woohoo or it worked woohoo?17:06
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frinnstroad trips are NEVER woohoo17:06
frinnstnow to hell with this. single malt time17:06
AnselmaACTION has enjoyed some road trips17:06
Anselmabut never have driven one17:07
SiFuhsingle malt time?17:07
joacimsingle malt before a road trip? sounds like a wooohooo to me17:07
SiFuhroad trips are awesome, when you do it alone.17:07
AnselmaACTION hasnt a car17:08
SiFuhI amsuppose to a road trip with a friend. I am secretly doing the road trip without him. Not sitting in a car listening to his whining arse for 12 hours x 3 days17:08
darforoad trips with the right people are great17:09
SiFuhAnselma: me too, I only have a motorbike, my friend has a car. I am either going to rent a car, or stick my motorbike on a car trailer that is heading the same way. ;-) anything to avoid 12 hours of suffering haha17:09
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joacimno idea what fedora is doing... if i leave the system on long enough, i'm restricted to 100 Mbps transfer speeds19:27
john_cephalopodaThe magic of systemd™ ;)19:29
john_cephalopodaYou only have to run "sysctl stop 100mbpslimiter.service && sysctl disable 100mbpslimiter.service"19:30
joacimwho need Gbps anyways19:30
joacimor even LACP19:30
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joacimdoesn't have any source ports of doom in it22:01
ryuojoacim: they don't want to be "doomed" :)22:02
jaegerprboom is in there22:05
joacimI mean in the doom repository22:07
jaegerOh, heh, I didn't realize that was a repo22:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: blackbox: dropped23:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: adobereader: dropped23:42
pedjaKenneth Branagh's moustache in the Murder on the Orient Express is glorious23:55
pedjaand better actor than 1/3 of the cast :)23:55
ryuodoes that mean the other 2/3s are better than he is?23:57
crash_that's reminds me i need to watch that movie23:57
ryuojoacim: weird. i've never had that happen with Ubuntu derivatives, even with systemd.23:58

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