IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2018-02-10

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pavotQuick question, I'm installing for the first time and trying to install grub with grub-install, but I get "command not found" both in the livecd and chroot environment. From what I've heard grub is supposed to be included with the cd.01:17
frinnstthe binaries are not included in the livecd. you need to install grub2 and then chroot to the installation and run it from there01:20
frinnstgrub2 is included in the opt repo, so you need to include opt in the installation (all or parts of it)01:21
jaegerWhat frinnst said - make sure you have grub2 selected during the package selection step, then you can use it in the chroot01:22
pavotthat's annoying, since networking isn't working01:22
pavotah, okay01:22
pavothow would I go about adding the package after I already set everything up?01:22
frinnstjust rerun setup again01:22
pedjacrash_, after watching it, I would suggest to watch, far superior, 1974 movie, or David Suchet version01:22
jaegerif you're already out of setup, you can pkgadd it directly with 'pkgadd -r /mnt /media/crux/opt/grub2#*.tar.xz01:22
frinnstor that ^^^01:23
jaeger(from outside the chroot)01:23
jaegeranother VT, for example01:23
frinnstif you intend to use grub-mkconfig, make sure the kernel is named vmlinuz-<version> or the script will fail to detect the kernel01:23
pavotis it fine without the version?01:24
frinnst"make install" installs it as /boot/vmlinuz01:24
frinnstyeah, but the script will not detect it01:24
frinnstI usually mv /boot/vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz-4.14 (or whatever), then change it back (and modify grub.cfg accordingly)01:25
frinnstshould probably file a bug upstream about that - or maybe im the only one that finds it annoying :-)01:25
jaegerI always install kernels with version since I may have multiple versions installed at any time :)01:26
frinnstim too lazy and only rely on make install with /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/vmlinuz.old :-)01:31
pavothmm, grub threw me into a prompt01:32
frinnstsounds like grub.cfg troubles01:32
pavotI'll chroot in01:33
frinnstmaybe include something like this in the grub port?
pavotwhat's the best way to troubleshoot grub.cfg?01:35
frinnstwhat is the kernel binary named? vmlinuz?01:37
pavotI made a copy with vmlinuz-[version]01:37
pavotsince it was only a few mb01:37
frinnstok, did you rerun grub-mkconfig ? i think the correct output would be # grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg01:38
pavotyeah, I did01:38
pavotit finds the image01:38
pavotlooks like the grub.cfg changed, I'll reboot and try again01:39
pavotthere we go!01:40
pavotand the kernel booted without errors on the first try, never had that happen before01:40
frinnstdoh, how boring :-)01:41
frinnstnothing to debug!01:41
pavotI still gotta get my wifi card to work with nonfree firmware, there's lots of debugging in my future01:41
frinnstopt/linux-firmware should provide what you need01:42
pavotcool cool01:42
pavotdo I need to rebuild the kernel?01:42
frinnstno, not unless you need to bring the wifi nic up VERY early. and if you built it as a module it should work fine01:43
frinnstif you built it as built-in it will be brought up before / has been mounted and thus unable to find the firmware in /lib/firmware01:43
pavotso I ran rsync -aqz linux-firmware, how do I install that package?01:47
frinnstpkgmk -d -i01:47
frinnstyou can just sync core & opt with "ports -u" and you can use the prt-get frontend to just run "prt-get depinst linux-firmware"01:48
pavotis that installed by default?01:48
frinnstactually, I think linux-firmware is included in opt01:48
pavotah, okay01:48
frinnstactually, I think linux-firmware is included in opt on the iso01:48
joacimfrinnst: im thinking about modifying the script that make install calls so it adds a -something to the filename01:49
pavotis prt-get a fully working frontend?01:49
joacim-version or just -current01:49
pavotand does it handle dependencies?01:49
frinnstit handles dependencies with "depinst" instead of "install"01:49
