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jaegerSo far I'm liking the chinese experiment laptop quite well03:08
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marakuwhat experiment laptop03:14
marakuis this a 51nb thinkpad?03:16
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jaegerxiaomi mi notebook pro03:36
marakunice looking laptop03:43
jaegeryeah, I like it03:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ncurses-ruby: update footprint for ruby 2.510:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ruby-doc: update to 2.5.010:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ruby: update to 2.5.010:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.10.010:28
frinnstthy the fuck does people answer with "thank you" when you ask them a long and complicated question?10:37
frinnstwhat the fuck am i supposed to do with "thank you"?10:37
workoderaThank you!10:42
pedja'When you speak two languages but start losing vocabulary in both of them - Byelingual'11:25
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frinnstswedish police ftw*:365&output-quality=80&output-format=jpeg11:36
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Sitrifrinnst: via email, or in person?12:37
SitriIf email, try and format it so the question is at the end of it all.  (Because skimming)12:38
joacimwell that was quick. theyre sending me a new hdd12:43
joacimim still waiting for the rma of my cpu12:44
joacimthats been nearly 2 months now12:44
joacimgot the rma for my motherboard approved one month ago12:44
pedjawith some luck, they'll send you Ryzen+ :)12:46
joacimi dont really need it anymore12:47
joacimso im tempted to just get a microserver or something12:47
joacimmore drives for backup12:47
pedjamicroserver as a NAS?12:49
joaciman actual nas seems more expensive than a microserver12:52
joacimbuilding your own from parts seems more expensive too12:52
pedjaflexibility always comes at a price :)12:53
joacimusually people say home assembled is cheaper than prebuilt computers12:54
pedjanot these days12:54
joacimbeen true for the microserver since the start12:54
joacimi've seen some other entry level servers that are about as expensive as the cpu if you bought that by itself12:54
pedjaFreeNAS Mini is ~1000$, 8c/16Gb ECC/dual Gigabit NIC/4 HDD bay13:43
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frinnst hp are awesome15:36
pedjayou're lucky. when I try to open it, it redirects me to local (rs) site, which doesn't bother with https at all16:08
pedjacan't HP afford one of those EV(?) SSL certs :) ?16:12
frinnstits valid for a lot of hosts tho: <- ....16:14
frinnst :)16:16
pedjano docker update for me (d_type support is mandatory now)16:23
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joacimpedja: what is d_type?20:58
pedjajoacim, 'man readdir' for gritty details, or
pedjaext3/4 and xfs support it, jfs (which i use) doesn't, and docker insists on it since 17.12, I think, so :)21:03
joacimnow is your chance to switch to omnios and zfs21:06
pedjazfs works just fine on Linux :)21:09
ryuoI've deployed ZFS on 2 servers running Ubuntu 16.0421:09
ryuoBefore that, on Debian 7.21:09
pedjaand jaeger moved his zfs pool across several OS's, so it works21:12
joacimmy point was this21:12
joacimnot your filesystem21:12
pedjaah. sorry, I misunderstood21:13
joacimjust a lame joke tho. i dont actually expect anyone to switch their os because i say so =)21:14
pedjaI can always switch to LXC, if needed. bonus would be the ability to control both VM's and containers with virsh21:16
frinnstjfs? WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!21:17
pedjamy hardware is ooooold :)21:18
frinnstjoin the butter side21:18
john_cephalopodajoin the dork side!21:18
pedjabtrfs is...interesting. it *really* doesn't like the size of the virtual disk I used for OpenSUSE VM (16Gb)21:21
frinnstnah thats a bit small21:21
frinnstespecially if you fill it up a bit21:22
pedjait freaked out a few times, with 80% of the disk empty21:22
john_cephalopodaIt was just afraid of the emptiness.21:23
joacimopensuse uses a funky setup with btrfs, dont they?21:24
pedjaoptimised for snapper21:24
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frinnst1-2gb will be reserved for metadata21:24
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pedjaI like the ideas behind it, don't get me wrong, but it somehow feels...unfinished21:29
frinnstsome parts are, indeed21:29
Anselmothe raid 5 and 6 are still . .21:30
pedjagranted, limited experience/underpowered hardware21:30
Anselmothough happily they will not let your forget that either it seems. . ..21:30
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pedjajoacim, that's the thing. quite a few smart people, actual engineers, work on that, and yet it feels like it's held together with spit and duct tape(no disrespect to duct tape)21:36
pedjaidk, sometimes Linux feels that way too :)21:38
pedjaBryan Cantrell, I think, said that the Linux more organically grown to a OS then it was engineered.21:40
pedjabut, as Unix Haters Handbook taught us years ago, all software sucks, just to a different degree21:42
ryuopedja: hence suckless21:44
pedjawhile a nice idea, not an answer to everything. some software has to be big and complex, because the problems it solves are big and complex21:52
joacimbig problems can often be broken down into much smaller ones tho21:53
pedjabut does that translate into breaking the solutions into smaller ones, too? strung together to solve the big one? sometimes21:57
frinnstright, grub doesnt support zstd yet22:00
frinnstpro tip: dont use compress=zstd for /boot22:00
pedja2.05 will, iirc22:00
joacimi feel like making big proglems and big solutions is a microsoft way of doing things. problems so big you dont really understand how the solution works22:01
joacimso you have to wait for some indian guy to write about it on his blog so you can understand the solution22:01
frinnstwindows is hopeless22:02
frinnsteverything is buried under layers upon layers of complexity22:02
pedjaKubernetes, OpenStack22:02
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pedjahell, who would've thought that you can run serious CAD software in the fucking browser 10 years ago22:05
frinnst10 years ago, who would have want to? :D22:06
Anselmotoday who even wants to . . . .22:08
Anselmothe main reason that is attractive is because the alternative is to pay lots of money . . .22:08
pedjacheck it out
AnselmoACTION has used this software already x-x22:11
pedjamade by ex-Solidworks engineers, iirc22:13
john_cephalopodaI tried some open source CAD stuff, but the stuff that I could compile was horrible to use.22:13
frinnstwhat is that other cad site called..22:14
frinnstall sorts of stuff gets posted there22:14
frinnstah, yes22:15
john_cephalopodaWoah, a lot of stuff gets dropped from contrib.22:15
pedjafor 3.422:16
john_cephalopodaI use some of that stuff. I'll apply for contrib.22:16
pedjait's painless. do it :)22:19
pedjathe hard part is deciding what to push to it, cleaning it up making it worthy, testing it in a clean container for fuckups (and they are a plenty, in my case)22:23
frinnstlearn by doing22:23
pedjathe only way i can actually learn22:24
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pedjareading the docs is a poor substitute for shooting myself in the foot because I missed something22:26
pedjaand, more often than not, the docs and reality? two completely different things :)22:27
pedjaPostgres is the gold standard for excellent documentation. Ansible is not so bad, too22:28
pedjatbh, in a last couple of years, many more projects realised the value of the documentation, which is awesome22:30
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pedjajohn_cephalopoda, which CAD programs have you tried? FreeCAD, Solvespace?22:33
john_cephalopodaFreeCAD had too many dependencies. I tried brzlcad (or however that one is called) and some other small ones.22:35
pedjaless then QGIS :)22:40
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pedjaI might package Solvespace, to see how much of the technical drawing skills I learned in school I lost22:45
john_cephalopodaApplication sent!22:54
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