pavotah, okay01:49
pavotthis is my first time using linux in a while, I had installed slackware first and absolutely hated the package management01:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: vte3-ng: replaces old contrib/vte301:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: vte3: dropped is in opt, expose_select_text is part of vte3-ng01:52
pavothow do I go about setting mirrors?01:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] sakura: 2.4.2 -> 3.5.0 changed dependency vte -> vte3 closes FS#112801:59
pavot(nevermind, found it)02:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: vte: fix source url02:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] vte3: 0.48.2 -> 0.50.2 closes FS#158402:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] vte-gtk3 renamed to vte302:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] vte: fix CVE-2012-2738 and various ther bugs and improvments02:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: dbus-32: 1.12.2 -> 1.12.402:07
pavotare there any mirrors that work with pkgmk?02:08
frinnstnothing official but is my little mirror02:12
pavotonly one of the listed mirrors actually has files other than the ISO, and it doesn't have any of the tar.xz files02:12
pavotah, ok02:12
pavotis that the only one, then?02:12
pavotI was downloading at like 40 kb/s from the main site02:13
frinnstno, just dont remember the other urls :)02:13
pavotare they listed somewhere? like I said, none of these have the actual packages02:14
jaegerWe don't provide full mirrors of built packages, aside from those on the ISO and whatever individuals want to host on their own02:14
frinnstno, they are very unofficial. there are some gentoo distfiles mirrors out there that can be useful02:15
jaegerThose mirrors listed are the release download mirrors for the ISO02:15
jaegerthe "distfiles" mirrors work just like gentoo's, they are the source files needed to build packages, not the packages themselves02:15
jaeger is another... but there's nothing crux-specific required, you can even use gentoo mirrors if you want02:16
jaeger for example02:16
pavotcool cool, thanks for all the help02:20
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Romsteri have a mirror as well
Romsteri do upload packages
Romstersome others do as well or a few select packages02:23
Romsteroh fudge he left -_-02:27
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brian|lfsdumb question I forget is there a command to see if any dependencies were added to a package05:52
brian|lfsdeptree did the trick so not sure whats with chromium it won't open sites05:55
jaegerprt-get depends and prt-get deptree would both work05:56
brian|lfsya don't seem to be missing any deps05:57
brian|lfsI did finallhy push Gyazo to my domain06:01
brian|lfsI'm surprised no one had a package for it06:01
jaegerI'd never even heard of it before you mentioned it, so it doesn't surprise me06:01
brian|lfsah ok not as popular as I thoguht06:02
brian|lfsdo you run chromium by chance?06:02
jaegerMaybe I'm not hip, heh06:02
jaegerI don't06:02
jaegerI do sometimes use chrome, but mostly firefox06:02
brian|lfsah ok was trying to see if its mys ystem of google added a weird dep06:02
brian|lfsthat the dev missed06:02
jaegertry running it from a terminal, see if it logs anything... or strace it if you're feeling brave/bored and want to read that spam06:03
brian|lfsdidn't see anything weird realy except] OnGetTokenFailure: Invalid credentials.06:04
brian|lfsalso this a million times (chromium:31411): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_height: assertion 'GDK_IS_PIXBUF (pixbuf)' failed06:06
brian|lfsrebuilding gdk-pixbuf06:08
brian|lfsit was adblock pro06:12
brian|lfssomehow adblock pro isn't working right in chromium 6406:12
ryuobrian|lfs: try switching to ublock origin?06:13
brian|lfsah ok hmm06:13
brian|lfswell I removed and reinstalled seems fine now06:14
ryuoi've used it off and on with chromium/firefox.06:14
ryuono problems that I know of.06:14
brian|lfsI run rust06:14
ryuoACTION offers brian|lfs some rust solvent.06:15
brian|lfs thanks that would be bad my new computer all rusty06:15
brian|lfsdomains are expensive this day and age06:17
brian|lfsdreamhost my provider email me my domain is $119 a year06:17
ryuobrian|lfs: is that just for the domain or does it include hosting?06:19
ryuothey're distinct costs.06:19
ryuoLike, my current server is separate from my domain costs.06:20
brian|lfswell thats true06:20
brian|lfsmy hosting is $119 the domain registeration mgiht be $20 if that06:20
ryuoIt's actually cheaper than that depending on the TLD.06:21
ryuothe biggest factor in the cost of registration or renewal is determined by the TLD registry.06:21
ryuoI got my current domain from a dirt cheap registry, .xyz TLD06:21
brian|lfsah ok I'm .com06:22
ryuoit's the same cost as .com06:22
brian|lfsor .org rather06:22
ryuoor so i was told.06:22
ryuoanything else depends on the host.06:22
ryuoI use DNS through easyDNS which is a tucows reseller for most domains.06:22
ryuoLet's see what did i pay...06:22
brian|lfsI like who I have becuase they have ssh and rsync access06:23
ryuoIt's $15, $35, or $55 a year for most cases.06:23
ryuoWhat do you get with that?06:23
ryuoHow much storage/bandwidth?06:23
brian|lfsalot I forget06:24
brian|lfspretty sure 2GB of storage06:24
ryuoThat's... not a lot in today's market.06:24
ryuoYou can VPS for $5/month or $60/year with like06:24
ryuo25GB of storage.06:24
ryuorent VPS06:24
brian|lfsah ok whats VPS06:25
ryuoVirtual Private Server. It's not like a shared web host.06:25
ryuoPros? You get complete control over the server and any software you want to use.06:25
ryuoCons? You have to manage it yourself, but you do get more for your money otherwise.06:25
brian|lfsits like woops broke apache again lol06:26
ryuoWell, "complete control" may be a lie. It depends on the technology they use.06:26
brian|lfsCan you pull that power cord my box is forzen lad06:26
ryuoOVH provides QEMU KVM based VMs so you have more control than something like openvz.06:27
ryuobrian|lfs: Uh, they usually come with web based reboot or w/e.06:27
ryuoDepends on the host.06:27
brian|lfsmakes sense06:27
ryuomy current server is with Kimsufi for $26/month. I split the cost with Romster.06:28
brian|lfsbe a prick eject the optical dirve every other day06:28
ryuoIf your needs are light, a VPS would be a better buy if you aren't afraid of the CLI.06:29
brian|lfsanyone you can hand them a server and be like plug this in06:29
ryuoYou can choose a web server that's easier to manage like Hiawatha. :D06:29
brian|lfslike on a backbone or something06:29
ryuoIt's up to you, but you can cut your hosting bills if you felt inclined to do so.06:30
ryuoI've used DigitalOcean and OVH.06:30
brian|lfsI would just have to transfer my DNS right?06:30
ryuoLast I checked these hosts don't provide DNS registration though they do provide secondary and/or DNS hosting.06:31
ryuoYou'd still need some provider to manage your registration and/or name servers.06:31
brian|lfsah ok and justj put the IP in of my new host06:31
brian|lfsor hostname06:31
ryuoyea... if you were using DigitalOcean i'd suggest06:32
ryuousing their nameservers because they're very easy to use.06:32
ryuoyou may want to transfer to a new registrar though.06:32
ryuoIt's usually not advised to tie your domain's registration to the hosting provider.06:32
ryuoYou can run into problems.06:32
brian|lfsI imagine so someone decides to be a butt munch06:33
ryuoyea, it happens sometimes.06:33
ryuoHosts can be a bitch, not making it easy to transfer.06:33
ryuoIt depends.06:33
ryuoIt's usually a bigger problem with discount hosts.06:33
brian|lfslike godaddy and stuff?06:34
ryuoIncidently, easyDNS provides web hosting too but06:34
ryuoit's not really a good value.06:34
brian|lfsno its not they add lots of addons that cose money06:34
ryuoyea, cpanel for one.06:35
ryuoif you know your way around, it's just a costly extra.06:35
ryuoi imagine it's intended for the general public that's otherwise clueless about web stuff.06:35
ryuoOh, yea...06:35
ryuoeasyDNS includes some other services too depending on what level of service you pay for.06:36
brian|lfsnothing is easy it needs to proprogate lol06:36
brian|lfshmm my spellcheck seems broken06:37
ryuobasic plan includes mail forwarding, url/stealth forwarding...06:37
ryuoI have DNS Standard. They include some email hosting at this level, which I use.06:37
ryuoThe exact cost depends on your TLD.06:37
brian|lfsbut we have so many more people then 250000 queries06:37
ryuoThat's for *their* nameservers.06:38
brian|lfsI'm joking06:38
ryuoIf you use someone else's, it's not applicable.06:38
brian|lfsthat would be crazy ausome if we had that many users on CRUX06:38
ryuo.CARS? lol06:40
ryuoWhat a steal.06:40
brian|lfswhat is .cars for selling cars06:40
ryuoit's one of those stupid new gTLDs.06:41
brian|lfsI want .xxx06:41
ryuohaha fat chance06:41
brian|lfsI thought they have that as a choice now06:41
ryuothey do, but you're not going to get it probably.06:42
ryuo(anyone can register but in order to have the domain resolve, the .XXX registry must approve of the website)06:42
brian|lfsoh so there going to say you better have porn on it lol06:42
ryuoDepending on needs, you could go for OVH VPS...06:43
ryuothey're more amenable if you want to run CRUX or so.06:44
brian|lfsslap my disc in the drive please lol06:44
ryuothey don't offer that. i don't know many that do.06:45
ryuoi've seen one VPS provider that does though.06:45
ryuoBut, I did manage to bootstrap distributions using a locally created disk image, uploading it in rescue mode, and then overwriting the old hard drive image.06:45
ryuoThat method could let you install any distribution, in theory.06:46
ryuoThat works in KVM/QEMU anyway.06:46
ryuolet's see what was it called...06:47
brian|lfsof course if you have a bad kernel option06:47
ryuobrian|lfs: Rescue Mode.06:47
ryuoThey provide a VNC through their website too.06:48
brian|lfsyou mean like GRUB rescue mode06:48
ryuoThat lets you see if your VPS boots or not.06:48
ryuoIt boots a version of Debian 8.06:48
ryuoIt's closer to a live cd.06:48
brian|lfsah ok06:48
brian|lfs4GB of RAM 1 core06:49
brian|lfsand I have 128GB of this system and an I9-7980XE06:49
ryuoYea, OVH tends to be more RAM heavy and storage heavy on their VPS.06:49
ryuouh, yea... don't expect a lot when renting.06:49
ryuoAlternatively, you can hope the KimSufi $8/month comes back soon. :D06:50
brian|lfsDebian 8 for rescue mode is pretty funny06:50
ryuoYea... it's the same story for the network rescue boot for KimSufi server.06:51
brian|lfsyay intel atom06:53
ryuobrian|lfs: this is the one i was talking about.06:54
ryuo"Automatically reinstall your preferred operating system from one of our provided templates, or mount a custom ISO to install your OS of choice."06:54
ryuoNever used them so i don't know if they're a good choice.06:54
ryuoAll their offerings are in US data centers.06:54
brian|lfsI was just asking not sure if I want to make a jump or not06:55
ryuoIt's up to you. If you just need static file hosting, I'm sure Romster wouldn't mind sharing part of our server space.06:56
ryuoWe have a server with KimSufi for $26 a month. It's got a 2TB hard drive.06:57
ryuoWe're running ZFS on top of that.06:57
brian|lfsah ok interesting06:59
brian|lfshow do you all share space06:59
brian|lfsjust seperate folders with your files and all use the same domain?06:59
ryuoVirtual hosting; it uses different roots depending on the domain.06:59
ryuoI also configured lets encrypt to provide free SSL stuff.07:00
brian|lfsI wish I could just hostr from home07:01
brian|lfsISPs don't like that in the USA block ports07:01
ryuothat's an option, but does your bandwidth cover it?07:01
brian|lfsI have 100/100 internet07:01
ryuoOur server has 100MiB in both directions.07:01
brian|lfsya thats what I have at home but Verizon blocks http and stuff07:02
ryuoyou're positive?07:02
ryuolike, you've actually tried?07:02
brian|lfsyes couldn't even get SSH to work07:02
ryuoOk, then you need a host.07:02
brian|lfsand business account would be crazy expensive07:02
ryuowhat do you need exactly?07:03
ryuoi can easily provide SFTP access. i'm reluctant to provide a regular shell.07:03
brian|lfs'just someone to put my CRUX ports and html07:03
ryuoDo you use .htaccess files?07:04
brian|lfsno don't know what that is07:04
ryuoNevermind then.07:04
ryuoIt's not important; we don't use Apache.07:05
brian|lfsdo you mean host.allow and deny07:05
ryuoNo. It's a feature specific to Apache.07:05
brian|lfsoh ok07:05
ryuoIt allows per-directory configuration changes, within the control of the website owner but not requiring root.07:05
brian|lfsjaeger, where do you host at07:05
brian|lfshmm I should try setting up ssh again07:06
brian|lfson my verizon07:06
brian|lfsI was using Verizon's router at the time\07:06
ryuoLet me know what you need specifically to setup your webpage.07:07
brian|lfsis ssh tcp or udp07:08
ryuomost protocols you care about are tcp.07:08
ryuothe main exceptions are dhcp and dns.07:08
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: man-db: update to 2.8.109:25
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.43.909:25
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dbrookejoacim: ~/bin/installkernel or /sbin/installkernel override the default arch/x86/boot/ behaviour10:41
dbrookee.g. for direct booting from UEFI I have
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joacimthats the script i was talking about =)12:37
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dbrookeyeah, I just dropped that custom one in /root/bin so make install just works™13:40
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pedjadamn tabs are ugly in Vim15:55
pedjaPkgfiles are charmingly inconsistent. tabs, 2 spaces, 4 spaces. OCD nightmare :)15:58
joacimall in the same pkgfile? =)16:11
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Bean6754Hi. :)16:34
Bean6754Does CRUX use USE flags like Gentoo?16:35
jaegerIt does not16:36
jaegerIf you want to build a port with different options, it's easy to override it from a local copy, sort of like overlays in gentoo16:36
Bean6754What init system does CRUX use?16:37
jaegerBSD style16:38
Bean6754Nice! B)16:38
*** countmegabaron has joined #crux16:40
jaegerIf you're interested in it, try it in a VM, see what you think :)16:41
Bean6754I'm just worried about the community behind Linux distros which don't use systemd16:43
Bean6754It feels like systemd is taking over everything16:43
Bean6754I enjoy init, eudev and pulseaudio16:43
Bean6754Can I setup PulseAudio in CRUX?16:44
Bean6754I struggled to get it working in Gentoo16:44
jaegerWe don't have plans to switch to systemd but it wouldn't surprise me if we're forced to sometime in the future16:44
jaegeryeah, pulse is available16:44
jaegerI don't have any trouble using it but my uses are very simple16:45
Bean6754Also, do you encrypt root using LVM and LUKS?16:48
jaegernot by default but you could do that with some legwork16:49
Bean6754I feel like I should for a laptop16:50
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jaegerIt's something we've talked about adding to the install media but it hasn't been a priority yet16:50
Bean6754But it's such a pain to get working, especially on Gentoo with compiling the kernel and setting up crypttab16:50
jaegerIt's been a while since I messed with it but it's definitely doable16:53
AnselmoACTION has done it using not that much apart from whats on the default install disk16:53
Anselmothe lvm/luks thing, that is16:54
Bean6754I'm installing CRUX now16:55
Anselmobut it took a lot of tinkering and weird ness to make work16:55
Bean6754Seems pretty easy16:55
Bean6754LVM is confusing16:55
Bean6754cryptsetup is logical16:55
Anselmoarch had a nice basic description of how to assemble LVM volumes for things like this on their wiki16:55
jaeger"keep it simple" is definitely the focus, so you'll find most things simple if you're familiar with linux, but sometimes that's a downside... it's too simple (no use flags, for example) or the team is very small, etc.16:55
Anselmowhich is usually what I've used as a refference16:56
jaegerwhether those are bad things or not is personal preference :)16:56
countmegabaronI had issues with xbacklight, acpi, connecting smart phones16:57
*** countmegabaron has quit IRC16:58
jaegerI may try the encrypted root thing, getting a new laptop tuesday16:58
Bean6754Wow, /etc/rc.conf is clean!16:59
Bean6754What laptop?16:59
jaegerXiaomi Mi Notebook Pro16:59
Bean6754Compiling the kernel will melt it? haha17:02
jaegerShouldn't be a problem, heh. Low TDP17:03
jaegerIt's a reasonably powerful machine for the price, though. Bit of an experiment since it ships from china17:03
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Anselmothe first time I compiled a kernel on my own computer it took more than a day as I recall x-x17:05
Anselmobut that was a result of sort of inept config as well as slow computer. . . ..17:07
jaegerI think my first ones took about an hour17:07
Anselmonow I know how to take out exessive drivers and such17:07
jaegerwell, about an hour compile time17:07
jaegerfiguring out the right options took longer, of course :)17:07
jaegerThat was 21 years ago, it's easier now :D17:07
Bean6754I'm compiling the kernel now from VBOX :P17:10
Bean6754Just configured it from 'make menuconfig'17:11
SiFuhI think my first compile was year 200017:17
j_vdoes anyone else have imagemagick installed? i'm seeing a build directory rpath in the perl binding's shared lib (/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.24/linux-thread-multi/auto/Image/Magick/Q16HDRI/ curious if anyone else get's the same/similar when running `readelf -d` on that lib.17:25
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jaegerI don't have it installed but I can build it in a container and check17:27
j_vthat would be cool, then i can make know if it's an issue with my build environ or in the port itself17:27
j_vs/make know/know/17:28
countmegabaron/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER countmegabaron ytooxsgpjryu17:30
*** countmegabaron has quit IRC17:30
SiFuhhate it when the happens17:30
j_vjust that sort of thing is why i try to remember to switch to the server buffer before running any irc commands17:32
tsaopj_v: can confirm17:34
SiFuhin the 90's his account would have been snatched up quick17:34
SiFuhin 2018 people go  'meh, irc who cares'17:34
tsaopthe new hip thing is Discord17:35
tsaopamongst younger people17:36
SiFuh  ?17:36
SiFuhnever heard of it17:37
j_vtsaop: thanks. good to know before i start working on a fix.17:37
SiFuhno stability in the community anymore17:37
tsaopthen there's this "Slack" thing17:37
SiFuhoneday someone will design something like IRC17:38
jaegertake your pick... slack, hipchat, discord, hangouts, stride, etc.17:38
SiFuhI use slack...ware17:38
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joacimim so mad slackware isnt the top result when i search for slack17:39
joacimat least give me some thing else relevant, like the church of the subgenius17:39
tsaopI have a VM for that17:39
SiFuhSlack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield.17:40
SiFuhSOmeone stole his name for btrfs17:41
pedjahas anyone tried Mattermost, open source Slack-alternative?17:43
jaegerNot I17:43
pedjaself-hosting is a nice feature of it17:44
SiFuhI wonder if put Salmon and Nutella on a slice of bread, could I name it Salmonella Sandwich?17:45
j_vthat's only if you add raw egg to the mix17:45
SiFuhWhat is the cloud based disease the world is trying to impose on to us?17:47
joacimi like how discord users think they're running their own server17:47
joacimeveryone i play video games with want me to join their discord sessions, but they're always so dead17:48
joacimor die after a short while17:48
SiFuhI love the definition of discord in the dictionary ;-)17:48
joacimi think its even on their splash screen17:49
pedjaHail Eris, the goddess of strife and discord!17:50
joacimsome comment about unnecessary drama17:50
SiFuhI think facebook's definition should be discord17:50
pedjayou'll see discord on pretty much any social network17:54
SiFuhI think people today are not normal17:55
pedjafor what value of 'normal' :) ?17:55
SiFuhphone addicts, drug addicts, childish, and dying faster than I have ever seen. They have no class, or respect for themselves, and yet they expect everyone to respect them.17:55
SiFuhTattoos everywhere, walking bare foot in the town, also with no shirt on, and go into resteraunts and eat. No one kicks them out. Everyone is afraid of offending someone.17:56
SiFuhSome dude says he thinks I am cute, and I say, sorry man I like women. Suddely I am discrimating against him.17:57
SiFuhThis world has gone to hell and is going beyond it.17:58
pedjajoacim, I was going thru some of my old ports before I made that comment. damn, I was even more clueless than I am now17:59
pedjaprtverify screams in agony going thru them :)18:00
pedjaI like the comparison between ipv4 and ipv6 in one of the LCA talks.'all ipv4 address space weighs around 3 grains of rice. all ipv6 address space weighs about the mass of Earth.'18:05
SiFuhipv6 weighs about the same mass of Earth? Hahahahaha18:06
SiFuh128 bit planet ;-)18:06
SiFuhit is a really bad exageration18:07
jaegerj_v:  0x000000000000000f (RPATH)              Library rpath: [/usr/ports/work/imagemagick/src/ImageMagick-7.0.7-22/PerlMagick/quantum/../../MagickCore/.libs]18:27
j_vjaeger: thanks. yep, that pretty much matches what i'm seeing; only difference is the 'work' directory.18:38
jaegermakes sense18:38
j_vi'm working on a fix or at least a work around. right now, i'm looking at it from libtool aspect18:39
*** dbrooke has quit IRC18:55
frinnstthe ipv6 address space is crazy big18:59
*** dbrooke has joined #crux19:01
pedjaif my math is correct, assuming 1 IP address=1g, ipv4 is 7.29e-19 mass of Earth, ipv6 57674977444.2 masses of Earth. but, I suck at math, so :)19:09
jaegerI don't understand this correlation, IPs don't have mass :P19:12
pedjait's pretend :)19:12
joacimsave them all in a text file on your hdd19:15
joacimweight the hdd19:15
joacimassuming they all fit on one hdd19:15
joacimi want to like kde. it has a lot of nice things about it. but it is just so crashy19:19
joacimbeen able to replicate some of the crashes on kde neon, so i dont think it is fedora package quality19:19
*** dbrooke has quit IRC19:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] exim: updated to 4.90.1. Fix for CVE-2018-6789.19:50
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frinnst god I love this show20:08
*** dbrooke has joined #crux20:12
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*** Henschi has joined #crux20:15
pedjaJoe and Alan Carr as permanent team captains would be awesome20:27
pedjaepisodes without Jon and Sean are much more fun for a while now20:32
*** Henschi has left #crux ("Konversation terminated!")21:14
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pedjacryptocoins are 'libertarian wank tulips' :) long, but good read
john_cephalopodaI think it would be cool to have a CRUX boot logo in the official isos.22:29
john_cephalopodaApparently it existed as patch once but appears to be gone.22:29
*** leah2 has quit IRC22:46
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Romstergood morning23:29
john_cephalopodaHey, Romster23:30
*** heroux has quit IRC23:34
*** heroux has joined #crux23:34
Romsterhi john_cephalopoda23:40
jaegerI got bored and made a little BCD clock with python and SDL223:41
Romsterwow you were really bored23:42
john_cephalopodaOh, shiny.23:44
jaegerI'll upload the source sometime later, leaving soon to cook and hang out with some friends23:48
jaegerRight now it picks a random foreground color at start and if you hit the space bar :)23:48
jaegerMight add some features like switching between 24- and 12-hour display, showing the time overlaid in HH:MM:SS format, etc.23:49
Romstermight make it's way to some desktops23:50
Romstermake it draw on the root windows background perhaps23:50
jaegerI recently went through the learning python course on codecademy for a data science meetup thing and there was a bit-shifting exercise that reminded me I've wanted to code a BCD clock for a long time and just never gotten to it23:50
jaegerYeah, could be interesting. I'd have to learn how to do that but I'm sure SDL can23:50
jaegerProbably also ways to improve my code... like the rectangles being drawn by rectangle primitives rather than what I'm doing now, which is just filling space23:51
pedjaI'll add it to the xfce repo when you deem it stable enough :)23:52
pedjasdl2 python bindings?23:52
jaegerIt doesn't have anything particularly to do with xfce, though23:53
jaegeryeah, PySDL223:53

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